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  1. The Joyce's days have come to an end. This group has probably been my favourite, Ive always wanted to create an entirely Irish themed group and remove the speculation that any irish group will revolve around the IRA and be denied a chance to exsist. I would like to thank each and every member for their participation, loyalty and the overall great banter had whilst playing Joyces and keeping the standard to a high. Its time for people to portray new characters and join new groups, I don't want to hold anyone back due to the current hypothetical wall we felt we hit as The Joyce's after playing them for so long. I would like to thank everyone that roleplayed with us and I would like to believe we portrayed ourselves as a good bunch of hostile roleplayers, this will be the last group that I personally will create so I thank all of the loyal bunch of friends that I have that have always followed me with no matter what group I made for the past few years. Up Joyce, up fucking Joyce.
  2. May Shaniqua Jones rest in peace, o7 to pay respects to @GMAK progressing roleplay.


    1. Ronnie


      This is the worst day of my life. 😞

    2. DrMax


      Isn’t that Iva? @Terra

    3. Banshee


      How TF you gon' miss the first shot and spell Shaniqua wrong in the same video?

      R.I.P. to the Bad Bitch though, she was fine as hell!

    4. Terra


      @DrMax There was only Sheniqua!

      Show some respect!

  3. I'm sorry, but the world has to see...


    1. Eagle


      Those are neutral grounds 🤣

    2. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      I call horse shit, on my screen I stopped shooting as he died 😂




    3. Rutkiy


      You see, if you didn't scroll through TikTok while playing, these things wouldn't happen!

    4. Kordruga


      oh no, he exposed the tik tok addiction

  4. Received the best roleplay in a long time from this group, can't believe you all literally speak fluent Russian, that is real dedication. Keep it up.
  5. Eagles a big boy, im sure he will be just fine without roleplaying a nazi.
  6. I don't think I really needed to cover every mass murder in history when referring to one in particular, cheers tho.
  7. Never said any of those were okay, should all be banned if one of them is
  8. It may be the fact that 6 million jewish people were murdered, might be a touchy subject for some
  9. You best of taken your mucky boots off boy
  10. There was absolutely zero shots on our approach, do you think I would be jogging around in the open and then stand still in the open with my gun on my back if I thought it was an active firefight? @Eagles can you confirm when @CJ had hit someone to the time I died?
  11. Server and location: Server 2 Prison Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10:00PM Your in game name: Donovan Joyce Names of allies involved: The Joyces Name of suspect/s: 503? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: On our travels we decided to check out the prison on our way by, I ran around the prison and saw no one. At that point I decide to leave and head elsewhere, I run on the road with no gun out and jogging. Once I hit the fence my character begins falling through the map, rather than relogging and wait in a queue, I decide to give it a minute to see if it comes back, after about 40 seconds of falling, I hear a shot and then I drop dead. No one spoke to me, there was no shots on our long flanked approach or in the immediate area at the time.
  12. It is pretty clear there is right and wrongs with both arguments from Rolands view and from @AndreyQs view which I share the same views with. Taking @GaryCash trademark vow to waive rights to report KoS into account. I for one don't want my groups core values to be an unmoveable stone wall for another groups opposing core goals, especially it resulting in a ban. So I ask each leader: @AndreyQ, @PhoenyxxRP, @CJ, @River, @GaryCash, @Cody Baton, @DerrickStorm, @Marik, @Skeeterbolt, @Morytania To repeat after me if you share the same view, no shame if you don't. Replace my name with your own forum name in the following: 'I, Ryan Shepherd, waive my group the right to report another player/group for directly effecting or changing my groups CORE values by the means of in character events.'
  13. The council section is probably the most useless thing on the forums used mostly for just posting prefabs and has never been used how it was intended, in my opinion. Given that, why not make use of it, does anyone have any thoughts or problems with the current events ongoing on the server or how the server should progress, any issues or ideas at all.
  14. The way I see it, we can all roleplay perfectly fine within the rules without the need to be edgy racists
  15. Had a lot of fun dropping bodies all night long with this lot, top geezers. Best of luck with the group boyos.
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