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Ryan Shepherd

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  1. Ryan Shepherd

    • Ryan Shepherd
    • Ducky

    Your avatar is amazing, that is all.

    1. Ducky



  2. Ryan Shepherd

    Post caution

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I do not see how this is overly hostile or big dicking, or more importantly adding nothing to the radio post. It was relevant and on topic. I would totally understand if I was being a complete dick saying I would kill them all or something ridiculous like that. Since when is hostile replies not allowed? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: A post was made from one of the 24th that they own NW, Kabanino, Vybor and Stary. Which to my in character knowledge is not the case. That is propaganda that they own the above locations. I replied and said (to the best of my knowledge): "The only thing the vatos own is the shirts on their backs. The next time I catch one of you, I will wash the bullshit off your tongue with gasoline like I did to one of your amigos." "Bullshit" referring to them claiming to own the above locations and "gasoline" because I did that to one of them a couple days ago. The Gen Z member was announcing their relocation, the 24th was claiming to own certain areas and I disputed that fact because this is relaying false information to our civilians that usually hang out with GD and D7. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have the post reinstated. What could you have done better?:
  3. Ryan Shepherd

    To Friends of GenZ (Open Freq.)

    -User has been cautioned for this post-
  4. Ryan Shepherd

    Scar's shit edits

    Ty for the opening feature, good shootin' boys
  5. Ryan Shepherd

    Assault Vest Black

    I've been wearing this vest for about 2 days now, I've had no issue with equipped items despawning.
  6. Ryan Shepherd

    D7 Mercenaries Media

    "Pint of gasoline for the vato please"
  7. Ryan Shepherd

    Add Limp Animation to the Emote Wheel

    I would love this too, +1.
  8. Ryan Shepherd

    • Ryan Shepherd
    • Falk

    Hello Falk, I could not help but notice..













    Couldn't resist 😂

    drakemcgregor (1).jpg

    1. Falk






  9. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd

    This Ladies and Gentlemen, is what happens when a driver of a vehicle is shot dead whilst driving in 0.63.


    1. Xehara


      I had a good chuckle.

    2. OxeN


      always shepherd haha

    3. Highlander


      Jesus lmao

  10. Ryan Shepherd

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Never came under my radar, sorry 2/20
  11. Ryan Shepherd

    God Bless The United States of America

    Hello and good evening, the Irishmen of www.dayzrp.com have been invited to this lovely thread by @Zero and @Chernon, blessed be the Irish and the yanks, may all my brothers follow suit and praise these lovely countries, together.
  12. Ryan Shepherd

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks to those who i may be wrong are: @Highlander @Imation11 @Onyx and the rest of the people at the summer camp last night, myself and @OxeN really enjoyed all the roleplay we had there! Good laugh
  13. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd


  14. Ryan Shepherd

    Ireland appreciation thread remaining locked

    Hello staff team. Recently I created an Ireland appreciation thread, it became heated by a certain few towards the end and it was locked. Usually when a thread becomes heated, verbal warning are dished out and then literal warning points and maybe a locked thread for a few hours till things calm down. However it remains locked even after I contacted the member of staff who originally closed it and their reply was 'I don't have the authority to unlock it, will have to ask'. Linked below are other country appreciation threads, just like mine, that remain open (as they should) its not a meme thread nor created to be an IRA loving thread meme thread. Is there a reason this remains locked? Thank you.
  15. Ryan Shepherd

    Whats your occupation?

    Maybe it's just me being a nosey bastard but I always find it interesting as to what people here do for work in real life or even what they would like to do. I will start: Im a Tower crane electrician/erector, basically, I work for a company that rents out Tower cranes to building sites to do the heavy lifting, all over Ireland. I arrive on site and I erect the Tower Crane with 3 other colleagues, when the crane is up and running if it ever breaks down (Which they always fucking do), I have the job of fixing it and when the building site is almost complete (usually after a year or so) I then come back and dismantle the Tower crane. We have around 40 of them so it can be very hectic. The heights and dangers of the job give me a buzz so I really enjoy it. What does everyone else do?
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