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  1. Foreword: Hey there, I thought seeing as I had some spare time I'd try and flesh out my main character a bit more. Obviously I'm completely open to any criticisms and suggestions, I don't think I'm very good at writing but I feel like to solidify myself in an RP community, I need to make my character at least seem somewhat human, volatile and afraid. What I'm going to /attempt/ to do in these few short chapters is truly humanize a character that shouldn't function as he does, and I'm going to try and portray this character as someone who changes, who adapts and who survives based on the difficult, demoralizing choices he's made. I hope this suffices to do that and I really hope you get some kind of enjoyment out of this. Thank you. Chapter 1 - Before The alarm on his watch beeps in a high pitched tone that he waits for. The lingering hours at the office leave him feeling exhausted, and he waits for those repetitive and distinctive beeps, a sound he has identified going home with. He rises from his desk in a slump, his shirt wrinkled and creased. His trousers almost breaking at the seams. His shoes, dirtied and worn. Despite this, he emits an exacerbated sigh and moves for the exit at a pace only describable as rapid. He's a poor man, he lives in a country that isn't his own for a wage that isn't desirable. He feels wasted, cheated and abused by a place he fought for, he feels utmost anger and frustration at a land for which he risked his life for so long. His flat is nothing but a disgruntled, dampened mess of wallpaper and torn-up carpet. He lives in a country that he's supposed to thank and love, but instead despises and hates. "This is no life for a soldier..." he thinks to himself, but it's the life he chose. The life he placed himself into. Some may argue that it's even the life he deserves and some others may even have the audacity and closed-mindedness to agree. Hayden McDonald is his name. An Australian man who served in not only his own country's army, but Britain's army too. He's not a soldier anymore, although it's never truly left him. His eyes yearn for the sight of a weapon's optic, his hands long for the feel of a rifle. His body lusts after the feeling of pride and purpose that the uniform brought him. But again, he's not a soldier anymore. He's an office clerk in Liverpool, working for the Ministry of Defence. Day in, day out, he comes home to the same flat in the same neighbourhood with the same neighbours and the same Coke Cans and Chocolate Wrappers that slide along the walkway like a boot on ice. He doesn't do much. He watches a bit of the football, he'll have himself a slice or two of toast and go to bed to begin the same thing the next day. But one thing's different, it clicks in his head, he reaches an epiphany, the cliché eureka moment that should've hit him long ago. He decided his submissiveness and willingness to live a life he doesn't want is no longer a viable option for him. There is places he wants to go, sights he wants to see, people he wants to meet... but life isn't a fairy tale. You can't have an idea pop up in your head and have it happen. It doesn't work like that. He thought it did however, and nothing was going to stop him. A month's work should be enough he thought, and that was the compromise. One more month in this horror show of a country and he would leave. Not forever, he couldn't, he wouldn't. His family are here, his friends are here and no matter how hard he tried to run away, his life is here. So he works, and he works, he keeps on keeping on until he finally raises the funds to leave. He packs his bags and he goes. But where? He starts in Northern Russia, in the coldest regions, a country he doesn't know, a language he doesn't speak, but the freedom to go wherever he wants and not have the restrictive strings of life pull him back. He works his way down the country, hitchhiking, staying where he can, eating where he can, it's barebones but it's what he wanted. Hell, he almost felt like a soldier again. Long walks with his tent and his pack on his back, stopping only to drink and get his bearings. Traversing mountains, rivers, forests and large open plains, he eventually comes to the southern border, and just over yonder is the country of Chernarus. He proceeds, I mean, what is there to lose? Everything he has and everything he is over there is strapped to him, so he presses on through the snow, rain, wind and sun. He is essentially stonewalled by the vast Black Mountains but he doesn't let that halt him in his path. After an arduous journey across the mountains, he arrives in what is known as South Zagoria, a quaint, post-Soviet portion of Chernarus that hardly sports a booming populace, but is populated nonetheless. He entered, unknown to him that this would be the last place he'd explore for a long time. -To be continued-
  2. Bloody hell, what are the odds of that? Lmao I'll be sure to, cheers buddy.
  3. Think that's bad try being from Blackpool, people think I'm the true scum of the country lmao. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, appreciate it
  4. Hello guys, just thought I'd slide a little introduction in here, just as a nice little gesture I'm Lewis, 17 from Northern England (Please don't bully me lmao, can't help it jk jk) and like most of you I'm pretty into DayZ and gaming in general, been doing it for a while and I hope to be chilling with this community for a long time to come. I go to college studying biological/medical science and pretty much sink all of my free time into games, the ultimate form of procrastination haha. A lot of you guys seem really laid back and look like a chill bunch of lads and ladies and I look forward to spending some time with you and meeting all of you both in-game and out of it. To a great 2018!
  5. Hayden McDonald, or Mack, as he was more affectionately known, was born in 1987 in New South Wales, Australia. He was a fairly average energetic Aussie lad, being active in sports and getting into mischief in his younger years. He came from a bog-standard working class background, he wasn't poor, he wasn't rich. He progressed through school maintaining average grades at best, and devoted most of his time to getting drunk with his mates, which reflected in his final grades when he finished. He figured he'd enlist in the military, what with his lackluster grades and his slightly more than average physical fitness, he couldn't see a better option at the time and needed to start making something of himself. He enlisted to the Australian Defense Force in January of 2005. He began his training shortly after his enlistment. Upon finishing Basic Training and an additional Support Gunner specialization course, he was deployed to Iraq towards the end of 2005 and completed a four-year tour of duty. After returning home in 2009 he elected to be deployed on another tour, this time lasting three years. It was around this time he applied for a transfer to the British Army, being a commonwealth citizen and all. He returned home from his first British Army tour in 2012 and remained as a civilian in the UK until 2013 during which he worked as a civil servant at the Ministry of Defense. He left and re-enlisted in the Army. After clearing a brief refresher training period, he deployed to Africa to assist with counter-piracy operations off the Southern Coast. He remained on this tour for an additional four years and returned home to civilian life in early 2017. He returned to his job at the Ministry of Defense before taking an extended holiday to travel around Europe. He arrived in Chernarus a week or two before the outbreak. He chose to temporarily rent out a room in the apartment blocks north of Chernogorsk. He was in dismay to find he couldn't return home due to the quarantine efforts and chose to use his previously acquired skills to help him survive. Now, Mack finds himself struggling amongst countless others to survive whatever this abysmal plague is.
  6. Born and raised in the town of Statesboro, Georgia, Stephen and his parents lived what many could consider to be a poverty-stricken lifestyle, food wasn't always plentiful, and lingering racism in the States from the earlier decades was a large factor when it came to not only Stephen's life, but his parents' livelihood also. Stephen had to adapt and learn to depend on himself instead of others. As he grew up he isolated himself due to the constant racism and bullying from his peers. He never felt sorry for himself, but he felt like he was owed a better life than this. Stephen shifted throughout Georgia for the beginning of his adult life, holding down dead end jobs from Athens to Sandy Springs. He realized, with a prominent hunting scene in Georgia, he could probably make more money following that career. He took up amateur hunting and gamekeeping in-season, and held down several low-paying jobs, barely being able to pay his bills or bring in food. By the time the late eighties and nineties rolled around, Stephen, like many others his age, thought obliged to answer the call to duty and serve his country in the gulf war, despite feeling misused and mistreated by the country he worked hard in. Stephen failed to pass basic training however due to physical inadequacies, an issue which would plague him for the majority of his life. Stephen eventually had enough of the United States and in what could be considered an irrational and impulsive move, he elected to settle in a different country. Chernarus was hardly Stephen's first choice, some European countries still held the same misplaced prejudices as the States, but he chose it due to the inexpensive move and a fairly modest price on property, even if it was somewhat old and worn out. Stephen moved a year or two before the outbreak started. He lived in a small apartment block on the western side of Berezino, ill-furbished and almost inhospitable, but he had to make do. Hunting became less and less of a frequent occurrence for Stephen, and instead he was forced to work as a shop assistant in the town center. It was poor wages and very difficult with the language barrier, but he worked at it. By the time the outbreak came about Stephen was at home, shifting some new albeit second-hand furniture up to his apartment. The first he heard of the outbreak and of the rapid spread he decided he wasn't waiting to find out what it was. In what can only be described as an act of pure impulse and gut-feeling, Stephen collected his things and began to move west of his hometown. Now, Stephen searches for sanctuary, alone... in the woods.