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  1. Vitus was born in Germany and grew up there. However, since his father wanted to live in his homecountry again, they moved back to Chernarus when Vitus was 8 years old. His father worked as a doctor at the hospital in Chapaevsk until to his sudden death 2 years ago. Vitus had a beautiful childhood and youth. On weekends, his father often made trips with him in the nature. He teached him many different usefull skills, such as basic knowledge of medicine, how to make a campfire and survive in nature and even how to fish and hunt. Although Vitus had many friends and liked the city and it's busy life, he learned to love nature on the many excursions with his father. The tranquility and force of elements have always exerted a special attraction to him. He always wanted to capture the mystical moments he and his father experienced in the deep forests and wide fields of Chernarus. He soon knew his profession: To be a professional natural and wildlife photographer. Tragically, his father died in a car accident a few years back. This experience which overtook him in the midst of his studies has deeply affected him. His mother, probably because of deep sorrow, fell in love with a police officer shortly after the accident. Vitus, who still suffered immensely from the loss of his father hated this guy from the first second. From a happy and outgoing teenager he changed himself within weeks and bowed himself out from public life more and more. He spent a lot of time in nature with taking pictures and thinking - first days, then weeks. During one of his photo tours that now lasted up to 3 weeks the Outbreak took place. Vitus had intentionally no contact with the outside world and didn't noticed a thing from all the chaos Chernarus was suffering. When he wanted to return to the city with new courage to face life and a bunch of new images, he found it completely destroyed. Not a single man crossed his path - the house where he and his mother lived was abandoned - the life he knew no longer existed.
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