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  1. evanm23


    the people that reported moody because they wanted him banned, not because they wanted him to learn from his mistakes, or from his rulebreak and should be warned, they wanted him removed. very scummy thing to do.

    1. ToeZ


      Careful now bruv, this is a path to ......



    2. evanm23


      im not flaming, though you were right. 

    3. ToeZ


      You've just put it nicely and not called out specific people. Which is probably appropriate. 

    4. evanm23



    5. ToeZ


      How many points you got?

    6. Caesar


      He broke a rule though right? If the 10 points sent him over he wasn't being careful. I have no issues with Moody at all. But it happened and he can only blame himself.

      Nothing scummy about reporting a rulebreak

    7. evanm23


      no, there is nothing scummy about a rulebreak, they knew he was on final warning, they did it to get him banned permanently


    8. ToeZ


      He tried to talk to them, they refused it all.

    9. Caesar


      Again, they are entitled to do so. It might be sad that he is gone but I feel the blame is misplaced.

    10. ToeZ


      But you have no feelings.

    11. Caesar


      Just a dispassionate perspective. 

    12. Spartan


      Arent you the guy who made a report and wanted to drop it after we pointed out your rulebreaks and then we talked it out? and now you're calling my guys scummy after they gave you another chance to learn from your mistakes?

      I wasn't involved in the moody report, dont even know who he is/was tbh but it was pretty clear he didnt understand the rules by looking at his replies in the report. I also saw some of the pokes some of my guys received and he was more bothered about getting the report dropped than actually learning from his mistake.

      I agreed to dropping the report you made after I made sure you guys understood your rulebreaks so you learn from it. I also spoke with several saviours after several rulebreaks in several situations instead of putting up reports so they actually learn from it. I agree that my guys put up the report here, at one point you see that people just say "yes I understand" because they just want the report dropped while they still dont see their rulebreak. Clearly Moody didnt see his rulebreak and now he is banned.

      no ones fault but his ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    13. gElmo


      He walked the line and lost his balance. He knew he was one banstrike away from a permanent ban. Ultimately it was his choice to break the rules and he paid the price for it. I won't pretend to like the fact that he's gone, I won't pretend that I don't know some people wanted him gone too, but ultimately this was his own doing.

    14. evanm23


      it feels far to coincidental that you guys refused to speak to moody when he was 20 points.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    15. evanm23


      You are probably the only one who has given me a non passive aggressive/sarcastic response, i kinda agree with you.