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  1. Lincoln lived in Columbus Ohio he had served for United Sates Special Forces as a field medic, he had retired at age 40 in the service. Lincoln had developed a really bad post-traumatic stress disorder, it has haunted him from his past of all his fallen friends at war. Lincoln had no job no money, he was close living on the streets he would have spent all of his money on alcohol, and nearly drinking himself to death. He had become an alcoholic and heavy smoker. He had been arrested for DUI charges and sent to jail for 6 months. His father Gabriel being African American has moved to Chernarus, to be with Lincolns step mother Yana, Yana decide that Lincoln should live with them until he can get his life pointed at the right direction, Lincoln had lived in Chernarus for only 1 year ,he ended up working for his father’s mechanic business fixing up cars. It took his mind away from the bullets flying past him and all the other things the war has made him. He has now moved out of his parents place and lives in a town called sinistok, he made a living for himself there, and one day Lincoln had met with the love of his life called Boris, then soon Lincoln had popped the question and she said yes, but then months later there was a broadcasting on television about people getting sick and it was reported that Zelenagrosk and Myshkino was a hot zone of the infection, they were also broadcasting an uploaded civilian footage of the infected, Boris was horrified of what the television was broadcasting. Lincoln told Boris that they needed to leave Sinistok before the infected reach them, Lincoln has also set out to find his parents before they flee the country. So they packed their bags with supplies for their travels away from Chernarus. Everybody that lived in Sinistok had their doors closed and lights turned off, it was like a ghost town. Lincoln has meet up with his parents, Yana tells Lincoln that his father isn’t very well, that he has a massive fever. Lincoln goes to his father’s room and checks up on him, Lincoln tells Gabriel that “we need to leave now, we need to get you help”. Gabriel said to Lincoln that to leave him and he can’t feel his legs, and he then started coughing out blood, Yana starts crying that she knows that he won’t make it, then Gabriel tells Lincoln that he is proud of him, and tells him to take care of your mother and your wife, we said are farewells and we left. Lincoln now has to take his mother and his wife to safety but he does not know how long the road will be, the struggles and horrors he has to face, this will be the start of Lincolns true Journey.
  2. that's what i said in the ban appeal Apologies, I missed that answer. its all good
  3. that's what i said in the ban appeal that's what i said in the ban appeal which my allies and me don't have any video evidence.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-Killing-a-Complaint-Hostage-11-10-2016-About-12-00?pid=1631832#pid1631832 Why the verdict is not fair: This is not fair because im busy doing coursework for college that i dont have time to visit the DayZRP website. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was alerted by Castiel one of the Gamemasters that i was going to get a temp banned if i didn't respond to one of the questions that he asked, i didn't even got a chance to look at the DayZRP website yesterday, since i had college at Monday from 9 to 5 then did coursework, Castiel asked me to change my name which i did, also asked if my report had any video evidence which my allies don't have. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to achieve by lifting up the ban since this temp ban is not fair.
  5. limitless_guns11

    S1 Killing a Complaint Hostage 11-10-2016, About 12:00

    in my eyes and my groups eyes we all discussed it and gave the same results that you were walking into Stary with him and we assumed that you were definitely with him and and another guy that ran out of the scene, if i remember when you said "(Still had one on my back so why would I try to pick one up)" i saw the M4 on your back didn't have any mags on it and the M4 that you were holding that i told you drop had a magazine, so that's why i killed you, also you immediately put your hands down as soon as we got fired on and crouched towards your M4 with a loaded mag, 4 reasons why i killed you 1. Your buddies that tried to save you killed one of mine they could have just rp'd it out like telling us to drop are weapons if we dont they were going to kill one of us 2. You were walking into Stary with the other guy that we held up and assumed that you were with him. 3. Wanted to take revenge because as they say "an eye for an eye" 4. you literally put your hands down when my group got fired on and you reached for your dropped gun, which you didn't comply to the orders that i made at the start of the hold up, i was still in vicinity i had visuals on you when i ran to cover. also you said that you were not going to report it, stated that you said that you just wanted to to know why i killed you, i gave my answer that it was because your friend/Samaritans killed one of mine, then i told the admin my situation in game that i was being held up and i told the admin can i just right //OOC AFK so i can discuss this situation more further. he said no you dont need to do that so i just went back in game and rp'd then got moved back to my previous channel, i didn't "wished to freely go back to my Previous TS".
  6. limitless_guns11

    S1 Killing a Complaint Hostage 11-10-2016, About 12:00

    Server and location: Stary Sober Server 1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10-11-2016, 12:00 Your in game name: Lincoln Osiris Names of allies involved: AndyTWD gibby8023 and the other guy which i dont know his TS and in game Character Name of suspect/s: Artemus Vasilev Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Me and three guys including me were holding up 2 guys at Stary i asked Artemus Vasilev if he could trade his M4 But he said that it was for a friend, i also followed up with the question saying is that your other friend with you, the other guy that we were holding up. he said no but i didn't believe him, because i believed both of them were just entering Stary from the north, then i told both of them i have a proposition and told them both to drop there guns and put your hands up. they both did, after a couple of seconds we get fired on on the streets from different places, 1 of my boys gets shot in the head then i ran quickly to cover, as i look back at Artemus Vasilev he looked like he had his hands down and crouched towards his gun, but before he picked it up i shot him multiple times in the arm and last at the chest before he dropped dead. everything was going so fast i was not thinking all that was in my head that his friends shot killed of my guys and i need to take revenge by killing him. the other guy that we held up also got killed in the process when 1 of my boys drops dead, i believe one of my boys shot him just after 1 of ours gets killed then i get shot 3 times to the chest trying to flee Stary. I make my way up the hills of stary making my way to kabanino, I get shot at during walking up the hills then they tell me to stop running just after being hit in the leg and the arm I go on unconscious then I think an admin called for me on teamspeak and told me to make it up to the help desk with Artemus Vasilev, i tab out my dayZ and I get moved up to the help desk then I get questioned by Artemus Vasilev on why I killed him. I told him that his friends shot at us first and killed 2 of my boys, he replied back saying that I was on my own, told me that he was not going to report this. then i go back into dayZ cause i hear voices in game i was still alive a group of 4 people had kept me alive after being unconscious, I tell the admin the situation and then told him can I just type /ooc afk to the in game chat to talk about the situation with Artemus Vasilev on TS, the admin told me that you dont need to do that so i went back in game and started to rp, i can still here the ts then i get moved back to my previous channel not having the chance to to fully discuss the situation. this whole situation was probably a whole mix up i thought that Artemus Vasilev had a group firing at us and also there were also a couple of people going in and out Stary and were in the middle of it, it was pretty confusing at the time of the hold up.
  7. Name: Michael Level of English: 6/10 Character Link: http://www.dayzrp.com/characters?view=5525 Preferred style of RP: Netural Why do you wish to join: i want to join because i have had a really good experience playing with the group, and i would like to be involved in the role playing aspects. Experience in DayZRP: Played in DayZ Asylum but have played in DayZRP for 2 weeks now. Additional Information: N/A
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was done for plagiarism for my character backstory and i know that i was on the wrong, I should have created my own character backstory from the start but i hope i can get another chance on applying for DayZ RP What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to achieve by redoing the application form but this time making my own character backstory instead of taking it from one of the forums What could you have done better?: i should have known from the very start of making the application forum to make my own character backstory and not copied someone else's
  9. hi there is this the template that i have to copy in the ban appeal post thread section.
  10. [attachment=3561]is there a way to reapply again once being blacklisted for plagiarism?