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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): The vegeterian fanatic staff member known as cabbage, gracefully gave me 5 warning points quoting the following conversation I had with my good friend @Challenger Why the verdict is not fair: I have no idea why Mr Cabbage saw me having a conversation with @Challengeras flaming and felt the need to remove me from the discord. I mean, yes we were talking absolute bollox but thats pretty much what goes on in general chat? I do not see how someone could view this as flaming? Additional statements/comments explaining your poin
  2. 1.gif.32f6411dbd7ac75761ac79351a03cda9.gif

    1. Queerios


      Looking at this post be like:


  3. Thanks for the pink slippers.

    Also, happy birthday lad. ❤️ 

  4. Happy birthday Ryan Shepherd. Enjoy the whip 🥳🥳

  5. It has been a very quick 7 years.

    Its come to a time where I will have to say goodbye to DayZRP, Its time for me to call it a day and move on.
    There has been bad and questionable times but there are a hell of a lot more good times, which is what should be remembered and what I will remember from my time here.

    First of all, as much as I disagree with @Roland, for many many different reasons and decisions, I have to thank him for creating this community, I have had so much fun over the last 7 years on and off here, I have definitely made some great friends I am sure I will be speaking to for many years to come. He created something thats lasted this long and seen so many ups and downs but yet here we all still are.

    I will most definitely miss playing, mostly with the boys I have played with for the last 2 years constantly. All of them I did my best to defend no matter what happened here, mostly to staffs disgust ? I have been called a report lawyer a lot but I take it as a compliment because I liked to stick up for those close to me.

    I know I have been difficult too regarding staff decisions and what not but I am glad I have been, I would rather be brutally honest than sit quietly with something I didn't see was right. There are also a lot of people I didn't see eye to eye with outside of staff and I am sorry it didn't work out between us but I guess that is life.

    At the end of the day, what made this community so fun for me was those I played with, those that followed me with creating groups, dynamics and just fucking about, so I want to thank all of them, I won't tag because there is far too many to mention and you all know who you are.

    Thanks for the great times DayZRP, I wish everyone the best of luck.

    With that said, I would like to share with you all my most commonly played characters last moments, giving my closure to the saga that was DayZRP and I, I hope you enjoy.

    Have a good one lads.

    1. GMAK


      See ya in two weeks lad 

    2. Cuchulainn


      kim kardashian GIF For real tho, good luck god bless. 

    3. Queerios



    4. Zanaan


      But if neither of us play, who will report lawyer?

      It's been a pleasure Ryan. See ya around. 

    5. Camo


      I will miss you dearly my good sir! ?

    6. AndreyQ


      Take care lad. Enjoy life.

    7. bur



    8. Roman



      Been lots of fun hanging and playing with ya lad.

      Have a good one.

    9. Final TurkRP

      Final TurkRP

      Take care lad, thanks for the great times

    10. Rover


      You've made me pull my hair a few times, but it is sad to see you go. o7

    11. Conor


      Good luck wherever your crane takes you! ❤️

    12. Stagsview


      Cya in the following weeks when you get bored.

    13. Banksyy


      Not known you long lad but its been a pleasure, enjoy life bro.

      been a good one.

      sad face GIF

    14. Sassy


      Good luck lad try not fall off your crane 

    15. Aisling



    16. tz


      Adios amigo o7

  6. I am in novo on a lovely summers day. The OP begins to cause some drama in the camp, swearing and cussing. He tries to persuade the soldiers to his point of view by reminding them that he had previously brought them guns. I called him a kiss ass and the argument ended after the intervention of the soldiers. 20 minutes or so later, I spot him outside the main area, I ran towards him, raising my fists, taunting him to lets see how tough he is without hiding behind the soldiers. He tells me I don't want this and I quote, dawg. I tell him I do so very much want this and begin edging towa
  7. I didn't jump on that, you jumped and said all initiations are purely for pvp and not with the intention of leading to roleplay. I don't see how you can complain that initiations rarely evolve into good roleplay when your basically admiting to non complying and more so when you hear 'familiar' voices. "Nah I don't like that guy, I'd rather die in a hail of bullets than roleplay with him"
  8. Darker nights added - Suggestion made to make it lighter Ligher nights added - Suggestion made to make it darker Its a never ending cycle ?
  9. Let me get this straight, someone of a hostile nature initiates on you and rather than comply and see where the roleplay will go, you shoot and judging by your POV on these type of situations drop like a sack of shit. You can't slate people who prefer hostile roleplay if you die die never comply and let the roleplay end quicker than it began. Takes two to tango my friend.
  10. Your really on fire with the suggestions today aren't you @Onion ? No need to fix what isn't broken and cause further confusion to our already confused GMs regarding reports.
  11. How can I offline raid if I am online? *Insert GMAKsleeper*
  12. Someone pass me the GMAKsleeper. I think its a matter of opinion, not everyone gets along with a group and 9 times out of 10, if you get on the bad side of a group, you are blinded by hatred for the group and fail to see the good side of roleplay. Perhaps you were too concious of losing your weapons?
  13. Going to call a spade a spade here.

    That report verdict is probably the most ridiculous one I have ever read and both you and @Woodzie should be ashamed to write such a poor and bias report. Not only did you reduce a ban for an 'accident' you also allowed the use of metagaming for the clear fact this person is a member of staff. Never in the history of dayzrp verdicts has there ever been a rulebreak been waved due to it being an accident. 90% of invalid kills are by accident, it has never made it okay. Nor has anyone EVER been banned for fighting multiple people in an ongoing firefight, you know how many times people sit in a building to their last breath against 6 odd people? Laughable.

    Absolutely terrible verdict.

    1. Mexi



    2. Mexi


      I would only assume it didn't go to the feedback thread 'cause BeanZ can't be collected there ? 

    3. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      I assume I couldn't be fucked to fill out a template.

      Take your shade elsewhere, bigman

    4. Rover



      Never in the history of dayzrp verdicts has there ever been a rulebreak been waved due to it being an accident

      Reports where punishments were reduced for it being perceived by staff to be accidents:


      @Ryan Shepherd  My feelings around the verdict will come out in appeals. But I do want to be clear there was no staff favoritism involved in the decision of a lessened punishment for what Duke did. There are also plenty of examples for metagaming punishments not being pursued for things that the staff team determines to be minor. This is, as always, at our discretion.

    5. AndreyQ


      imagine getting banned because you decided to stay in the building the provides best chances of survival instead of running outside with no cover and other possible enemies

    6. Whitename


      Honestly Ryan you seem to have a pretty big issue with Duke and the RAC that goes beyond just this one report. Bad feedback is valid, sure, and I definitely agree with some points you made. But that's off the heels of you being in some spicy hostilities with us with whatever happened on Day 1 at the camp. I dunno man. A bunch of people get forgiven for accidental rule breaks and you're quick to call staff bias on Job, who by the way was not the only person who agreed on this punishment. That's not very fair to me.

      Instead of calling verdicts terrible maybe just ask them further about the decision making process. This status update (and your other spicy reply) really seems like all you want to do is gain BeanZ and insult people and doesn't really sound like you're genuinely interested in further explanation as to the verdict. Hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am

      But, yknow, Rover gave you some precedent for it, so hopefully that helps.

      Be nice to people. It's really that easy.

    7. GMAK


      I'm a positive vibes kind of guy, lets all take a step back and reflect on a better way we could have this discussion. 

      Peace and love brothers, we're all on the same team here. 

    8. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Fair enough @Rover, there may be bans reduced and slight metagaming waved. I hold my hand up and say okay you may be right.

      However can you show me where anyone has been banned for BADRP when holding down a building in an active firefight against multiple enemies?

      Down right ridiculous, if thats bannable as badrp then the report section is about to have a party.

      @Whitename, please don't make me laugh. I left bad feedback none of it directing to duke personally whatsoever. I have every right to leave feedback on a group thread and I also do to call out a disgraceful report verdict. None of that means I have a vendetta against Duke, I would feel the same be it any group or any other involved in the verdict.

      I also tagged both GMs involved in the report and I am not sure what you mean by 'spicy' responce. 

      Just because someone disagrees with actions and makes it very public, doesn't mean its for vendetta or beans, its a virtual can of beans mate, relax.

    9. Whitename


      Listen to GMAK ? all I'm saying is to do it with respect, rather than bad blood or anger towards a person/group. Respect isn't hard ?

    10. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Okay, I will not be honest in my feelings anymore because it upsets people, amazing group, congratulations to all involved almost amazing as this report verdict.

      Keep it up guys ?

    11. Whitename


      Have a good one Ryan. ?

    12. Elmo



    13. KermitTheFrog



      bias report

      Haha would you imagine that. Because this involved two of the lore faction groups only 3 GMs could touch it. (And a couple of Admins) But this report was far from biased. 

      @Ryan Shepherd if you wanted to give me real feedback on the verdict I have written, go ahead and write it on my feedback page. But do not take this to a "status update", this is only to farm beanz on other people their mistakes. 

      Multiple people agreed on Badrp that was committed during this report, it is just the way I wrote it that it looks like I did not even read the PoVs provided. I still think that they are guilty of the badrp they did. 

      I'm sorry for the people that got hit the most ( @TurkRP), but lucky for those guys there is always an appeal they can make. He will still be banned, but will hopefully get a better verdict. 


    14. Queerios


      @Job Just because there is an appeals process doesn't mean you should swing the ban hammer willy nilly. The fact that Turk was banned for what is a reasonable, logical, course of action is quite frankly ridiculous. Furthermore, if your summary of the report makes it look like you didn't read the PoV's provided, write a better summary. Don't get mad at people for assuming bias when its your summary, that you even agree was written poorly, seems to indicate said bias. 

      Valid criticism, whether it comes in the form of a post on your wall or your feedback page, is still valid criticism.  Don't be so hasty to dismiss it just because it didn't come from the official channels. 

    15. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      People disagree with me?

      MuSt Be A bEanS FaRm LoLol

    16. Basko


      Not sure why this discussion is going on here? 

      Like Mexi said, if anyone has feedback for Job's gamemaster work take it here:


    17. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Thank you for commenting such a suggestion that was already suggested also two hours after the conversation had ended @Basko.

      Good boy.

    18. Basko


      @Ryan Shepherd The discussion went on after the initial suggestion. Even though the discussion seems ended, you now know where to continue if desired.

    19. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Suggestion is the key word there my friend, a suggestion I didn't take.

      The only one continueing the discussion right now is you, acquire some staff points on an actual active topic friend.

  14. Hello gents. I am a little bit confused by performance of this group, so in the lore we see: The RAC is the leading military faction for Chernarus, however it seems you only reside at one location being the checkpoint below Vybor and at that this group struggles to maintain the area. I have been there about 3 things, it was extremely messy and felt like a roleplay hub oppossed to a military checkpoint where you must stop to pass through, get vetted, searched and told to move along. No mindless chit chat and you are felt like you need to be on your best behaviour. At one isntance I
  15. What a time we live in, when someone saying 'Up the RA' in game is just a meme and more frowned upon than Racism in game and public Racism in discord.


    1. Para


      Can't say I disagree entirely,

      But to dwell on what was the past doesn't help man. Several of us argued that some things should've been done differently and since that incident things have been handled differently. it's the best I can do, but constantly reminding the community of the mistakes of the staff team doesn't help mate ? 

    2. Itsmez


      Double standards mutch?


    3. Para


      @Itsmez you @ me and i have no idea if you're saying i have double standards or not? 

    4. Itsmez


      @Para No i dont mean you have double standards. I first wrote something else and desided to change it

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