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  1. My name is Chris Black, I ended up in Chernarus when a few hundred or so UN Peacekeepers and I flew into Miroslavl to make some type of Research Base. I wasn't there for long though, soon after we arrived a group leader assembled a a group of soldiers that I happened to be in. The majority of us were Doctors, luckily I learned a few things from them and learned about how this god damn infection supposedly got here. Anyways, a few days march later we arrived at a small town called Chapaevsk, I think it was called. A pretty quiet place it was, not many of the infected were roaming around the streets. After a couple days of patrolling and finding nothing but dead corpses we stumbled upon a large group, there was only 7-10 of us so we were pretty outnumbered. We get overrun fast, I lost contact to our squad leader and just run into the woods with nothing but the clothes on my back. Every since I've been roaming around this god forsaken country as a paid doctor for the local groups. I've seen some shit that will scar me for life and feel like my purpose is to try to redeem myself and help out the remaining survivors.