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  1. Ever since his childhood, Nikolaj was a shy and asocial person. Instead of Nikolaj most people call him Niko. Most students made fun of him and teased him. He didn't have many friends. His parents died while he was 10 so he doesn't have much memories left of them. Social services found a family for Nikolaj but he never really liked them. His grandfather explained that his parents died in a car accident but he felt responsible for their accident. He keeps saying to himself that he shouldn't have let his drunk father drive. The accident changed him forever. He prefers solitude over company, but he doesn't mind a good and friendly buddy. A couple months before the outbreak he moved to Chernarus in pursuit of a job. He got a apartment there from the company he worked in. Not much happened in the few months except a new love. His personality prevented him from asking the girl out. When the outbreak began, Vladimir didn't know what to do. The first thing that came into his mind was the girl he loved. Niko kept calling her but nobody answered so he decided to come and see if she is okay. The doors were wide open and as Niko entered the apartment he saw her. She was lying on the floor barely alive, alone and scared. He knew that there is no hope for her so he decided to sit down next to her and comfort her. In his hands she died. Niko lost all hope and subconsciously he became depressed. The new world started breaking him. While he looks at the mirror, he can't even recognize himself anymore. He is not the same person. After such a devastating event, Niko stoped caring about all of the horrors and disasters happening around him. Everyone who he used to love and cherish is dead. Slowly as he walked down the road, screams and terror could be heard. The only thing that made him happy was his two cats. They were the only creatures which gave him unconditional love. Nikolaj made sure to feed his cats every day, protecting them from the cruel and ruthless world. Nobody could even touch them. As the outbreak began spreading, Niko started hiding in the shadows of the forests. Not many people can see him, only a trained eye can spot him. He doesn't have many personal items. In his left pocket he has a family photo which motivates him to continue living in this hell. In his right pocket he keeps a lighter with his grandfathers initials along with a pack of cigaretts. His favourite weapon is a crossbow which he uses on a daily basis. Just in case of an emergency he keeps a knife in his boots. Nikolaj is a man of few words but many skills. After a week in the new world he got used to the daily horror he sees. It made him tough and the new harsh enviroment removed many of his emotions and feelings. Every once in a while he opens his ripped pocket and looks at his family photo. Without it he would be nobody and nothing. Just another lost soul in the world.
  2. Coffee

    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    Hahah great work!
  3. Alright Thanks alot for the info. I will try my best.
  4. Hello everyone! I am Vladimir and I just got accepted into this community. I am looking forward to playing with some of you guys today. Is there anything I should know that isn't in the ruels and stuff ? I know that there is a wipe very soon so there probably won't be many people on. Do I need to create a character now on the page or can I do that later? If I create it now will it stay after the wipe ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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