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  1. Today was my first day on this server and it was a blast. My computer really can't handle gun fights all that well, so I've spent the vast majority of my time on other servers sneaking around. On this server I made my way to the NW airfield today. I had a hunter scope that I was using as binoculars and I noticed a small group of guys searching the tents. I snuck up behind them and maintained about a 20 foot distance, looting everything they missed or didn't want. Every time they ran, I ran. And every time they stopped, I stopped. I was so sure one of them spotted me peeping into their tent from the outside, but I guess not. I even killed a few zombies with my .22 Amphibia S pistol and they didn't hear it which was awesome (love that sneaky gun). I looted about 80% of the airfield when I ran into a shed and there was a guy just sitting there, sleeping. Freaked me out a bit. I just froze for a few seconds and said "Oh....... well...... this is awkward", long awkward silence, then snuck back out to the firehouse (I guess he was afk sleeping). I could hear him in the distance asking "Hello? Someone there?" And that's when the local gang caught me. I think they spotted me in the windows of the firehouse tower. They told me to come down with my hands up and throw down my weapons. They seemed a bit annoyed that I didn't know who they were (I genuinely didn't know), but it was my first day and I don't know anyone. They basically told me to get the heck out of there and don't come back, which is fine. I made off with an AK 74, a nice pistol with a sight, a few magazines (none for the AK), several boxes of ammo, a high capacity vest, a ballistics helmet, a pristine acog scope, and a bipod. So much fun.
  2. Hello all. I learned about this server through a lot of really neat YouTube videos and just applied. Looking forward to meaningful multiplayer interactions instead of the usual KOS on other servers. I've already written a lengthy backstory for my character, so fingers crossed for whitelist.
  3. Cyprus Black

    Realistic use of medicine in DayZRP

    That's really awesome. Some of the medical items I keep finding ingame I didn't know had actual uses for.