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  1. yea this cleared all issues for me, thank you all.
  2. hey just wanted to ask about stealing. so if I have a tent somewhere(I wish), and I know it´s my tent indeed and I see a bloke inside my big tent and he/she is stealing my stuff in from the inventory, do I have a right to just KOs the perp? or do I have to initiate and make sure he/she stole something or what would be a correct aproach in this situation? tried to find info from here but didn´t find anything useful or then i´m just blind and dumb. thanks for the advance and happy holidays everyone!
  3. so, does anyone have an idea when they´re going to have this on stable so we could have it here in DayzRP?=)
  4. hey all! I was thinking to buy Miscreated in few weeks and just wanted to ask about peoples experience on it? jlike how´w th game interface is doing? how´s the actual gameplay? is the gameplay similar(and tacky and sticky) like in Dayz? Thanks for advance.