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  1. Alex was born in a small country called belgium. He spent most of his life there as a sociable but weird kid. He always went around doing some weirds things that would occasionally make people upset. You could say he had bad parents. His father left him when he was around the age 5 and his mum, was always busy with work. This way he had to figure everything out on his own. Maybe that explains his weirdness. His dream was to become a journalist. As he grew older, he started making his own articles for the school paper and eventually went to the big league. On July 10th, he was send to chernarus to do a report on the martial law, all the violence and the refugee's. So of he went, he took the plane and arrived there on the 11th. He stayed there for roughly a week trying to figure out what happened. While following a couple of refugee's, one of his crew got bitten by one of those creature's. He ran as fast as he could, away from them. Upon losing the zombie's, he had to find another way to get out of this place.