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  1. *Abbot Jake Kettle inhales deeply as he hears the radio crackle with response. He puts down the medical files he was checking over and hits PTT* "There's a camp called Indigo I'm staying at in the South. If I see any of your brethren I will tell them of what I have heard here. Do you have any names for these soldiers? Relay anything relevant I will listen on this frequency for a while. There is an expeditionary force that I am aware of as well, you could ask some of their Guards." *Kettle releases the PTT and continues with his reading*
  2. *Abbot Jake Kettle, O.S.B. hears the chatter over the radio as he peers through discolored medical papers. He picks up his radio and hits PTT* "Good to hear another voice. There's ample medical information if you are in need. Jeremiah has been kind to us all. I will be in Chernogorsk for the next few days scavenging for more medicine, if you happen to be there, check the hospital, I shouldn't be to challenging to find. Good luck, and God Bless you." *the Abbot releases the PTT button and rests the radio down. He goes into his shirt pocket and pulls out a single cigarette. He lights it and inhales deeply and sighs, hoping the other survivor will make it through daybreak*
  3. *Abbot Jake Kettle, Order of St. Benedict, sits in an apartment building, kneeling near what is left of a bed, praying the Hours, he hears the transmission, unsure of what to make of it* *He closes his book and picks up his radio, hitting the PTT, and a static voice comes across the radio* "I have heard of evil men in large groups as you say, but have avoided them at all costs. I haven't seen any true soldiers in quite some time, there are some military camps around, unsure of their occupational status, try there. Stay alive, God Bless you. Call if you are in need." *Kettle puts the radio down, and sighs. Another survivor out there, alone and struggling to survive. He re opens his book and silently continues to pray*