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  1. Bogdan Vadik

    Born into an Russian-oppressed world, his family were Incredibly anti-russian and had a strong hatred for them, He was taught how to use the Kalashnikov at a young age in case of a Russian invasion, and was trained to his absolute physical limits along with his 3 brothers. His father had been a spetznaz soldier for years and this led to the brothers signing up for the Ukrainian military at 18. Since joining the military at 18 he slowly lost contact with his 3 brothers but remained contact with his parents. At the age 21 he had resigned from the military after being offered of the rebel force known as People's Army Of Ukraine or otherwise known as PAU, though his father was incredibly iffy about what he was getting himself into, if it meant his son was doing it for the greater good of his glorious country then so be it. After having a long and exhausting firefight with Pro Russian forces he was forced down to a country known as chernarus. Being 101% behind his leader Adrian Turov, the leader decided to become allies with a Takistani Islamist Group Known as Al-Takhari Mujahadeen as the Muslims promised them sufficient firearms to survive the infection.
  2. BeanZ WAR

  3. Movies that makes you think and cry! [help me]

    probably saving private ryan only a single tear tho
  4. -User was warned for this post-
  5. League of Legends - Season 8 [Official Thread]

    Summoner Name: blundeadRegion: EULevel: 26Rank: gold 3Pref Role: jungle, draven 1 trick
  6. Puncture's Media Thread

    beautiful clips my friend
  7. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    game of thrones favourite fantasy tv show ?
  8. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    realistic af favourite fps game
  9. How To Practice Giving Blood RP

    ahh ok
  10. How To Practice Giving Blood RP

    i heard you should reconsider donating blood if you have tattoos? im wrong probably
  11. Stary Sober Firefight

    Brutal Gjgjgjg pep for pushin
  12. Stary Sober Firefight

    Who did u bait
  13. Stary Sober Firefight

    Nightstalkers? Also its the PAU not PMU
  14. Salt level

    thos fuccin acrasia guys dude
  15. Viridian - Media

    hi ive not seen this group at all ig
  16. Offworld Heist. Do or Die time.

    Looks sick but i will not be able to attend
  17. Failed Robberies Thread

    tell the bodies to kill themselves
  18. A random Kiwis Custom steam skins