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  1. Randy J. Makarov Freelance Journalist. heard rumors from a merchant who had recently recieved supplies from chernarus that strange things were going on in chernarus rumor was of the possibility of a new pandemic I was in Takistan covering a small conflict in the Kunar Province I managed to Find a truck headed to Chernogorsk after a negotiation i was able to buy myself passage the deal was i was to ride in the bed of the truck with the cargo all night in the early morning we arrived in chernogorsk i began my investigation with breakfast and coffee at a small diner after that i found a hotel downtown that claimed to have high speed internet it was incredibly slow barely faster than dial up but it would do the job it had been a long night and i had barely been able to sleep but i had work to do i did manage to ask some locals if they knew of any rumors i was told some were getting sick around zelenogorsk and doctors didn't know what was causing it i tried to find a taxi to zelenogorsk but no one was willing so i a started my walk it was only a few km to zelenogorsk from chernogorsk on my way i saw many cars headed the other way i managed to stop a few cars but they all were in a hurry and babbled about the end of the world When i was near zelenogorsk i came across a military checkpoint they told me to head back i should have listened i tried showing my press credentials but that made them want me to leave more i started heading back but after i was a good way out of sight i turned into the woods and made my way around the check point when i was near the outskirts of the city i started hearing gunfire i headed for the sound and witnessed a man charging the police in a rage and being gunned down i managed to get some decent pictures of it while remaining unseen i thought i would try to visit the hospital and find a doctor to question as i grew close to the hospital i realized it was surrounded by the police i found a vantage point so i could see to the hospital doors there was a pile of bodies in front of the police i began recording and thought i may have one hell of a storie on my hands the police attempted to move into the hospital for a while it was quiet then suddenly from within the hospital i heard shots, alot of shots then again quiet i could hear the men left to blockade the hospital calling to the team that entered the hospital they didn't seem to be getting a response after several minutes one started to move to the front door he made it inside and it couldn't have been more than a min before i heard shots again and he came backing out of the door firing he made it about ten feet from the door before a mob of men surounded him and i could no longer see him but i could hear him scream even over the fire of the remaining cops holding the blockade but there wasn't enough left and the mob broke through they seem almost super human taking shot and continuing to move foward i realized i needed to get far away from this before i too was found by this mad mob i got off my vantage point and made a run for the woods head back the way i had came i was so angry my phone didn't work here or i would already have this online i eventually made it back to chernogorsk and my hotel room people still seemed unaware it was just before sunset when i arrived i got to my room and proceeded to upload the footage but it was going to take all night so i decided to get some sleep and didn't think the problems in zelenogorsk would affect me in cherno when i awoke there was no power and my phone had died there was no way of knowing wether my footage had uploaded i looked out my window and some plumes of smoke to the west dudging by the sun it was around noon i had slept for a long time i went down to the front desk it seemed all the employees had left i went out side and eventually found gas station a military convoy passing through cherno there was alot of soldiers it seemed things had worsened, one truck stopped at the station and unloaded a few men from the truck a couple entered the station one stayed at the pump i approached him and asked some questions i learned the government had enacted order 62 which meant alot of things but most importantly banning all travel in and out of the country it seemed i would be staying longer than planned alot longer it's now been over 2 and a half years im not sure ill ever make it home sometimes i still wonder if my footage ever made it to the news.