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  1. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd

    Clan Skins/Arm bands should be compulsory and free for approved groups.

    They should be made in order to prevent reports such as Miss-ID or impersonating other groups.

    I understand Devs work hard but aren't they already volunteering? Some gamemasters work their arse off with very complex reports spending their free time doing so, most of my friends that became Gamemasters never even go in game anymore because of the work they do on the forums after an already busy in real life day, should they not be paid for report verdicts if thats the case?

    The fact that once the group disbands which is inevitable every groups lasts 3 - 4 months tops, its just the way it is and then the clothing/band they purchased is no more? Group clothing should be an incentive to keep a clean slate as an approved group promoting roleplay and setting a good image for the rest of the community, servers gotta pay for itself and not from @Roland's pocket of course, but isn't it doing that already?

    Bit iffy to me boyo's.

    1. Cuchulainn


      Well said brother 

    2. Eagle



    3. Dew


      Retexturing clothing is not hard at all. If these "Devs" were were actually making the clothing item itself from scratch, then sure compensate them but they are doing the bare minimum. 

    4. Rutkiy
    5. Roland


      There has been threads about this already, the most recent ones are these two I think. I also had a thread suggesting this somewhere, but can't find it right now. The consensus is that people don't want to be forced to wear armbands because it blows their cover and element of surprise.


    6. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      @Roland, I do understand some people want to be held unaccountable for their groups actions but that should be a risk of being in a group.

      Back in the mod, it was never an issue with having the logo stitched to your shoulder.

      It doesn't even have to be a compulsory thing, most groups would love to wear a uniform or armband dedicated to their own group but few I assume will want to pay what seems to be an arm and a leg for a temporary item. Groups should have incentives other than a fat settlement , not bills. 

      No offence to you and your business here, providing a great service for a lot of people here and good on you for it lasting so long but I think this was a poor taste of an idea. 

      Maybe this should be an incentive opposed to a pay for incentive.

    7. Roland


      I created the thread because people literally OFFERED me money to add custom armbands for their group. So I thought I'd make it official and available for all groups and not something that is handled hush hush in PMs. I didn't really expect that kind of response, I'm really not doing this for money, item shop solves that problem more than enough. I did it because people asked ?

      Back in the mod it was actual game mechanic to add patches with logo, anyone could do it, even people without a group. So not really comparable.

      But you're right, I'm actually fine with a free armband being added for every group, even if it's not compulsory. That actually sounds like a cool idea, IF the groups themselves can design it. But whole uniforms? Too much work for each and every group that can archive within weeks.

      So yeah, free group armbands that groups create themselves, absolutely. Free uniforms? Nah.

    8. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      That's is a great compromise, thinking on it, you are right uniforms shouldn't be free that's different to an armband. 

      Also I was not trying to belittle you to make it seem like some sort of money venture, community has to pay for itself of course. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

      Maybe @Ducky or @Watchman can make a tutorial on reskinning an armband for approved group use?

      Thanks @Roland, I and most definitely the rest of the community will appreciate the free group approved armbands.


    9. KermitTheFrog



      The fact that once the group disbands which is inevitable every groups lasts 3 - 4 months tops...

      Looks at Redwood Radio still being there for 7+ months. 

      mostlysane GIF by Prajakta  Koli

    10. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd


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