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  1. I am sorry, fear was not an excuse I was just explaining that I understand that I broke a rule.
  2. My name is Joe Smith a few of my friends and i met up in cherno and we looted our way up to stary with no previous encounters up until we ran through stary and were greeted by 4 people outside of the church. We casually rped with them and I stepped out for some water and said that i saw 2 people in motorbike helmets running towards us. After i said that everybody came out of the church we looked around the area for a few minutes. One of my teammates told them to drop their weapons and one of their members put their m4 up and they were shot dead and the another tried to run and was shot in the leg by another of my teammates. In the midst of all of the commotion i shot and killed Braum Antonov with a P1 out of fear because he previously said that he had a weapon in his bag. We then tied up the guy that ran and started looking through his gear. Dylan who was keeping watch saw a guy coming towards us he told him to lower his gun and the guy pulled his gun and shot Dylan in the chest. We escaped and proned in the field to wait for the 30 minutes to be up so we could log.