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  1. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-my-and-xenoak-s-last-words-and-rp-ending
  2. This is the RP ending Xenoak has written for his character and a few others; As the engines stopped, the gunfire ended and the smoke slowly rose to the sky, the floor riddled with bullets and dead bodies... 'FUCK, KEEP SHOOTING!' Luka, Xenovia and Alexei all got trapped inside a warehouse by thousands of infected 'Shit, last mag!' Xenovia was shouting as she frantically reloaded her M4. '2 Mags left!' Luka responded checking his ak '4 left!' Alexei shouted while fumbling with his RKM.. They had killed hundreds, but they just kept coming.. 'You know what, FUCK IT!' Luka had stopped shooting, with only 5 shots left, as the infected started to pile through the door and start up the stairs towards them, 'We're DEAD!, we have been since the start!' Luka teared up 'You know... I promised my dad i would survive.. And well.. I tried my best.' 'WE. Tried our best..' Xenovia said as she hugged Luka 'But somtimes, the best isn't enough.' Alexei continued to fire, but they had backed up into the back of the warehouse.. Funnily enough it was stary warehouse, where they originally found out about the infection.. Alexei's bullets ran dry.. And the horde started closing in again..Luka checked his radio one last time, no connection.. It was broke, same with Alexei, but Xenovia had a connection! They were all frantically screaming at the rest of the family to come and help, they heard a 'roger that' on the other end and sighed with relief, but that relief was short lived.. As the infected were only about a 4 minute 'walk' or whatever the infected do, from them, as the infected kept falling over and causing a pile up. 'I hope they get here on time..' Luka was mumbling as Xenovia shot her last few rounds into the horde.. A few minutes passed and they heard nothing.. Suddenly Alexei noticed something.. No, someone shooting the infected away from them! He saw it was infact a group of survivors, about 6 of them all helping! The infected slowly wandered towards the other survivors and the 6 eventually cleared them out, using lmg's and high powered rifles.. That's when they heard it.. 'STOP MOVING AND DROP YOUR STUFF OR YOU WILL BE SHOT!' Those dreaded words.. But Luka and the gang decided to not comply and Luka used his last few shots to fire back, and finding a mag on a dead infected had more ammo, so he shot at them more, as the rest of the family rolled up... Shots hit the windscreen and hit Stanley, the driver in the torso and head, killing him instantly, 'FUCK STANELY'S DOWN!' Jack screamed while ducking out the door, and firing in the attackers direction.. Shots clanged all around them, Alexei was the first to be hit, a bullet spray to the chest was enough to knock him off the balcony he was on, inside the warehouse, he was dead before he hit the floor.. This enraged Luka, who in turn jumped up and sprayed at the group, killing one, but receiving a swift headshot and slumping against the railings, Xenovia, unable to take it all just threw a grenade she found at the group and stood there, watching it kill another two, but she too, received the same fate as Luka, the same sniper ended her life, as quickly as he had Luka's.. The rest of the family killed the bandits and saw the three dead inside the warehouse... No-one could say a word, they just got the bodies and burned them as they all prayed round the fires... //o7 dayzrp, had a great run, met some good friends and people, definitly a memorable experience! Thanks for all the good times -Xenoak(Luka Aksakov) ((This was a copy paste from skype of what lewis sent me))\\ Now then, i am leaving too, atleast for now.. I will just quote Xenoak AKA Lewis: had a great run, met some good friends and people, definitly a memorable experience! Thanks for all the good times I may be back, but until that: o7 DayZRP It is in the TAF colors :3
  3. Thanks, but the ending is coming too i'm afraid... ;(
  4. Be aware that 600kb/s and 0.6mb/s are a very different thing. Try changing your Speedtest.net settings to kb/s and test again.
  5. I think by 'Covering for a banned person', they mean that you knew somebody was breaking the rules and you helped them to not get caught, not sticking up for them. If that is the case i think i am quilty of that too, i knew Xenoak was underage but i never turned him in.
  6. Once they get all the current applications reviewed.
  7. //As long as the clan continues in the same manner it have been I do not see a reason why we shouldn't continue the alliance //Well glad to hear that.
  8. Wow bazeejas! (Not a word, trust me) This is insane... Lewis(Xenoak) Spoke to him through steam, he was banned for defending a banned user: http://gyazo.com/0b9007da2bff3a1f87f2e1eb81e92591 TP's ban screen Wow just... Wow...
  9. Well since Xenoak is now gone i have to ask, will we still stay allies? TAF is still up and going!
  10. Alexei Aksakov, one of the brothers of the Aksakov family is now 19 years old. Back in 1993 the things in Chernarus were quite hard. The day that Alexei was born was the second of august. He was born at the family's small farm, in the region of Chernarus. Alexei has two brothers, and one sister. His sister, Xenovia, his step brother, Luka, and his brother, Stanley were together for one year, until their mother, along with Alexei and Stanley moved out to another country. The main family still kept in touch with each other, and the brothers made occasional trips to Chernarus so they could meet the rest of the family. Alexei's childhood was quite normal, he went to a good school and spent his time mostly outdoors, playing with his brother and friends. He had a few hobbies, for example he liked driving a motorbike, and he was into orienteering too. His mother used to rent a NES sometimes, and Alexei loved it. At the age of 13, on his summer vacation his mother and brother went to Chernarus for a month, to meet the rest of the family once again. His brother Stanley was obviously coming along. His step brother, Luka, who is a little older than Alexei, born and raised in the country, knew how to hunt, and lived on a small house at lake Prud. He would be coming over to meet his brothers and sister. His sister, Xenovia, was still quite young, but she was already the 'woman' of the house. She lived with her dad, and was going to be a coastguard later on. His father was a kind man, and was way more than happy to meet his two sons again. When they arrived Alexei, Stanley and their mother were greeted by Xenovia, Luka and their father. They chatted for a short while and then went inside to eat a meal. After their meal Luka took Alexei and Stanley to a small firing range, and started showing off with his new hunting rifle that he had gotten from his father. Later on, when they got back they had a quite long chat about everything that had happened. The beginning of the month was a huge lot of fun for Alexei, he, Stanley and Xenovia had tons of fun, and Luka's dad even took him hunting with Luka! They spent the rest of the month mainly having fun with each other. When the time came to go back, Alexei, Stanley and their mother promised to come more often. When years passed Alexei finished his studies and became a professional hunter, because he had fallen in love with hunting. They had done multiple visits to Chernarus, and they were going there again, as Alexei 18th birthday was on its way. Xenovia and her parents were setting up the warehouse in stary for the reunion that they had set up for the whole family, as they had split up around the world and they all wanted to meet up, apart from Luka, he was never really attatched to the family, he was more of a background family member until recently when he started building guns and ammo, he started helping xenovia with her coastguard job and so on... The night of the reunion came, and the party was in full swing, all the family were here, stanley, alexei, boris, slade were all here aswell! It was great, instead of being militarised, like they usually were, as the aksakov's had a long line of military past(Chernarus defendants) they kept to a military order most of the time, ran by Xenovia's parents.. At roughly 11pm the news hit them in the face, luka, xenovias step-brother, came stumbling through the doors, covered in blood, crying and with guns on him, wearing his dads beret, before he could speak another man ran in behind him and pounced ontop of Xenovia's dad, chewing on his flesh, Luka swiftly put the man down and explained through tears and sobs, while trying to keep everyone calm, what was happening.. 'Alright.. Everyone just be quiet!!' Luka was bawling at the top of his lungs, everyone fell silent.. 'It's an infection, turns people crazy, it's passed on by bite and people get 'infected' within 3 hours unless killed, by the destruction of the brain, my dad.. 'Luka stopped and gulped 'Is dead, i put him down as the infected got him..' He sniffed 'And... Looking at your dad Xenovia.. He's the same.' Xenovia lunged infront of her dad, while her mum craddled him. 'Over my dead body!' 'Look, xenovia.. People infect at different rates, he could turn now and start attacking us.. What then!!!' 'He won't.. ' she started sobbing 'he's my dad..' As she said that, as if the infection had instantly took xenovia's dad, he bit her mum on the shoulder and luka extremely quickly put a bullet inbetween her dad's eyes while xenovia stood there shocked. 'WHAT WAS THAT FOR!' Xenovia dived at luka 'He was eating your mum!' Xenovia stopped and started sobbing... 'I guess mum'll need it aswell..' She looked at mum and her mum mumbled 'Love you darling' and she forced a smile as luka walked up behind her, closed his eyes and pulled the trigger... Luka explained that the safest place would be his house, next to prud lake, as it was away from civilasation, so the family grabbed as much stuff as possible from stary shop, using luka's gun to break the window to get in, and quietly steal a couple extra guns from the military base nearby, while they were busy killing infected.. They then legged it towards luka's house... //This is just a short background story i felt like writing, it is not perfect but it will do I copied the last part from the TAF clan background, as it fits in pretty well...
  11. SteelSeries Siberia V2, Tritton Detonator or some other headset (Turtle Beach, etc.)
  12. Please correct me if I this statement is not true. As I understand it, the voice also degrades over distance or objects in the way. If you are standing inside of a building, the distance heard outside of the building using voice is much lower. Also even though voice could reach 80 meters in an open field, it would be at a much lower volume. That is correct. IRL you would have to be loud, and the same here.
  13. Great! Be sure to be very detailed and write a good app, you only get two chances
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