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  1. Johnny Bullock was a Sergeant in the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) for nearly 10 years back in Canada.After getting put on leave for an investigation into an alleged police brutality case he decided to take a vacation to Chernarus as he was interested and following the news of the civil war and the aftermath.Unfortunately for him, he got stuck there during the outbreak and has been struggling to survive ever since.Back in Canada, he got put on leave due to an alleged police brutality report.The report says that he was suspected of police brutality, being accused of harming the driver of a suspected drug trafficking van pulled over for inspection on HWY 401.While the vehicle matched the one in his intel, it wasn't correct with Johnny believing he and his partner had been set up, but the driver in this case was no criminal and was never even detained before.With that, while Johnny approached the vehicle, gun drawn, demanding the driver to exit the vehicle with their hands out, they did not comply, as they were confused about the situation and afraid.After further non-compliance, Johnny approached the vehicle after holstering his gun and had his partner cover him, gun drawn, and proceeded to bash the window in to unlock the door and yank the suspect out of the vehicle.In the process of this, Johnny, according to his testimony, accidentally struck the driver in the head while breaking the window causing glass to dig in to the driver's head and cause a mild concussion.As of Johnny leaving, the court case was dismissed due to there being a lack of evidence supporting the driver's case against Johnny and Johnny was given extended leave to take a break from work and that is when he left for Chernarus..
  2. This is just one of those dumb curiosities I sometimes get but, what's the standard FPS you all get and in what locations? I get 60-75 in the woods and 45-50 in cities and towns Running a GTX 1070 8GB GPU with an AMD Fx 9590 CPU
  3. DeanWinchester

    Safe Zone.

    I'm all for the SZ if it's only temperorary and is removed via IC means so as to give a chance for some great RP to kick off the new lore
  4. Just gonna post screenshots i take when I'm not being kidnapped or something
  5. DeanWinchester

    Safe zone discussion

    ^ I've been to kab before when no one really held it but it was a high traffic area, this was a few months ago, and it gave some of the best rp experience. I'd love to see kab as the SZ
  6. DeanWinchester

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    I like the idea of an initial safezone while people's stories progress. Maybe not a perma thing but im gonna straight honest here, I mostly want it for the nostalgic purpose. I remember designated safe zones and trader cities from Arma 2 DayZ on Epoch and shit, now, I don't want it like that here, but it'll be a nice memory to go back to as I walk within a certain border area of this SZ and just have that wave of relief wash over me knowing it's safe. Strangers could have nice conversations, friends could be made, mad banter could be had. It'll be nice. But if the staff goes the way of making it a temporary SZ, dont make it last too long so that the quality of it is ruined by campers
  7. After having time to cool down, I'm all cool. Question for admins: While a player did break a rule, am I permitted to request to close this and drop it? I'd like to if possible.
  8. Server and location: EU Server near lopatino, at the castle Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-06-21, 04:13 Your in game name: Jack Helmer Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Don't know name Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So im infected with Cholera and I'm almost dead, in my desperation I head to this castle near lopatino and beg the people inside for help, after falling unconcious due to my own infection, I wake up after 5 minutes or so thanks to the two guys inside. After that, a third guy enters and one of the original two says to him "Yeah this is the guy, he came back to pick the bodies" and the new guy killed me. This is extremely infuriating as I spent a long ass time keeping myself alive and I was really hoping for some good RP after they saved me and I woke up, but nope, this guy just has to punch me in the head and kill me. EDIT: I should clarify the fact that I was not this person they were talking about nor did I loot any bodies, didn't even see any.
  9. Plenty of times. Still fun every time if the hostage takers aren't boring as fuck
  10. Jack Helmer POV: We were in Kabanino at the church and a bunch of people were passing by, shortly after we left with the people who decided to follow us, Rick invited them to join open comms and some people agreed to and we stopped to join it. While I was tabbed out, I hear "Put your hands up now!" and I tab back in to see a guy on the hill who has a gun aimed at us getting shot at, so I scope in and deck him in the head and watch him drop, after that we take more shots from someone else who I didn't see amongst the chaos as I was running down the road (This road is the one that branches off of kabanino near the church that goes directly to the airfield). We stopped down a ways from the road and Samuel was starting some Medical RP, seconds after that, without even saying anything, a guy raises his gun and sprays us down, I managed to dump a good chunk of ammo into him before dying so we may have traded, I didn't see. Basically in the end, it was stupid because he ruined medical rp, he waited while the others, who he may have been with shot at us and died and he didn't say anything before killing us. We were a substantially bigger group and these guys tried to hold us up. I view this as NVFL and rule over roleplay. That insider did not have to shoot us. We were trying to roleplay and he could have waited until it was over. Also, there may have been potential metagaming as this happened right as we agreed to join comms and people stopped to "change frequencies"
  11. Server and location: S2 @ Military base outside of Kabanino and the Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16/11/11 20:10-20:20 Your in game name: Jack Helmer Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Viktor Ivanov Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: This report is after meeting him a second time. The first time I tried warning him in OOC in text chat and he seemed to have gotten it, but I met him a second time which this report is based off of and he proceeded to talk about the server restart and how there are new items that spawned in. I don't have video as I wasn't expecting this and shadowplay wasn't working when I tried to get it to work, this is just all that happened and no killing, or harming or anything like that came out of this, just awkwardness on my side because I've never encountered this before. I tried asking him if he knew what server he was on and he seemed to know full well. I just hope he can be talked to/helped on this issue so it doesn't create awkward moments in the future
  12. DeanWinchester

    Post Election Discussion

    I personally get a chuckle out of a few things. The hypocrisy and edginess of the Liberals who lost. They hated trump for his "rude" and "hateful" way of speaking and thinking yet, I've seen SO many death threats to Trump supporters since he won, like, grow the fuck up. Also, people are being too edgy with the whole "I hope he gets assassinated" bit. Again, grow up. You didn't win, get over it. It's only 4 years, unless he does really good and is re-elected
  13. DeanWinchester

    Post Election Discussion

    His speech was amazing. He will do so much for that country and it will be great.
  14. DeanWinchester

    Election Day

    The liberal tears have been pretty good #MAGA
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