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    S2 NWAF - NVFL X2, Bad RP, Potential meta 06-11-2016 ~05:50

    I'm Johnny Black and pretty much from what I am seeing here is you are upset that we did not roleplay how you wanted us to. Our ultimate goal was to lure out some horsemen because we had revenge rights. We wanted to kill/ rob you so we lured you out by not being compliant and going in and out of the fence etc. then we saw you had multiple people. Turns out we got held hostage and my friend shot you. I was afraid for my life so instead of having 10 guys all hold guns at me while I'm against a wall I try to run and when there is no escape I run in circles to try to cause a stir and get multiple people shot. I don't necessarily think you guys are boring I've only met one of you. I was only trying to act as my character would have in that situation.