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  1. SweetJoe

    • SweetJoe
    • Ryan Shepherd

    My man, mind if I ask what county your from?



    1. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Ireland, why do you ask?

    2. SweetJoe


      I asked your county. Im curious. History and all that.  Heard you were irish.

    3. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Ah, I read it wrong, Dublin, Have you something to say?

    4. OxeN


      Everyone has diffrent opinions on history, some care while some choose to live in the present end of.

    5. SweetJoe


      Umm. No but catchme on ts ill talk you ear off.

    6. Ryan Shepherd
    7. SweetJoe


      Hahaha good. Guess there was a reaon we never spoke.

  2. The Racism in game at this day and age is embarrassing. 

    Calling in @SDS for their PoV.

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    2. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Hmm, just a particular few who call a couple black fellows they just encountered without any prior speech monkeys & chocolate men to return to their own country repeatedly, on two occasions now, top notch roleplay that.

      Even in a game, its pretty disrespectful, makes me cringe.

    3. Genji


      Isnt there a group of "Nazis" on this server?

    4. LouieRP


      pretty cringe following a man in the woods when he is asking you to leave him alone and then you initiate on his mate and you get dropped. 

    5. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      Not as cringy as having a dead meme as a profile picture, yikes.

    6. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Hm I seem to remember you chasing us for around 5km without a single ounce of roleplay for no apparent reason (after the racism of course) and most of your guys didnt even speak to us when we looped around at you, just blanking?

      Non hostile group my bollix pal.


    7. ItzzNate


      ez yeets

    8. SweetJoe


      ahhaha seems like he has your number luke.

      told you @Infamous. Bubble people interpret running as hostility, despite your intention.

    9. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Nah mate, im referring to racism, I dont agree with it one bit, in real life or in a game.

      EDIT: There is running and their is chasing, theres a difference.

    10. Grimnir


      IC is IC, the real world isn't all tolerance and rainbows. You forget that you are in a backwater area of a backwater country, most South Zagorians probably never saw a black guy before.

    11. LouieRP


      @SweetJoe they were causing traders issues the other day and then tried to big dick them in Pog.

      Boston hired me for protection so he went to confront them they both tried to big dick each other and well during that one of them tried to follow me around waiting to spray me down.

      I tell him to stop following me and I try to interact with him but yet he doesn't say anything so when they initiated on my friend they all got yeeted. 


    12. SweetJoe


      um.  Geography...is all I'm saying...


      yall realize to the south are brown people, not Africans, but darker skinned people.

      @Infamous My point still stands. Bubble people see Running as Hostility. 

    13. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      When there is more talking on the forums than in-game, lmao.

    14. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      The 'trader issues' haha, il just leave that there.

      Word for word against todays encounter, I dont care about that.

      Its the racism, geography doesnt give the right to be a blatant racist.

      So what your saying is that the 'neutral' Titans are racists then?


      You are the little boy in the bubble Joe if you believe thats what was going on.

    15. LouieRP


      lmao I called you a foreigner 

    16. SweetJoe


      Ryan, I was commenting to grimnir

    17. Macbrine


      Sounds to me like someone is mad about getting dropped and trying to pull some "victim" card outta nowhere 


    18. SweetJoe


      Also someone get rolle's post on using the N word in game. he says its ok.


      makes me cringe too my man, but they are allowed to use it in game, just not to abuse anyone out of game.

    19. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      lmao no.

      Im done, i am not back and forwarding anymore with liars with no back bone.

    20. SweetJoe


      oh Macbrine, sometimes things don't need to be said.



    21. LouieRP


      then don't throw around baseless accusations have a nice evening ty ty. 

    22. UndeadRP


      Ok just putting this out here idk why there's this constant back and forth on the issue. But racist roleplay has been on the server for a while and if done maturely usually ends up with fine if not great rp. Also yea he could be in titan and be racist. Could be that specific character, there are different characters in groups. My character is also chernarussian but doesn't share the same intense dislike forwards foreigners. Anyway everyone put their dicks away phewwww

    23. Macbrine


      Okay my dick is away now what

    24. OxeN


      "runs past us not saying anything but" "i dont speak to trash" "dont follow me you smelly peice of shit" x40, "go back to africa"x1. "whilst waiting for his friend to get iniated on to kill us. "

      20 minutes earlier, meet with 2 people from Titan in an open field. "5 secs into convo" "what are you 3 three chocolates doing in my country" 

      but no, let us not bring up anything leading up to that point where you followed us for no reason but to be toxic ic and get a reason to either get initiated on or a reason to be able to initiate. Or the fact that i indeed spoke to you during the time that i followed you let's instead lie and twist it so i look bad haha, thumbs up.

      their friend gets initiated on and screams down his mic in ts most likely and i get immediately dropped by infamous great metagaming boys.

      Infamous said "we are not a bandit group" 

      why did you disband you just gave us a reason to hate you ic it would have been fun times it's pvp you guys want right?

    25. UndeadRP


      Now I can't speak to the in game events your referring to. But the main reason as far as I know people wanted the group archived was because no one wanted to put effort into salt lords. So wait I'm confused you initiated on someone and got shot and somehow that's a problem ? Did the person not say " I'm getting robbed"? As to the metagmaing it's pretty easy to double mic a "ok I'm putting my hands up " but once again wasn't at the direct situation but I'm sure infamous will post himself.


    26. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      Responding to @Undead, the person getting innitiated on said nothing. Once innitiated on he simply raised his hands, no talking (atleast in-game). Yet the people with him, although having no line of sight and focussing on @OxeN immediatly raised his gun and mowed him down, even before the person getting innitiated on raised his hands.

      Anyways, let's keep the chatter to in-game instead of the forums.

  3. Razik Shapur was born in a small village in Liberia. My father was an Irish volunteer building schools in the area when he met my African mother. When the school had been finished my father stayed to teach English in the school. I was in his class when I came of age for school, he made sure I spoke properly with an Irish like tongue, most people don’t believe me when I tell then my nationality is African because of this. One day a group of men stormed our village they took my father prisoner and mother prisoner, they handed me an AK47 & told me to shoot my father or I and my mother will die. I looked at my father and he just nodded and said ‘Son, you do exactly as he says, I've had my life, its been a good one, never forget the Irish blood that flows in your African veins my son. Just promise me one thing, when your older, wiser and stronger, you look that man behind you in the face, you find him and you put a bullet in between his eyes. For me.’ Before I could even think the man behind me smacked me in the head with his rifle, ‘fucking do it he said’ he put his machete against my mothers neck and smirked at me. ‘Fucking do it now!!’ My father screamed. I pulled the trigger and watched my fathers lifeless body drop.. I will never forget him. The man laughed and said congratulations your a bastard child now and he slices my mothers neck right open. I screamed and swung around to point my gun at him but his men grabbed me and best the shit out of me. It was then my life as a child soldier began. Years later I was a seasoned guerrilla soldier. I killed, i stole and i kidnapped other children as what happened to me.’ I lost myself. I heard of a ship leaving for Chernarus to obtain blood diamonds. I wanted in, this was a new life for me I enjoyed killing and terrorizing but I was tired of it I wanted more. Finishing the story ina sec.
  4. DayZRP 2017/18

    In the events of @Little_Clash

    Step 1: Log in as a black character.

    Step 2: Stand in Vybor camp, say nothing, anger nobody.

    Step 3: Get approached by a guy from an unnamed new group.

    Step 4: 'Are you black? Because i cant tell your black clothes are blending in with your face, are you scottish or irish? (@littleclash being english)'

    Step 5: Get kicked out of the camp by an authority figure in the camp whilst being screamed the phrase, 'your a monkey'.

    Step 6: Get initiated on.

    Step 7: Bodies.

    Not intended as flaming, mentioning no names, just rather not post a thread about it.

    1. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      RI-mofoggin-P, Vybor camp where I'm security at? If some give me names and adresses!

    2. brk


      Love owt like walking up to a group of black men and asking them if their black XmuffguingDee

    3. Little_Clash


      Canny retarded if you ask me. XfuckingD

  5. This group can be archived for the moment. The majority, if not all of us have no motivation to play at the moment, at least until .63 comes out. I will however, work on the goals with PCJames so when the time comes, its good to go. Until then boys.
  6. The server is fucked until Beta & nothings set in stone that even beta will cure it either. The server is bone dry, anything that can be done to spice things up has been done. All we can hope on is either an ArmA 3 server or SA modding.
  7. Just gave the bow a try in game... I will never shoot a gun inside a town ever again haha. Its amazing, so silent and still 1 shot kills to zombies & even sharpened sticks give reasonable distance to use, takes a couple seconds to make more, unlimited ammo? All you need is rope and a knife and your set to go! Be extremely handy as a fresh spawn which i never even knew about! There was guys running all around Vybor shooting silenced weapons, not one of them heard me I creeped around the whole town, something I will use a lot more often! I had an extremely long distance shot with a sharpened stick but when I tried to use shadowplay for the 3rd time it would not work the bastard!
  8. A LOT of people, myself included, are thinking about waiting for .63 due to the lacking content in DayZ.

    Surely an ArmA 3 server could be opened to keep us all busy in the mean time?! Whos with me :trolle:

    1. Taryn


      We're working on some new content as we speak. Its been hard paying catch up because there was a time when we had no lore masters fora bit. Now that things have evened out, you can expect some neato burrito junk and stuff. 

    2. PCJames


      If you took the iniative and hosted the server, I would play

    3. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Its not what the loremasters are doing, its just the game itself. Same shit day in day out & the same conversations with roleplayers every day with nothing to do, its the content in the game not the server sadly.

      Something is in the works that we will present to DayZRP/Rolle soon James, I have sent you a PM.

  9. Ryan Shepherd

    Statistics - Why They're Important

    Part of the problem is how complicated everything has got. These days its more about how much of a shakesphere you are on the forums rather than how you represent yourself or your group in game. 3-4 years ago the community was so much more laid back and it was a lot of fun. Including a large variety of groups. Thats why a lot of people are less inclined to return.
  10. Brilliant guide tbh, 100% fine the way it is! I did not know any of this never tried a bow before at all, will definitely give it a go now! Thanks for the guide! +1
  11. You kind of just did..? Besides, when did the black fangs become heroes and serve justice to 'murderers' when the goals of the group are basically to shed blood & become the most feared possibly killing innocents along the way? That wouldn't make much difference between the REAL black & tans and the black fangs no? Anyways, thats irrelevant, i guess. Should of said when I stated 'did you' I meant the group in general not specifically you, my bad. On that note, I too will only post further if staff ask.
  12. So you thought we were the actual Black & Tans that were formed in 1919 & dissolved in 1922? Which is just short of 100 years ago & that they would be in Chernarus? Did you confirm with @Yung Shade once speaking to him he was/we were the legitimate/acting as the black & tans and their nature? Did you educate @Yung Shade of the reputation attached to the name?
  13. Just to add, we’re not acting out as the actual Black & Tans from the 20th centuary, its a name that relates ONLY to the uniform which is Black jeans and a tan coat but yeah.
  14. The 2nd of January was the first day Myself & my group played on the server as 'The Black & Tans' in order to spread word of our arrival on the scene, we van from Vybor indutrial to Kabinino. On arrival we heard a V3S driving down the road & then it stopped, 2 guys were inside & were being chased by zombies, once they stopped the zombies gathered around the truck, myself & my guys helped them out, we killed the zombies and one of us tried to patch up one of the guys bleeding whilst the other sat in the vehicle not saying a word. They had a blowout in one of the tyres. We roleplayed with the guy carrying the wheel here & stook around to give him a hand to fix the wheel & covered him against the zombies until he did so. Whilst the other guy at this point had still not spoke a word, not pictured above. Once the V3S was fixed, the guy with the wheel above was speaking to me & asked me 4/5 times what does our armbands mean, I repeated 4/5 it means nothing just identification of our friends. As we were leaving the other guy began to speak & was very vacant and rarely replying to our roleplaying and said 'Sorry what I wasnt listening?' Then I saw another guy appear in Kabinino not saying a word running by us so I suspected this to be an ambush, I told the guys over radio that we need to leave as we were sitting ducks in the middle of the road & that the 2 guys must of called reinforcements. @Little_Clash @brk & @Yung Shade all headed for stary whilst myself & @OxeN were attempting to leave whilst saying goodbye I was asked again by the guy pictured above what does our arm bands mean, I simply used the 'shhh' emoted & whispered, 'We're The Black & Tans but don't tell anyone', at that point myself & @OxeN began to run to stary, as we were running the man above started to shout 'sorry who are you?!' whilst chasing us. All members of our group were then chased in different directions as we split up heading for stary. Once we got to stary, @Little_Clash @brk & @OxeN hid in the forest, myself & @Yung Shade were stopped by a guy in a set of farmers overalls as it looked. At this point @Yung Shade was speaking to this guy as I kept my distance whilst watching. Once they both headed for the road I began to join them, once we hit the road I saw another guy flanking us by running on the edge of the road and around not saying a word, I then saw another guy & told @Yung Shade IG we have to go. I began to run north of stary & a guy began to scream at me 'Hey where are you going? Come and talk to me?' in a very aggressive manner, I shouted that I am busy & i will be on my way to which he replied 'I cant hear you come over here!'. I ignored & headed towards @Little_Clash @brk & @OxeN's location. We waited about a couple minutes & @Yung Shade came over the radio & said come down to the road they want to speak to us, We told @Yung Shade that we had no reason to go down and speak to them & the fact that there was 4 of us and multiple of them it was an obvious trap, what was the point? We spoke to them in Kabinino. @Yung Shade sounded very different the next time he asked so we assumed he had been taken hostage. We were then told by @Yung Shadeto join a radio frequency, we waited a couple minutes & @Infamous joined the covnersation went a little like this: Infamous: Alright boys I have an IC message here for you all if thats alright. *IC* Infamous: Alright boys I have one of your lads here by the name of Nick, we have him hostage, what does this man mean to you? I stated that we all know what we signed up for. Infamous: We want you to change your name & bring us supplies every 2 days. I stated that we do not negotiate. Infamous: I will kill this man if you do not agree. I stated that we all know what we sign up for here & that we decline his offer. There was no saving @Yung Shade it were impossible given the nature of the encounter. Infamous: I will kill this man what do you say to that? We do not negotiate do as you please. Infamous: Okay its done ive shot him in the head, if i see another Black & Tans in south zagoria I will string them to a post bla bla bla etc. *OOC* Whilst laughing down his mic sounds cheers boys cya later. We all then logged off a couple minutes after as this was almost 2am. This is my best recollection of the event.
  15. Waiting around for a LM post like. Just kidding, is there any loremaster that may have some remaining issues with the thread or is it just a case of waiting around a week or 2 to see if we're active IG? Cheers.