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  1. I'll see your Payday and raise you a Gimp.
  2. I need to convince my wife that The Greek island of Lemnos is a great place to visit this time of year. Altis here were come!
  3. From an overlay on Google maps and the route we took. There are no physical airfields in the expected locations, or we would have gone to NWA before leaving.
  4. It was surreal, knowing a place I've never visited by memory. Wish I had time to see more, but i was fighting a loosing battle with a hangover from Prague the previous night. Maybe I'll book a flight to Limnos (Altis) next?
  5. Well this is just what I need right now. Without a doubt enough to entice me back. Perhaps I'll even reinstall the Standalone too and see how it's improved over the years. Great to see the mod rise from the grave.
  6. Randomly, a Czech Army dude was getting married at the top of Zub.
  7. Hello ladies and gentlemen of DayZRP. It's been a while, some years infact, since I played with you all. But I do stalk the forums from time to time. Well I happen to be in the Czech Republic and had the chance to visit Chernarus on Saturday. Me and a friend of mine who is also an Arma nerd, started at Cherno and followed the coast line to Berezino, cut west through Gorka, stopped at Altar Hill yes the site of the once great Ravens Nest! Carried on to Novy and Starry Sobor, then climbed to the top of castle Zub. Ending back in Cherno for a coffee and back to Prague. Highly recommended to pay this beautiful place a visit if you ever get the chance! Pictures incoming from my phone... Cherno factory from the road. Pik Kozlova, overlooking Cherno. Sniper Hill, overlooking Elektro. Overlooking Berezino from the barns. Berezino barns. Church in Gorka Altar Hill. The Ravens Nest. Road to Ravens Nest. Altar again. Approaching Starry Barns from Novy Sobor. A few in and around Starry Barns. More to follow with next upload...
  8. David Taylor was born in the North East of England in 1970 to working class parents Janet and Chris Taylor. He has one sibling, a Sister named Lisa. His parents invested in their education in order for them to break free of their industrial heritage, as a result David has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a Master of Science degree in Criminology and Law from the University of Leeds. However, having gained his independence he was left wanting after he left full time education and enlisted in the British Army and later graduated from the Rotal Military Academy Sandhurst as a Leuitenant in the Royal Militay Police. Subsiquently becoming a member of a Close Protection team, completing multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. He left the Army in the rank of Captain after nine years of service. After leaving the Army he married his wife Laura Taylor and has one child, Lilly. Following his military career, David worked for both the Hertfordshire Constabulary and the Metropolitan Police as a firearms officer and case officer respectively. He demonstrates a high proficiency with firearms, electronic devices and human intelligence handling (developing confidential informants). David lost his wife due to a gangland hit on his person gone wrong. He left the Met as a result and moved himself and his daughter to Chenzikistan in Eastern Europe to seek a peaceful life in a small farming community. His darker past caught up to him however, leading to his daughter being kidnapped. Tortured and left for dead in a portside location he managed to slip away in a small inflatable boat, fatigued he slips in and out of consciousness. Dehydrated, tortured, starved he wakes up on an empty beach, determined to find a way off this mysterious island and find his daughter......
  9. How's it going fuckers? Just a tip of the hat after a long while to say hey. I regret to say I REALLY had to give up on RP due the threat of permadeath from the wife (divorce is still a fallback option I suppose ). Still lurking..........
  10. All installed and ready to go......but wait. What about Ground Zeros, oh why not. Installing now haha.
  11. Installing now! I bought a PS3 and MGS:4 just to play it, it remains the only game I bought for PS3.
  12. Really caught my attention with this, give that man a biscuit. I'm glad to see my process for building character backgrounds are shared by others. If only I could put it in to practise a little better in-game that would be dandy. A good read indeed.
  13. Oh go on then, it's been a while since I posted. Me and the Missus in Greece about 6 years ago. Haven't got many recent pics but I shall see if I can dig some up.
  14. So I rearranged the loft (attic) this afternoon and I did a damn good job if I do say so myself. Anyway, the wife then asks if I can draw a map of where things are now so she can find stuff if I'm ever away and she needs to go up there. Here it is: She fucking hates me.
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