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  1. Lincoln Ellis

    Lincoln lived in Columbus Ohio he had served for United Sates Special Forces as a field medic, he had retired at age 40 in the service. Lincoln had developed a really bad post-traumatic stress disorder, it has haunted him from his past of all his fallen friends at war. Lincoln had no job no money, he was close living on the streets he would have spent all of his money on alcohol, and nearly drinking himself to death. He had become an alcoholic and heavy smoker. He had been arrested for DUI charges and sent to jail for 6 months. His father Gabriel being African American has moved to Chernarus, to be with Lincolns step mother Yana, Yana decide that Lincoln should live with them until he can get his life pointed at the right direction, Lincoln had lived in Chernarus for only 1 year ,he ended up working for his father’s mechanic business fixing up cars. It took his mind away from the bullets flying past him and all the other things the war has made him. He has now moved out of his parents place and lives in a town called sinistok, he made a living for himself there, and one day Lincoln had met with the love of his life called Boris, then soon Lincoln had popped the question and she said yes, but then months later there was a broadcasting on television about people getting sick and it was reported that Zelenagrosk and Myshkino was a hot zone of the infection, they were also broadcasting an uploaded civilian footage of the infected, Boris was horrified of what the television was broadcasting. Lincoln told Boris that they needed to leave Sinistok before the infected reach them, Lincoln has also set out to find his parents before they flee the country. So they packed their bags with supplies for their travels away from Chernarus. Everybody that lived in Sinistok had their doors closed and lights turned off, it was like a ghost town. Lincoln has meet up with his parents, Yana tells Lincoln that his father isn’t very well, that he has a massive fever. Lincoln goes to his father’s room and checks up on him, Lincoln tells Gabriel that “we need to leave now, we need to get you help”. Gabriel said to Lincoln that to leave him and he can’t feel his legs, and he then started coughing out blood, Yana starts crying that she knows that he won’t make it, then Gabriel tells Lincoln that he is proud of him, and tells him to take care of your mother and your wife, we said are farewells and we left. Lincoln now has to take his mother and his wife to safety but he does not know how long the road will be, the struggles and horrors he has to face, this will be the start of Lincolns true Journey.
  2. Ebadanians - Hibernia [Recruitment: Open]

    Name: Michael Level of English: 6/10 Character Link: http://www.dayzrp.com/characters?view=5525 Preferred style of RP: Netural Why do you wish to join: i want to join because i have had a really good experience playing with the group, and i would like to be involved in the role playing aspects. Experience in DayZRP: Played in DayZ Asylum but have played in DayZRP for 2 weeks now. Additional Information: N/A