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  1. My work for my own start-up company in Berezino ended with the outbreak. My busy life, all my ideas and dreams were shattered in one night. It all started in the northern areas of Chernarus. We heard all the bombing not so far from us. Some were saying that the Americans are bombing us, some of people said that Russians are responsible for the bombs. One man from Novodimitrovsk, who was just passing by Berezino, said that he is moving south, because his cousin from Kamennsk disappeared with his whole family. Everybody lived in fear and uncertainty. On the 13th day after the outbreak I saw a group of people screaming and attacking, biting and punching other people. It was the infected. Now everything makes sense. Every day you hear less and less cries, shouting and gunshots. But more feral growling from the infected people. You can always see several of them from my windows. On 56th day after the outbreak I had to bury my wife. She was simply carrying a jug of water to our neighbour. He was just an old man, living there, all alone. A war veteran. She got attacked. After a few hours it wasn't my wife anymore. I had to do it. After a few weeks of scavenging around my apartment building, I used up almost all of my food and scavenged supplies. Nobody else lived there anymore. I managed to get an old mosin nagant rifle, one that my neighbour fought with in the second world war, and decided to move on west. I'd like to settle down around the middle of Chernarus. I just need a small house, where I can hunt, maybe fish, I want my own garden and I want to live simple life. I can provide asylum for the night and feed you. You will know me as Bex Penex, as my wife used to call me