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  1. This is just one of those dumb curiosities I sometimes get but, what's the standard FPS you all get and in what locations? I get 60-75 in the woods and 45-50 in cities and towns Running a GTX 1070 8GB GPU with an AMD Fx 9590 CPU
  2. Safe Zone.

    I'm all for the SZ if it's only temperorary and is removed via IC means so as to give a chance for some great RP to kick off the new lore
  3. My artbook in progress

    Just gonna post screenshots i take when I'm not being kidnapped or something
  4. Safe zone discussion

    ^ I've been to kab before when no one really held it but it was a high traffic area, this was a few months ago, and it gave some of the best rp experience. I'd love to see kab as the SZ
  5. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    I like the idea of an initial safezone while people's stories progress. Maybe not a perma thing but im gonna straight honest here, I mostly want it for the nostalgic purpose. I remember designated safe zones and trader cities from Arma 2 DayZ on Epoch and shit, now, I don't want it like that here, but it'll be a nice memory to go back to as I walk within a certain border area of this SZ and just have that wave of relief wash over me knowing it's safe. Strangers could have nice conversations, friends could be made, mad banter could be had. It'll be nice. But if the staff goes the way of making it a temporary SZ, dont make it last too long so that the quality of it is ruined by campers
  6. How many times have you been a hostage?

    Plenty of times. Still fun every time if the hostage takers aren't boring as fuck
  7. Post Election Discussion

    I personally get a chuckle out of a few things. The hypocrisy and edginess of the Liberals who lost. They hated trump for his "rude" and "hateful" way of speaking and thinking yet, I've seen SO many death threats to Trump supporters since he won, like, grow the fuck up. Also, people are being too edgy with the whole "I hope he gets assassinated" bit. Again, grow up. You didn't win, get over it. It's only 4 years, unless he does really good and is re-elected
  8. Post Election Discussion

    His speech was amazing. He will do so much for that country and it will be great.
  9. Election Day

    The liberal tears have been pretty good #MAGA
  10. Share Your First Day On The Server

    My first day went like this: Spawned on the beach outside of Electro. Looted around a bit and eventually made my way up to Kabanino where I spend most of my time now. Fun times. Met a few groups on the first day. My RP was awkward cause I haven't done it to a level like you do here for a long time. Was fun though.
  11. I REALLY fuckin enjoyed the RP in Kabanino today. Don't know the groups and I'm foggy on the names but Mack and his group were great to hang out with and that firefight was a little onesided but intense and fun. Sorry I kicked the bucket before the rest of ya
  12. That was indeed quite fun. Learnt alot about the scottish, more than I'd like to have lol
  13. Has anyone else started modding yet?

    I can't wait for mod support. We'll see a huge boost in players and the game will just be so much better
  14. Thanks man, you were the dude who pointed a magnum at me in the kab church right? haha nice to meet you too, see ya around! That indeed was me, sorry bout that. Maybe I will see you around