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  1. Ok, thanks all for the replies. It's a shame I didn't know who put it there, but I'm not that bothered, managed to get my character back up to Novy Sobor with some okay loot. Sorry for posting in wrong forum section btw (:
  2. Okay, so I was in the tent area of the NWAF, then I died by stepping on a landmine. Is this KoS? It was so unexpected and I couldn't do much about it, I saw it the last second before it went off. I'm not completely annoyed, I mean I didn't have anything MEGA good, it's just irritating is all :\
  3. Thanks all for your replies, I have submitted my whitelist application! Any guidance on how long this process usually takes? Nevermind, I got accepted!!
  4. Hi there, Me and my friend have got sick of all the cancer you find in public hive servers, so we have decided to give DayZRP a shot! Hope to meet some of you in game (although I'm sure some of you I wouldn't want to, haha). I haven't decided on the background of my character, yet, but I am looking forward to joining the community. I have read the lore, which I think damaged my eyes because once I read it all I could see was the outline of multiple lines of text, wherever I looked. Anyway, say hello, say go fuck yourself, whatever, just introduce yourself to me so I can get to know some of you