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  1. Ranez Kazimir, Is one crazy mental Russian Lieutenant.With no family his entire family got killed. He doesn't like strangers for him it is realy difficult to trust people. But when he got trust in someone he jumps trough fire for him. Ranez Kazimir is probally the most loyal person you will meet. But a stubborn one tho, Ranez doesn't have lots of friends but those who are his friend are the precious people for him. He protect them with his life. Ranez used to be a Russian lieutenant he is a deserter from the army. He went crazy and left the army. Now he is wondering in the wild in search for a group where he can associate with the same principles Ranez Kazimir have in his mind. It will be hard to find such a group cause, Ranez is chaotic, crazy, and doesn't trust people. It takes long time to trust someone.
  2. Achino

    spread love.

    hahaha, Well a nightshift is realy boring. So i fill the time with DayZ. Getting paid for my night job so technically also paid by playing DayZ. I'm assuming security or something? Yes indeed security. Working at a Hotel. Entire hotel is in kind of lockdown. so no one will come. realy peacefull.
  3. Achino

    spread love.

    hahaha, Well a nightshift is realy boring. So i fill the time with DayZ. Getting paid for my night job so technically also paid by playing DayZ.
  4. Achino

    T-shirt design contest

    is a .TGA file also fine?? or only .png? Is it me or cant i sent PNG trough Private Message? If i want to attack a image i need to link it with a URL?
  5. Achino

    spread love.

    that alone should make you feel happy Hahahaha yes so true!
  6. How are you guys doing ? reply some funny story's ( Ingame amazing RP actions or outgame stuf ) Make me happy on my birthday. What do you guys think, I work at a Hotel as a NightGaurd. I have nothing to do most of the time I play DayZ and getting paid for it hahaha
  7. Well, Sadly there is no video evidience. When he raised weapon and ask "Put your hand up" I looked in his face no weapons nothing in my hands. and said "Why, you got no ammo" less than 1 second he shot me. So that is not good rp. I didnt say "NO".
  8. Settle down. This is not the kind of attitude to have toward other community members. Wait for his point of view to be posted so we can get his side of the story and stop with the "ban him!" attitude, it does nothing but make you look childish. I'm sorry of that behavior. I was bit triggered. I apologize for that. It was indeed a childish action. I was not picking apples when he raised his gun at me. My gun was on my back i had nothing in my hands.
  9. I "Stalked" his account, and I can see that Percival Wemys Madison had 3 post and those post were about that he got banned. (almost same what here happend) I asume he didnt learned from his mistakes. I can almost tell for sure that he will continue this kind of RP in the future. I speak for my self and i bet for More survivors that this guys needs to be banned. No body wants this. My playtime was ruined yesterday. Percival Wemys Madison will ruin it for everyone. His unactive behavior on the website says alot to.
  10. color=#FF0000]Server and location:[/color] Server 1 US in Elektro Apple Farm. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14/11/2016 13:45x Your in game name: Ranec Slof Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: He said "James" Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): did not record it was unespected... dear, I was heading towards the village after elektro kamyshovo to pickup my friend. When i reached almost in elektro some fresh spawn came towards me asked for help he needed food. so i gave him food. when i was walking further he wanted to walk with me i was like sure thing. He asked me ( OOC stuf) like where i live etc he told me he was new etc bad rp in the first place. He asked for bullets for his gun he dropped it on the floor. no mag nothing. i told him i dont have that magazine nor any ammo for it im sorry. so we walked further. when we arrived at apple tree farm from elektro we decided to pick some apples. the second after i picked a apple he aimed and told me to put my hands up. I asked why? you dont have ammo for your gun. BANG! i was dead. it was just a split second. I dont approve this kind of Role Play i want him to be banned for BADRP i dont wish ANYONE else this kind of role play. no one deserve to respawn and gear up for more than 2 hours. because some fresh doenst know how to role play. badrp.. So this is my report. I hope this guy gets banned. I dont wish any person this kind roleplay and lose everything for no reason. I'm triggered about it.. thanks.
  11. Hello Again, I want to inform u guys that i got whitelisted. I'll see you all soon im so hyped . I;m not sure tho, if i need to post this in general or in introduction?
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, Thanks for the tip @castiel
  13. Hi there, I am new to DayZRP I'm making my background lore for my character at the moment. Cant wait to be playing and Role Play in Dayz. I'm realy hyped about it. If you have any common tips for me how to perform as a pro Role Player Feel free to reply. kind regards, Ranec S. Achino