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  1. Ryan Shepherd

    Decrease the spawn of NVGs?

    I mean, there was uproar when @wirpy made some colourful jackets because it didnt 'fit the lore' but a valid point point regarding the amount of NVGs available doesn't matter? They should be extremely rare and valuable like back in the mod. Not every tom dick and harry had a couple of NVGs in their drawers at home. Think the lore matters only when it suits some peoples opinions. Isn't there guns that wont be added because it won't fit the lore? ....but what about my gaming experience? Well said @Challenger.
  2. Ryan Shepherd


    Glad you enjoyed
  3. Ryan Shepherd

    S1 Severograd - Potential KoS

    Shepardo PoV: We decided to take a trip to Severograd because we heard the weather was nice up there. Upon arrival we see a car with 3 people. Of which we needed a car because of the current running simulator experience we’re having these days. Anywho, we initiate on the people at the car, at this point only one man is missing which the dupe of hazard himself @StarScream911. @LucasHad been tracking him before our initiation, due to his welsh nostrils. I go towards @Lucas to help him send @StarScream911 to the shadow realm that was held up in a green double story. I relieve @Lucas of his duties at the door while he goes up the hill to get a position from a far. At this point its a who peaks first competition, so I decide what a great idea it would be to throw a grenade. I unpin the grenade and peak the corner to launch it from my irish blood filled hands up the stairs, however I take a split second too long to physically propel the grenade from my hands and I am instantly counter productively and impressively sent to the shadow realm by @StarScream911, fuck you lad. Were you or were you not in severograd during the initiation @Tringo ringo? To be recently roleplayed with does not (from other reports) mean over the radio, you must be in close proximity to gain defender rights as a dynamic group... to my understanding. Goodbye. End of PoV.
  4. Ryan Shepherd


  5. Ryan Shepherd


  6. Ryan Shepherd

    Brandon Young's Stattrak Counter

    I feel you brother. Doing gods work
  7. Ryan Shepherd

    Brandon Young's Stattrak Counter

    Feels damn good to see these worldstar clips returning. Good shit Brandon, I love me some slander.
  8. Ryan Shepherd

    Fistfighting tips

    First and most important is dodging, here's a tutorial clip: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=peUyLXrgYZ0 Don't hard swing first whilst their blocking or its goodnight and godbless. Also don't fight @Cuchulainn, he's a hustler. Also don't fight me, I 1 punch glitch kill people 99.99% of the time.
  9. Ryan Shepherd

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    Good to see Mac Tire return. Welcome back lads.
  10. Ryan Shepherd

    Drop weps 10 secs run west

    Slammed Volki many times back in the day, good sports. Welcome back old timer.
  11. Ryan Shepherd

    Should GMAK become a Staff Member?

    Can confirm the 3 no voters are: @Roland @Hofer @Ducky Joy killers.
  12. Ryan Shepherd

    Should GMAK become a Staff Member?

    Vote the maaaaan off the dole! GMAK4CH baby OOH OOH!
  13. Ryan Shepherd

    Need something to do?

    Absolutely unbelievable, a great production by @ChrisW. He made some good points here, major lore events (pun intended @Major) are too difficult for the lore team to handle and history has proven itself once again. However the lore team in conjunction with gamemasters should great small scale mini events that kick off with a radio message in game. @Banshee @Osku and a couple more gamemasters at the time when they were staff created a mini chedaki hostage event in altar castle, it was great, enjoyed it very much and created a minor 'news' story travelling around the map for the day by word of mouth. More time should be put into small scale easily achievable events rather than world war 3 events that never work and disappoint all. Also less zombie and wolf hoarde spawning (no one enjoys them anymore) and more mini events.
  14. Ryan Shepherd

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Dew

    Good evening everyone! I would like to welcome you all to another black market community interviews for the community by the community of reputable members of the community. Today we have Chief Wiggum himself, defeating the drug trade in Chernarus one step at a time, please welcome @Dew. Tell Us About Yourself Lad? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join lad? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place lad? What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here lad? Do you regret doing anything in your time here lad? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be lad? What is your favourite relatable community meme lad? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why lad? What do you feel is missing from the community lad? Do you have any hidden talents lad? If you could successfully frame someone for a rule breaking punishment, who would it be and why lad? If you woke up as a swedish man named Rolle, what would your first act be on dayzrp.com lad? What a top fucking lad. *@DrMax walks in* Alright I have had enough of your shit Max, my interviews now.
  15. Ryan Shepherd


    Enjoyed the roleplay today @tosstheball
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