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"What do you mean I have to put this in my mouth!?"

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  1. When you accidentally left dayz on while you were at work for 4 hours.

  2. removed from staff

  3. New website Premium perks

    Maybe being able to see a picture of your character under your profile picture
  4. Another one bites the dust
  5. The mod.

    I remember when I played the mod back in the day. I never played with anyone here obviously but I had a ton of fun playing pub. My longest lasting character was 500+ days old. But I used to just snipe people with an AR50 and a ghillie back then. No one liked me.
  6. Hassan's Graphics [Avatars/Sigs]

    I could use a resize for my signature, I can't get it to work q..q
  7. BeanZ WAR

  8. New website issues

    Yeah that's how it used to be, but now it just looks like you're "Buying the title" and there's not an option to donate a specific amount, not that I saw
  9. New website issues

    There doesn't seem to be an option to hide your specific birthday and just show your age. There's an option to set your profile's background image, and when you upload an image nothing shows up (This might be a perk I'm missing, but if that's the case I shouldn't even have the option.) It's not automatically resizing my signature (Q..Q) And finally a question; later on if I just want to donate another $20 will I still go from supporter to contributor or will I have to donate $40 altogether?
  10. She stops to think, looking around. She pushes the PTT button "Is that North-east-ish? I'm still a bit new to this area, trying to orient myself still." She lets go of the button and looks around, heading back towards the deer stand she spent the last 10 hours in.
  11. She looks around for a sign as she heads down the hill towards the houses. She pushes down the PTT "Uhh, my russian's not the best but... (she mutters out loud unknowingly) What the fuck is that? Kozlovka? I shoulda paid more attention to my brother-in-law."