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  1. Ryan Shepherd

    My name is Ryan Shepherd. I was born in Ireland. My childhood revolved around violence, My father was involved in the IRA, while my mother had succumbed to domestic violence when my father came home from the boozer. I had a deep hatred for him, he used to beat me if I did not do as I was told. On my 18th birthday, my father brought me to a warehouse, as I entered there were men standing around chatting, suddenly they all turned around and stared. A few hours later I was inducted into the IRA, I running boy. I was given the jobs any fool could do, I loved the work. A few years later I had stepped up in the ranks. A became a person who mattered One evening I came home on my 30th birthday to find my mother with a deep cut on her cheek, she was weeping, 'Its okay Ryan, I'm fine'. I knew who it was, I ran to the kitchen sink where a gun was hidden in the pump housing. I stormed out of the house to the jacks inn pub, there he was sitting there...Smiling... laughing to his friends, I pointed and took a deep breath, a loud bang, everyone turned to look at me in shock. They charged after me, I ran as fast as I could. I saw a cargo ship just in the distance at the docks, god knows where it was going or even if I could board it without being seen. I had to take a chance, what else could i do, the only thought I had was about my mother, she was going to be alone but atleast she was safe from that bastard! I ran for the ship as I heard a loud beacon, I was guessing it was signaling its departure. I saw a gantry crane loading the last of its containers, I sprinted for one of the containers, I opened the doors and this blast of smell hit me straight in the face, it was fish... I hate fish. I had no choice so i shut the doors hoping someone would see it was not latched and think nothing of it and latch it shut. I hid in the back of the container and noticed something else under the fish, it was a large pallet of AK47's hidden in the fish, I decided this wasnt the best container to hide in, as I got up to leave the doors were shut closed, i felt the container being lifted, hoping it was onto the ship. All I could do not is sleep & hope, I kept an AK47 for myself, incase some thugs open the container looking for their guns and see a little paddy hiding instead, i doubt i would be given a warm welcome. I slept for what felt like a life time.. I was awoken to a large bang and the container doors opened and a man runs as he does so in terror.. I was confused.. Where am I? As i moved towards the opening of the container i hurt the thud of feet running briskly. "That container there!" I heard a squeamish voice say. Weird.. Was i still in an english speaking country? Impossible for that long of a trip. I panicked and dropped the rifle i had just picked up and put my hands in the air, what else could i do, i couldn't exactly run. Three men appeared pointing rifles at me shouting what my imagination thought to be Russian. I got on my knees and kept my hands spread in the air and screamed "dont shoot!". They approached me and threw me out of the container as if i were just a piece of meat. They begin shouting at me again, i tried to explain that I do not understand and That i speak english. After a few moments one of the men tapped the other and muttered something and the man nodded and walked away. The man returned shortly after with the man who opened the container who appeared to speak english. "Hi.." he nervously muttered. "Are you.. You bitten?" "Bitten?" I said. "By those things?" He said. "What things?" I cautiously muttered. The man shook his head as if i were crazy and the two soldiers began to become impatient and then blackness... I woke up in a barricaded shop front with a pounding headache and dry blood on my forehead. It was only then i looked to my left and saw a pile of what looked like decomposing bodies, i have never seen such a disgusting sight, i immediately thought i had fallen into some sort of slaughter house for the sick. The man that spoke english came over and sat me down and explained a bizarre story about how an infectious disease had occurred in the land of chernarus recently and was gobsmacked as to how i never heard of it. I then explained how i had come to be in the container and he said how it mustve been a shipment container of food and arms aid. He then walked me around the town i called berezino. Guiding me around and questioning me about myself. I couldnt believe this, zombies, thats bizarre it must be some sort of crazy disease that'l pass zombies it cant be? By now it was night, the man whos name i found out to be Cheznik. Cheznik directed me to a hotel which was now seemed to be the sleeping arrangements for everyone, sleeping bags and mattresses in the lobby. I obviously had to sleep on the floor in a corner, i could hear blood curdling screams in the distance that would abruptly stop, it turned my stomach. The next morning i awoke to screams and people running and gunshots. I was petrified what was happening?? A man was running by me i grabbed him and asked what was happening? He shouted in my face "infected!" and jerked himself off my grasp. I saw Cheznik in the distance directing people where to run. I ran to him. He then told me how i can no longer stay, that the camp is going to be overrun as a hoard had been attracted by the sound of a ship horn that had malfunctioned and would not turn off. He had a petrified look in his face. He told me to run inland as that was my best bet, and handed me a map from his back pocket and a handgun from his waist belt. "Run Ryan!" He shouted and pushed me. As those things were collapsing fences around the gates. I did as i was told, i am alone now.. Where do i go? Where do i find food? What do i do? Alone...
  2. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Really hope this server turns out like the days of the mod, in time i suppose!
  3. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Apolagies for the double post but this HAS to be said. The server peaked at around 24 players last night which is a massive improvement!
  4. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Which i understand, im not slating it, i meant im quite surprised not everyone has been giving it a go already, ive been playing since the release with a buddy of mine & we're pretty much hooked to it, imagine what it will be like with the devolment of it here.
  5. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    The mod is fun all it needs now is the numbers! Can not understand why the server never or at least rarely breaks 10 players at a given time? Yet to meet anyone in game.
  6. Desolation Redux Release

    The server last night has literally improved a lot since first release, the loot tables are much better atm.
  7. Desolation Redux Release

    The player count is killing it at the moment, maxed at 11 today as far as i know and dropped to about 5 at any time. Really dont see why even the staff team pop on to boost numbers and encourage activity?
  8. Desolation Redux Release

    Myself and a friend of mine played the mod for the first time today. Yes, it does need work but i think everyone is far to quick to judge a server on its first 48 hours. The main issues we have discovered are as follows: 1) The zombies agro from a considerable distance apart and the odd time take multiple shots to put down resulting in melee attacks being pointless and result in a brisk death. 2) The pitch black of night makes it pretty much unplayable during the night period, a moon light should definitely be introduced. 3) The loot tables definitely need some work. The minor issues: 1) The gear interface is horrible, yes it works but fuck me it is ugly and really hard to look at it really ruins the experience for me, back in the dayzrp arma 2 mod days the gear menu was very pleasing to look at. 2) The UI regarding food and drink is also horrible and very pixelated. Now for the good points: 1) The map is absolutely beautiful, 99% or buildings are enterable & lootable. The jungles and grass are amazing. 2) Where the fuck is all the military loot? This is a main point for me, back on chernarus everyone legs it to the NWAF to gear up, here i have no idea where the best spots are which makes me explore which gives it that unknown touch. 3) The actual game runs very smooth and never had a lag spike apart from being in the passenger of a vehicle. Overall i think this has great potential it is the mods first release give it a break and try it out and point out problems you think need to be fixed!
  9. Agreed, I really believe this mod is going to satisfy all of our needs for that old mod feel we once had! Really looking forward to seeing what old faces will reappear once it launches. Praying it doesnt flop.
  10. I really think all the old school players of the mod should come together for the launch of the server & attempt to recreate the experience of the mod we all once had, good decent enjoyable roleplay, lead and more shall follow, hopefully that launch is in the next month or so.
  11. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    The forums for desolation are very inactive regarding update posts which is disheartening, is the testing server closed to the public? Was any provisional release date given?
  12. I really can not wait for it, the idea of basically having the experience of Arma 2 OA back will be amazing with a much more fresher smoother feel! I reckon all the old school players of the mod should come together and set an example for the new players what once was! Hopefully Arma 3 mod can live up to the Arma 2 mod!
  13. Personally, I think Arma 3 will bring back that old school DayZRP feel that most of us old players experienced 2/3 years ago back in the mod days. The feels of hanging out at Altar Castle as UKSF & battling the likes of 501st SKA, SDS, Volki & Al-takish where the server was eery & danger was at every corner but good roleplay always followed, those are the days that sadly a lot of current players here today never experienced. The whole server coming together with Plans being hatched between rival clans to settle differences and take out a more powerful mutual enemy. Those were the days, SA just doesnt give me that feel Arma 2 did, hopefully Arma 3 will. What is everyone else expecting/hoping from arma 3 desolation rp?
  14. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Any information on the progress of this mod? Looking forward to it!
  15. Laptop for Dayz SA advice

    Hey all, Ive been looking to purchase a new laptop that will be able to run Dayz SA smoothly. The one I have been looking at it this: http://www.did.ie/asus-15-6-15-6-ci5-8gb-1tb-16ssd-notebook-k501uq-dm011t-prd I know people are going to say get a desktop but I would much prefer a laptop over its handyness. It doesnt need to be amazing fps but enough to be playable and enjoyable! I wouldnt be an expert on computers so what do you all think of that laptops spec? Thanks guys!