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  1. Ryan Shepherd

    Meet The Chad: AndreyQ

    How I felt about @AndreyQ's answer about me: @NozzyRP has stepped it up a gear, could not have handed my legacy over to a better man
  2. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd

    Actual photo of extatic hostages in the current rule set:


  3. Ryan Shepherd

    • Ryan Shepherd
    • JimRP

    Welcome back to our world

  4. Banshee

    • Banshee
    • Ryan Shepherd

    Bruhh I needed those cat ears for my new character. I'll be roleplaying as a Maine Coon.

    1. Zero



  5. Jerry

    • Jerry
    • Ryan Shepherd

    Hello Ryan "Ask the Staff" Shepherd how are you

  6. Ryan Shepherd

    ...Bunny ears

    Why have blue and pink bunny ears been added in game? Edit: Apparently they are cat ears, excuse me.
  7. Ryan Shepherd

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    I really enjoyed my short time with this group, however, my heritage is more appealing than my Chernarussian one at the moment. Thanks for having me @Craig, I had a blast!
  8. Ryan Shepherd

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I too want to commemorate all of the following people too: @Ryan Shepherd @Challenger @Jackfish @Rutkiy @Cuchulainn @OxeN @GMAK @Banshee @brk @GMAK @Jerry Fantastic character progression, wouldn't have it any other way.
  9. Ryan Shepherd

    Allow [WIP] groups in the "Group Idea" Forum.

    So you are saying an entire sub forum for 'forum games' is less clutter than actual topics that progress the community in the sense of roleplay? Personally my arguement is not against half written WIPs, its more along the lines of allowing groups the time to gain the members they need comfortably and not under pressure to gather then as quickly as possible along with being able to be given feedback on their idea and adjust it accordingly. Sure lets all count to 500 beans before an admin posts as a forum game instead of an actual group idea that may not be as generic as some.
  10. Ryan Shepherd

    Allow [WIP] groups in the "Group Idea" Forum.

    Below we see multiple groups being closed for not finding 5 members to fill their roster in one week, by @Zanaan. I have taken screenshots for ease of viewing where some threads were closed for not having 5 members in the 'one week' time limit that is apparently not a thing but seems to be a thing. Notice the words: failed, one week & 5 members. I don't believe this is fair for these people trying to make a group to make a difference in the server or to simply to meet a bunch of like minded people to play with.
  11. Ryan Shepherd

    Allow [WIP] groups in the "Group Idea" Forum.

    I think you knew what I meant earlier without your 'oh no it isnt' reply too. I've seen groups closed with the post being 'you have failed to reach 5 members within the week. Group ideas need longer than a week to pick up members, some of us are lucky to have a loyal bunch of buddies that will jump on anything you make, resulting in you not having to worry about member count issues. Others and mainly new to the community players may not have that privilege and are just seen as a whitename with some generic group, give them a chance, remove the timelimit and allow WIP posts to be made. For me personally, when I was creating a group idea or editing a previous version before reopening my last group, I had to create a PM with myself in order to see how it looks on the forum, layout etc. I don't see the need to 'crack down' as such on one area of the forums where we have a forum section titled 'forum games' which is basically a rubbish pit apart from a few.
  12. Ryan Shepherd

    Allow [WIP] groups in the "Group Idea" Forum.

    Honestly have no idea why there needs to be posts longer than the book of kells disputing whether WIP group ideas should be allowed or not.. Simple answer, yes it should be okay. How are people supposed to achieve a minimum player count of 5 people if they are not allowed to advertise their group? Pming people to join your group isn't many peoples style. We have other countless pointless threads all across the forum, why not WIP.
  13. Ryan Shepherd

    What weapon do you prefer?

    My bare knuckles.
  14. Ryan Shepherd

    Redwood Radio [Open recruitment]

    Calling in @G19RP for his full POV and any video evidence he may or may not have.
  15. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd


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