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  1. George was born into a Romanian family living in the united states. He was off visiting family in Romania when the disaster struck. He joined a humanitarian aid group to help the chernorussians, but things fell apart.. One day, the truck he was in crashed, George knew not to stay in one place for such a long time so he decided to venture away from the group. he lived in the wilderness for a period of time. now. he has decided to venture back out and seek human contact, before he goes crazy and looses his mind. He uses his best wits to survive
  2. To shed some humor on the situation, i took it upon myself to edit. @[email protected] @Moody @anthony97x I hope you guys get a kick out of this (this video is not meant to be used in the report, it is purely for entertainment purposes only)
  3. Unfortunately i do not have a recording of this incident, but here is my perspective on the story. We saw Mikal at the airfield so we decided to engage in some hold-up/robbery RP. We asked him what he was doing to which he replied "im looking for a knife". Anthony and I both agreed that this is not a very strong alibi to being on a militarized airfield. We took him into the barracks and frisked him down. He did not have much, but i definitely recall him having some basic supplies. The one item i remember we did take was a sword that he had, Anthony exchanged Mikals Sword for his own hatchet. Around this time a few gunshots could be heard coming from the distance so we decided that our presence in the area was becoming increasingly unsafe. We asked what he would have us do to him to which his stated reply is correct; "I am hardly in a position to make demands; you are the ones with the guns." we had also taken his weapon (a repeater) and set it outside the barracks as we did not have use for it. Anthony then shot him in the legs and he went unconscious, (we did not intend for this to happen) After bandaging him and waiting a bit we decided that we would hurry off as there were probably people approaching our building. There were plenty of bushes directly outside the building to be used in the creation of a splint and we made sure he had rags in his inventory for that purpose. If i was in his situation i would have been perfectly able to survive the encounter. The fact that when he woke up safe inside of a closed barracks he was not able to move is nobody fault as we did not want that to happen and it sucks that it did. But we need to keep in mind that dayz is somewhat of a buggy game and we cannot expect everything to go the way we want it to. So at the end of it all, the entire time we made sure you were safe from zombies, we saw that you had a bit of food in your belongings, you were 700m away from the nearest well and we had given you supplies to fix yourself. We did not permanently harm or scar you and we left all of your clothes and equipment behind including your primary weapon. So we definitely took your safety into consideration seeing as you did survive despite a game glitch being added on top of your situation. As for your bad rp accusation. we stayed with you in the barracks for a good amount of time questioning you for information. (information that you failed to provide us with) and i personally thought it was an enjoyable event.
  4. Sorry for coming online and not posting (had come online before a family Christmas event to check and then left hoping to read thread over again tonight and reply) Here is my point of view; Me Anthony and Jasper had gone up to Tisy military base to loot supplies for a trading outpost that we were helping set up down in Stary Sobor that day. Before entering the base we ran into Cracker and Dakirro who were also heading in the same direction (was a complete accident meeting them, both of the groups were from the trading outpost but they didn't know we were coming up to the base. A few minutes after looting the base some members of our group came across Mehmet. As i approached the situation i noticed they were chasing Mehmet, we were going to just engage in RP but he was acting extremely skittish and i guess that is what prompted our party to rob him and continue the situation. Altho i was not part of the initial robbery (I can be heard shooting at wolf and zombies in the background with a silenced ak during the initial confrontation). I decided to come over to the rest of the group and see what was going on (i am wearing the radar cap and camo alice backpack). During this situation i was also talking in teamspeak sorting out other issues we were having regarding the trader base and us looting. Anthony and I wanted to head back to the trader base to drop off our load and we had a discussion between our group in ts of what we were going to do with Mehmet. I remember one of us even going as far as suggesting we torture him. It was obvious from Mehmets reactions that he did not enjoy being taken captive and he just wanted us to "hold him up and ask for his supplies" instead of taking him captive. After we had stayed for a few minutes, Anthony Jasper and I decided to leave and Cracker volunteered to stay behind and make sure Mehmet gets out alive.
  5. *pushes down button of radio "Hello, My name is George Bartan and i am the sole survivor of my group... I am looking for a group or camp of normal, god fearing people. I want to be apart of something bigger than myself. *sighs* "please respond..." *releases button on radio and begins to re-lace boots
  6. Gbartan

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *turns on Radio "This is George Bartan, I understand, I am just a survivor. I will be on short range radio frequency 89.5. I hope I will hear from you soon..." *transmission ends
  7. Gbartan

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *dials into radio frequency *heavy static is audible "Hello, my name is George Bartan, I searching for refuge among people, I have been wandering the countryside alone. But now I have decided to reach out. Please respond" *releases radio button collapsing back into a sitting position against a wall of a house
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): None (Website Auto Punishment) Why the verdict is not fair: I took a break from dayz due to hardware issues only to come back and find out I was unwhitelisted from Dayzrp. I had passed the test before and was already a member. This did not really bother me so i decided to make a new account and get whitelisted again. I did this only to fail 1 attempt at my test yesterday and the system told me I had missed 5. I dont know if this is from my previous attempts prior to being whitelisted earlier in the year Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I would just like to get this resolved so i can get back to playing on this server What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A couple more chances at attempting to get re-whitelisted What could you have done better?: I could have passed the test the first and only chance that i had.