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  1. *John walks away from cache and pulls radio out* "Sorry boys just sold the coordinates i have a few weapons but not a lot, too those irish guys thought you were going to stop me?" *John laughs*
  2. *Laughs While hearing messages* "No thanks im gonna keep on selling these bad boys please try and stop me it will be fun" *John smiles and puts radio down*
  3. *Cringes at threat and presses the PTT* "You alright you sound a bit mad?" *Starts laughing lets go off PTT* *Confused on how he has so much ammo, Presses the PTT* "How many m4s?" *Puts radio down suspiciously*
  4. "Exactly why i told you multiple times give me an offer i'm not going to cater to you" "Too whoever the other man was i think i can get some of those winnies with lots of 308 not sure about the mag though"
  5. John picks up radio and presses the PTT "Mhm let me rest on this oh and too ever needs that ump mag i may have something but its gonna cost more then just physical items" *john puts radio in back pocket and grabs an M4A1 and walks out of house*
  6. *Jack presses the PTT* "No clue but i need to get things guns out of here as soon as possible whatever you can offer me" *Jack lets go of the PTT*
  7. *Jack hears all the rambling going and responds angrily* "Boys i need some offers, Also if you think you can mug me you have something else coming to you and to that irish guy if it is your stash that's a shame i can assure you that i will not receive a bullet in my knee but a bullet will indeed go through your skull." *Jack throws his radio on the ground and starts inspecting guns*
  8. *Jack Laughs while pressing the PTT* "Thank you for your irrelevant input" *Jack shakes his head and lets go of the PTT Button*
  9. *John looks at the guns and then presses down the PTT* "I see We got some M4A1's A AKM also one of those small AK's Some Mosin's A B95 and some .308 Ammo" *John releases the PTT*
  10. *John pulls his radio out and presses the PTT* "Well i'm not sure of the specific names but i know the ammo they take, I got a few that take 5.56 and some nice hunting rifles also i got some sort of an ak variant" *Releases the PTT*
  11. *Jack pulls out his radio from his left pocket and presses down the PTT* "Hello my name is Jack May and I Have recently stumbled by A LOT of weapons and ugh I don't really know what do with them so offer me something to trade for and ill see if its worth it" *Jack Puts radio down and looks at the shelves filled with Rifles and Ammo*
  12. *John quickly picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "Tell me where and when and ill be there" *John puts radio down on ground*
  13. *Jack pulls his radio out of his backpack and presses the PTT* "Hello I Have not heard a response for a while everything okay? I hope you guys are alright i have been hearing some nasty things on the radio recently." *Jack puts radio down and lays on nearby wall waiting for a response*
  14. *John pulls out his radio and presses down the PTT* "Hello Fireflies my name is John May i am a representative for the Commonwealth of South Zagoria, I would love to arrange a meeting radio me back if you hear this message". *John puts radio in his backpack and lays down on a nearby chair*
  15. *John dumps medical supplies in river then grabs radio and presses the PTT* "To the group calling themselves the cartel your not going to be receiving your shipment any time soon, thanks to your boy Johnny" *Puts radio in back pack and dumps the rest of the medical supplies*