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  1. Alex Kazmin

    Alex had a normal upbringing. After he graduated high school, he went on to college and earned a Major in Journalism. He was hired by Nat Geo to do some OpEd pieces on Chernarus. He stayed there a few months and inevitably got trapped as the various evacuation attempts out of Chernarus passed him by. Later on into the infection, he became a scrounger choosing to stay clear of bigger parties. One particular day, he was looting a battlefield when one of the bodies he was searching turned out to still be alive. The man attempted to kill Alex but was stopped by an unseen stranger who fired a pump action shotgun into the man's face right next to Alex's left ear. Alex was knocked unconscious and awoke with a bandage wrapped around his now deafened ear and the very shotgun who took his hearing lying next to him. Alex now roams Chernarus in the present day searching for a reason why he is still here, answers as to why this all happened, and perhaps to find the man who took his hearing. *This will go more in depth at a later time. I had a full on story going when my cell rang, fell off my desk onto my mouse and refreshed the page. I hate my mouse.*