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  1. Chad Rights POV: Me and my group had an active fire fight about an hour and 30 minutes prior too this incident which i died in. i left the server went to go make some food and do some other things and came back on and my buddy @moyfa had too log out because of personal things before any initiations so i decided to go meet up with him. Fast forward running into green mountain my friend was approached by a man that was in full black not really sure who he is on the forums. Anyways this is where i get accused for searching for gear i start walking around the treeline of the surrounding forest of green mountain too find this man and black and i did talked to him seemed pretty nice and gave him a story that i was searching for mushrooms which obviously i wasn't just doing that lol. so after the conversation with the man in full black i go more towards the eastern side of green mountains tree line where i tell my friend too meet up with me so we can leave and then this Russian feller came up to me and started strong arming me as you can see in the video. Now for the NLR that is absolutely BS you think i had a 16 minute conversation with your friend about mushrooms it was like two minutes? But i digress. For the baiting - 4.7 You may not bait other players into situations where you provoke the player into using hostile actions and then using kill rights to kill them. This is known as baiting. You were being hostile since the first couple of words so i dont see how when you were being at the least aggressive to me at the start that i gave you no choice rather than initiating? Nobody forced you too initiate just because you have a gun in your hand doesn't mean that you instantly have the rights to ask me whatever you want and for me to answer whatever you ask. Again as i said in the discord you were loosely initiating which i dont see how i provoked all of the hostile comments besides when i flipped you off after you did it too me. NVFL: 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. My life was not in danger until you pointed that gun you were strong arming me and i was not having any of it because i knew i had backup but if you want to take the route where we were outnumbered me and moyfa both didn't know you were affiliated with the man that was beside you i also didn't see the men in the tower whether you believe me or not. i have been punished in the past about being outnumbered so i don't risk it even if i think can not die in the situation. Now the reason i died is because i got shot by the fully black kitted out guy from the first point of initiation and dropped my health alot so i hid behind a rock and slowly was recovering from the bullet so after i started running north of green mountain too get away but again shots were keeping me from moving so i did too me the most logical thing and try and grab a gun too at least get them scared so i could run but unfortunately things happen and i died. Now just too summarize i died from lack of IC Knowledge of his allies and how many people they actually had not because i didn't value my life. (In the video he looks at someone in the tower which i missed in game also think my ally did as well because from my angle it looks like hes staring at the bush with my friend in it.) BadRP Now this is one where i will admit that i had below average RP but i also want too mention this for some context too the situation before when we were raiding their base we actually were in it threatening to burn down there camp if they didn't come out from the radio toward but there response was fuck you and started blaring music from the speakers which is all fun and games but its borderline troll RP. So that is why i was giving them less than sufficient RP because it seems like they only want to RP when its convenient for them. I understand that i will get punished for the RP sense but it was just out of frustration and being irritated and that is my bad and i take full responsibility for it. (Sorry if there is grammar mistakes or spelling had to rush this as i dont have alot of time today thanks.) This will be my only post as well i will not be back and forwarding with people.
  2. Chad right POV: They robbed Caraham whilst we were trying to take out the guys in the radio tower so we retaliated and shot at them and then they shot back and a fire fight started and i was killed shortly after everything else has been covered and i dont want to repeat something that wouldnt add too the case
  3. Going to say a few things before I ca post my POV as I am not on computer right now it was certainly not nlr and yes I died in the gun fight which was more than an hour before me coming to meet up with my friend towards baiting and stuff you literally walked up to me and starting asking me to leave while my friend was clearly in a bush right beside you just couldnt see. If my life was in danger I would have left but you were literally getting a gun aimed at you the whole time you would have no opportunity to actually kill me. also accusing me of looking for loot is pretty out there. Literally looking for people that my friend mentioned we’re out hiding in the woods Aka you guys! anyways if you guys would like to talk in discord let me know i can be on soon
  4. I totally agree with this post in the sense that when being initiated on you should not have to wait the 30 minutes after. Its just a waste of the players time and in most situations does not make sense or add too roleplay. +1
  5. -User has received a Caution for this post-
  6. Hey @Mademoiselle! The reason we were so lost is because we didn't plan on actually Kidnapping you lol kinda a last minute decision and about the mouth sewing it was supposed to be a taste of your own medicine thing, regardless thanks for the feedback hope too see you soon(IG).
  7. Talked too @Kai and we figured it all out im thinking dayz VOIP screwed up for me because i didn't hear or see anything. This report can be closed.
  8. Server and location: Novy Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 02:27 Your in game name: Chad Right Names of allies involved: @Symplekti Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Dont have Shadow Play unfortunately Detailed description of the events: We were driving past Novy and saw a couple of guys that had a road block type structure so we turned around and headed back to see whats up we then realized that they were armed so we pulled over in the field near Novy and they ran up to us. they started talking and accusing us of things and asking us questions. About 5-10 minutes of talking transpired and then what I'm assuming leader said "Goodbye gentle" or something around those lines and walked away i then start walking away going towards a little pond near where this is happening and got shot. So my concern here isn't that he didn't initiate even though i didn't see or hear anything but if he initiated i was given no time to even comply. i would say i got shot about two seconds after the leader said goodbye and i was not being hostile in any manor at all gun was lowered and was jogging too the pond and got shot. I would like to know what happened and see if we can find a resolution of sorts.
  9. RonaldDonaldson

    S1: South Chernogorsk - Bad RP...again, GearRP 21:15ish

    Chad Right's POV: Context to the situation is explained excellently by @Caraham so i am not going to waste your time reiterating it. Essentially pulled up too his base and started looking around for people and the OP "Home" Stash once we found the stash @PonyBoy was told to initiate. I started taking things from the stash once we got all the desirable's I started watching out for any incoming threats, after about 5 minutes i got out of the place with Caraham in the car.
  10. *Chad out of breathe picks up his radio* "Sorry for delayed responses unfortunately my weapons were stolen by those damn Russians" *Takes a deep breathe in* "Contact me on this frequency in 24 hours and i will see what i can do" *Chad puts radio down and struggles to breathe*
  11. *Chad Picks up his radio* "Hello my name is chad I consider myself a arms dealer of sorts and i would like to make a deal with a group or groups, If any of your men need weapons or ammo depending what i have i can supply but for a price and a service." *Smiles* "Radio me back If you're interested"
  12. is there anyway we can focus on the report at hand so its over and done with. if any other rules were broken can we move it to another post, so me and the accused dont have to be notified or have to be present
  13. can we get a status update atleast my report was done within 15 mins lol def some bias going on rn
  14. Not going to say anything because frankly i don't know but should be more than an hour logs will show. there was no active firefight at the time of this reporting had happened
  15. What i am trying to say to you is that you cant just say dont come in and then shoot me. You have to be specific "Dont come in or im going to kill you" If you just say dont come in and i come in that's not direct commands with an specified outcome. The only rule that was broken is Attempted RDM by YOU if i am reading the rules correct. If any staff wants to chime in i would appreciate it
  16. You were many feet away from the well we were in an active gun fight i shot the cops not you? after that you ran away came back he went up into the room started talking to him so i came up and said hello and you were getting hostile so i left and then i came back without weapons drawn and then you shot
  17. Man you literally shot me and almost killed me while i walked into the room talking to my friend. Secondly all you said when you warned me is dont come into the room you never pointed any consequences for entering the room
  18. Chad started off playing hockey when he was eight years old and grew very fond of it he wanted to be the next all star in the NHL so he trained his ass off to make the best junior team in Canada. He was the star player and he would brag everyday about how he was going to be the next big thing. The Hockey team decided to go on a Trip to Chenarus so he went with the team and they took a luxurious boat. they got to chenarus and went to the local pub for a couple of beers down in elecktro. When he walked into the bar he saw this gorgeous girl and he fell in love with her from the first sight. a couple of days later there were talks of a virus spreading and chad was so worried he went to His Loves house, when he walked into the house he saw the girls mom trying to break into his crushes bedroom, shortly after the mother attacked him and he was forced to kill her, He opened the bedroom door when he walked in he saw his love laying down unconscious and with a bite mark, he realized what was happening and shut the door locked it and ran back to where him and his team were staying, he told them what happened and they decided to pack up and leave but chad went to the pub before leaving to get another beer and tell everyone to evacuate but he was welcomed with a infected bartender chasing him. he started running to the boat but it was too late and he was left on chenarus with no one and his true love dead. Chad is grieving over the loss of his love and his friends leaving him. He is hostile to everyone who is rude or disrespecting him, Chad is looking for a girl to make him feel better about what happened and is looking for a group to hangout and make new friends with the same ideals.
  19. was not a 1v3 had a sniper with me covering me but clearly he didnt see me, plan was when i shoot you start too shoot i could of gotten two if i didn't forget too press r. i thought i was going to survive for the most part but i fucked up after shooting him. the sniper was @Lima Papa
  20. according to paragraph 4.2 (rules) everything i did was not a kos or rdm i got kidnapped my good friend got killed in front of me by the man i killed, within two hours i found them and came back with a recent shotgun i picked up and killed him
  21. Names John may in game we initiated on the cops waited a few minutes before shooting i got the right opportunity and shot one of them the other ran off the accuser was in the group drinking but i did not hit. fast forward i was waiting in a shed too see if other cop will show up i see the accuser walk past me and i say hello he doesn't say anything and goes into a green building so @Blunts4_BreakFast goes in says hello about 5 mins after they start talking i walk in the accuser points his gun at me so i run out of room, at this point i have not aimed a weapon or at him. i go into the room again with my friend and the accuser and he sprays me down with his ump and i almost die (one more bullet anywhere and i was dead ) so then my friend shoots him after shooting me the logs will show.
  22. I load onto server and it kicks for not my active character. i was playing for like an hour and a half and then i log back on and getting this message
  23. John attended medical school for 3 years until a sudden outbreak had happened overseas him and a handful of his classmates decided to take a year off of school and see if they could help any remaining survivors with medical needs and finding a cure. Him and his friends got onto a boat and headed straight towards to Chenarus, when they arrived just south of balota airfield they quickly realized things were out of hand. The first encounter on the island was with a man the presumed to be alive, after approaching the man he snapped and bit one of Johns friends so they all started running. Johns friend slowly started bleeding out and passed out, they couldnt stop for him there was too many things running after them. John ran into the forest north of Balota and was no longer getting chased anymore, as he looked back towards Balota he could see 3 of his friends were no longer living. John now is looking for his other two friends that he lost while running away from the infected. Medical background Helps people out as much as he can but will kill if needed. loves dogs and is trying to find a dog that he can train and become his friend. very anti social person does not like engaging in small talk. has a slight stutter that is uncontrollable Has slight anger management and ptsd from seeing his friends die will sometimes react to zombies by running and hiding
  24. After reading that i was certainly not the one he was talking about because i only roll with my friend when i play dayz so it was not me that is probably why i never responded because i had no involvement but yeah i never went to the prison ever if i recall correctly
  25. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): do not have link Why the verdict is not fair: To be frank i took a break from dayz for obvious reason and came back and now im banned not sure why but i would love to resolve whatever the issue is Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: dayz is buggy i had enough of dying randomly and other things that weve all experienced What would you like to achieve with this appeal: i would be fine too talk to any of the admins about this and see what we can do, i would hope to get unbanned or at least a chance too talk about why this even happened. What could you have done better?: been more active within the community and resolved this way before now.
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