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  1. Ryan Shepherd

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Osku, @Dew, the search for a wife for dew continues. @Baz Good talk @G19RP Up the Ra
  2. Ryan Shepherd

    Dead Batteries {CLOSED Recruitment}{Active}

    o7 brother Elmo, it was a good run with you. On the other hand I am sort of glad, your trollRP was bringing the group down. Onwards and upwards.
  3. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd

    The fact that a simple screenshot of a SINGLE heated arguement can result in an R4 straight permaban because it is seen as 'OOC hate' is a disgrace.

    Only if it happens on MULTIPLE instances should an R4 be even applicable.

    People don't always get along, doesn't mean they necessarily HATE them.


    1. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      R4's in my opinion have been happening way to often recently

  4. Ryan Shepherd

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    A two-bit @Dew. 5/10 Edit: 7.5/10 that was mean
  5. Ryan Shepherd

    GMAK the Teenage Witch

  6. Ryan Shepherd

    The Time.

    Looks good @Falk, I look forward to meeting you and your group in time.
  7. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd


  8. Ryan Shepherd

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

    I have spoken with @BigDaddy and @Isaiah Cortez in discord. Upon discussing the situation together, I have realised I made a distasteful decision to react on the kill against @Jackfish. At the time, I was given miscommunication from @Jackfish that he tried to kill the apparent sentinel and was killed by an uninvolved member of the camp, had I known that he had hit random civilians, I would not of acted as I did. If I were to carry out the same goal, I should of initiated or better yet, let it be. On that note, I apologise, my hand is up, I fucked up. I take responsibility.
  9. Ryan Shepherd

    Report Structure

    This is something that bothers me quite a lot regarding the reports structure. The way reports are at the moment, a report is posted, PoVs are posted and then the shit storm reveals its face. The OP and the suspects argue back and forth quoting rules left fight and centre and explaining their view on the rule and how the opposite party broke said rule, the other party does the exact same thing, thats not productive. Personally, I believe Gamemasters do not ask enough questions apart from the obvious, 'Do you have video evidence?' Etc. The way I suggest for reports to be more productive and less time consuming would be the following: The OP posts the report and his poV. The suspects when called in or by their own free will, post their PoV. No more posts are permitted once the PoV has been posted, that is their time to shine and get in as much detail as possible. After that if further questions are required, GMs can ask them and the person they are directed at can answer. Finally the verdict can be posted after GM discussion. No more back and forth, quoting rules and pleading how they are right and the other party is wrong, we are all right in our own eyes, its life, that enables GMs to look at clear cut PoVs and not 3 pages of people arguing with one sentence each. Thoughts?
  10. Ryan Shepherd

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

    I think you are misinformed with the definition and difference of baiting by terms of english and by terms of the rules. Baiting via the rules is calling someone names or provoking them to initiate, which is not the case here. While the baiting I am referring to is getting @oxen to lure the OP into a position by asking him a QUESTION where I had eyes which is quite obviously not against the rules.
  11. Ryan Shepherd

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

    Firsty, if you are going to throw around 'baiting' accusations, please back it up, thanks. Secondly, Jackfish was attempting to kill the remaining sentinel alive and as his PoV states failed horribly hitting others (at the time I did not know he had hit uninvolved civilians) as far as I was aware, he tried to kill the sentinel, got shot and killed by the uninvolved OP, I then retaliated. Last but sadly not least, again if you are going to throw out an accusation like that, back it up, I did not say that nor shoot anyone multiple times in the head.
  12. Ryan Shepherd

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

    You involved yourself in a situation that did not involve you directly. I recieved Defence rights not attacker rights when you shot and killed my ally @Jackfish. Lets quote some rules then shall we. If you are a defender - the one being initiated on or subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining DEFENDER RIGHTS on the attackers. Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group.
  13. Ryan Shepherd

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

    I killed you @BigDaddy. Yesterday @Jackfish is taken hostage by The Sentinels, I find @Jackfish today along with @OxeN in camp, I inform him of a plan I am hatching to ambush The Sentinels. Sentinels Initiate on @Jackfish. We play dumb and when The Sentinels let their guard down I initiate on The Sentinels, in their camp across from Camp Eden, a firefight ensues, we kill at least 4? (Could be wrong, happened quickly.) I take a spare rifle from a dead body and leave the area before the crowds gather from the camp. @Jackfish is shot in the back when heading back to the Eden camp, so we know one is alive. @OxeN hears someone bragging about killing one of us and running away, he calls out the position for @Jackfish (see jacks PoV above.) Upon @OxeN relaying information that @Jackfish was shot and killed by the OP, calls out his clothing, I return to the area, sneak into the camp, @OxeN baits the man into position, I kill him, run to the back of camp then I put away my weapon and jog past the crowd gathering around the body, incognito. I then escape. EDIT: I Would also like to add, after I fled the situation, the server was restarted due to lag by admins, upon rejoining in the long queue, my game crashed immediately, I relaunched the game and waited in an extremely long queue to rejoin, if there are some differences in connection logs.
  14. Ryan Shepherd

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    Its one of those new transparent Jerry can's.
  15. Ryan Shepherd

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    When you stumble across an AFK @Osku:
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