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  1. Yes they do thank you very much to the both of you
  2. If a hostage has been taken by your group members and while restraining him you hear other members of their group or start to take fire is it okay to leave the hostage being that you have left them with no food or water to survive in later events?
  3. No sorry my computer cannot run any recording programs along with DayZ
  4. My character is Caleb Ming. Me and a couple friends, Joe Smith, Scott Nesbitt, and Dylan Wazowski, were all together running up to stary sobor. When we got there we were greeted by a group of 4 people 2 sitting in the church and 2 outside by the well. we talked for a bit and they explained that they were shot at around Kabanino and warned us not to go. We thanked them and went to see their friends in the church. Sitting around we rped a bit and one of my allies called them outside saying they see two people coming down the road. All of us ran out and looked around to make sure it was safe. Next I told everyone to drop their weapons on the ground or we would shoot. One of their group members raised an m4a1 to me so I killed him to avoid my own death. My other teamate, Dylan Wazowski, witnessed one of their group members start to run (not complying) so he shot him with his shotgun and ended up breaking his legs, he then surrendered and we tied him up. After all three of their members died we began to loot the guy with the broken legs. We tied him up and left him with 2 cans of spaghetti and 2 things of pipsi (all full) and he began to yell at us that we were "f***ing scumbags" and "horrible people". When we finished adding the gear to his bag Dylan Wazowski was keeping lookout and saw someone run up with an m4a1. He told him to drop his weapon and began to be shot at by the guy. Dylan taking a shot to the chest. We all ran off into the field to regroup/saline dylan and waited until our 30 minutes was up and we could log out because Scott needed to get off.