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  1. December 15th, 1993: Jeremiah Finch is born in Elk City, Idaho. His parents are known as Christopher and Margarett Finch, a couple who work together in a nonprofit global aid organization. Dec. 15th, 1993 - Early 2000's: Jeremiah's parents take frequent, monthly trips with their organization. Jeremiah spends much time either alone with neighbors, or with friends. Late 2008: A group known as the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star begin taking land in Chernarus, claiming it as a new communist government. various organizations and military forces begin drawing their attention onto Chernarus. Including Jeremiah's parents. Late 2009: The Chernarussian Movement eventually takes an island farther into Chernarussian territory, leading to an immediate rebuke by the Chernarussian government and United States Marine Corps. The island is taken back and the civil war commences. End of Civil War: The country of Chernarus is left scarred and battered. Combined forces of both the Chernarussian Defense Force and the US Military begin cleanup. Various aid groups also partake, which in turn leads to a move for Jeremiah's family. The projected recovery time would require far too long for just a simple trip. Jeremiah was still to young to leave the nest, and so he had to come along. Although it wasn't too willingly. May 3rd, 2017: All seemed quite for nearly a decade and recovery was going well. However, this all changed after a series of small-scale attacks by Chedaki extremists. The country proceeded to go under martial law, and so Jeremiah's family had to hunker down and begin weathering out the storm. July 7th, 2017 and beyond: *Work in Progress*