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  1. ImTryingCoach

    S1 Killing a complaint Hostage 11-13-2016

    Cpl Jack May as stated in the part you quoted if you are looking for a forum name it is RonaldDonaldson
  2. ImTryingCoach

    S1: NVFL in Pogorevka - 13/11/2016 02:30 Approx.

    OK i'm going to keep this short and sweet as I don't exactly have much input into the situation. I was walking down the road and saw four people, I went down to talk to them and see if we could trade or something, while my friend was up the hill somewhere. We had some small talk and then asked where I got the gun which I said was my friends gun. As a start my way up the hill, I was told to put my hands up then drop all weapons and I did do all that. I cannot recall who made the first shot but there were bullets flying. I already put away my weapons so I was no help to him. There was some miscommunication on whether we would fight back and I took the safe route surrendering. Later on I was told that I was wearing the same outfit as someone that killed another Allie of theirs and that might have been why they initiated, although it was a fairly new life with extremely different colored clothes than my last encounter with another player. (Last life I wore black/blue and the other one, I wore Lime Green/Doctor clothes) So I assume they must have mixed me up with somebody else. Although the gun I did not know who's gun it was previously before my friend. It is a FAL a decently rare gun, so my assumption was that the FAL was the reason I was told to surrender my weapon. Thats about it from my POV.
  3. ImTryingCoach

    S1 Killing a complaint Hostage 11-13-2016

    This is a response to the report, My friend (Cpl Jack May) and I were walking on the hilltops and spotted a single survivor lying underneath a tree. Thinking he was aiming at somebody. I come up behind him telling him to put his hands up and remove the weapon. Then someone else came down the hill to rescue him, and I assumed it was his friend, so I as well told him not to shoot and lower his weapon because I have his friend pinned down. His friend only a 10-25 meters away doesn't respond and takes the first shot shooting me in the chest then leg, causing me to fall to the ground, but I was already in the midst of shooting when I was hit in the chest so when I dropped to the ground I shot Jack Lemons because I was behind him. I didn't mean to shoot him. Then went unconscious only a few shots after. I then died from blood loss. My friend witnessed the entire event and was providing support. Reading the names of alias involved I never knew there was four people involved I only saw two total. So when I had his friend held hostage I didn't expect the shots so I fired back, the kill was an accident and I wasn't aware of the other two people. If I did know of the two other people I would not have engaged. Everybody can hear each other because we were all within range of each other.