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  1. Get out of jail card idea

    I think this get out of jail free card is a good idea to make some juicy P R O F IT while giving players another chance YES
  2. roleplay

    gta 5

    bank robbing

    are you new moon?

  3. The Knights Templar

    they call themselves the templars but they prolly christian missionaries anyway
  4. Worst Fears

    the challenger deep that shit isnt funny
    • evanm23
    • LadyInBlue

    what? my dress offends you?

    cos its blood colors homie

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    2. evanm23


      its red like ded nibbas

    3. LadyInBlue


      I wear blue now. 

    4. evanm23


      ok nice

      very ok 


    profile music ?

  6. Best spots to find friendly RP nowadays?

    lotsa people at severograd nwaf is pretty popular polana is also popular as is kabanino, stary and novy
  7. The Knights Templar

    nice where do u guys usually hang around?
  8. Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing



    1. Hebee


      Faggots.... Smh

    2. evanm23


      ye makes no sense 

  9. GRRRAA  KA KA KA skeebi kee pop pop

    and a poo poo purrrrr poom

    skee ya

    doo doo coo coo poom poom

    poom poom