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  1. Was an interesting few hours at Green Mountain, wish I knew everyone's name so I could tag!
  2. Madvillain

    Server performance issues

    I keep on telling myself I am not attached to gear, I really want to be that guy that's not attached to gear. At the same time there is that feeling of dread showing me that I am afraid to log in now, because -what if- I lose that gear and can't find something else for weeks.
  3. The ladies and gentlemen from Redwood Radio, the crazy taxidriver with the security shirt (put a huge smile on my face). the lady who Rado accompanied out of Zelenogorsk. I wish I was better at names so I could tag you all, was a pretty nice day!
  4. @TheLamp1 *Rado's voice crackles over the frequency* Hunter, I hope you can hear this. Tim and I made it back to Green Mountain, I am scared shitless and sleeping in the tower tonight. You are a very good man but you lack fear. I hope this doesn't get you into trouble. I was naive once and that got beaten out of me here in these lands. I am sorry that we ran away, perhaps we should have dragged you with us... I don't know. You are a good friend, I respect you, that is why I didn't. Shit man... I know we are doing a good thing, charity gives our lives purpose, but you can't help anyone when you get killed. I hope you are alright.... *Transmission cuts off*
  5. *A voice with heavy Bulgarian accent crackles over the frequency* Hello there, hope Anarchy is picking this up. My name is Radostin Moskov. Been trying to get in touch with your good people to get a license for my hunting equipment, been to Stary Sobor several times now, seems nobodies at home. Would love to arrange something, not the type of person to look for trouble. Okay, that is all! goodbye! *transmission cuts off*
  6. Everyone at Radio Redwood and Green Mountain Charity center! special shoutout to @K.Dotman for that hunting trip, sorry that I had to log off in a hurry!
  7. *A series of beeps caused by pushing random buttons precede Rado´s voice crackles over the frequency. He seems to be mumbling to himself trying to make his radio work* Hello!? Is this thing working? Well I hope so. It's comrade Rado here, hope everything is well. I am worried about the girl, any news about her yet? Those heavily armed men spooked me, I told her to run while I distracted them... All my fault! I am continuing east in the direction she ran, hoping to find her. So erh... I better continue now! Putting telephone down! Bye bye! *The transmission cuts off*
  8. *Sounds of someone butchering his radio, clearly indicating a lack of technological knowledge, precede a transmission in broken english* Breaky breaky! I don't know if this works, I think it does... does it? I just want to say, I am a big fan of Redwood Radio! I have been listening to your broadcast with mister Ivan Bernarus and found it so very very inspiring. He must be a strong man to carry logs and win competitions! I am a hunter mostly spending too much time by myself in the wilderness, and having something to listen to really helps in the lonely moments! I don't have much to give but if I can ever donate any fresh meat and freshly caught fish I would be glad to! Well, that is all! Your number one fan Rado is hanging up the telephone now! Goodbye! *Noise of Rado mumbling to himself while pushing a bunch of wrong buttons on his radio before finally achieving to switch it off*
  9. *Sounds of someone struggling with understanding his transmission device are broadcasted.* *After the user pushes several wrong buttons creating a cacofonia of noise, his broken English can be heard* Breaky breaky.... Hello?! It is comrade Rado here, your new friend from Bulgaria! I have been bringing several deliveries of meat and fish to feed the people, yet I think nobody was around or everyone was asleep. Mother nature has been generous to me providing plenty to eat for many good people! I also came across something special and wish to deliver this in person so ... well I hope we have a chance to talk! Ok! That's all! Rado is putting telephone down now! Bye bye! *Another concert of pushing the wrong buttons can be heard before the transmission cuts off*
  10. Perhaps it is possible to make it break really fast when used for smashing things? Guitars and banjos seem to be cool things for role playing.
  11. Born in 1987 to Stoyan Moskov and Bilyana Moskova, Radostin grew up in the rural village of Churek, Bulgaria. After finishing basic education Radostin had trouble finding stable work so he did various seasonal agricultural jobs in the region. In his free time he enjoyed the few good things Churek had to offer: hiking, fishing, driving around without purpose and hanging out with his friends. Because he had difficulty making ends meet, Radostin resorted to illegal activities such as poaching and selling drugs. He convinced local elderly to grow marijuana that he would then collect and with his friends distribute for mutual profits. This went well for years until one of his associates got caught by local police transporting a sizeable amount of weed. This associate then informed the police of Radostin's role, framing him as the master mind of this crime ring. Due to family connections in the local police force, Radostin got warned in time so he could avoid arrest himself. Unwilling to go to prison he opted to flee the country, first heading to Istanbul Turkey, and from there with obtained falsified documents boarding a container ship heading for Chernogorsk. He arrived in South Zagoria May 2017, only to find the region in turmoil due to tensions between the Chernarussian and Russian population. Civil unrest had broken out and martial law was declared. Although the prospect of a possible civil war breaking out worried him, the region reminded him of his own home region and he knew that he could probably get by with poaching and doing odd jobs here and there as he had done before. He had little choice for by now his money nearly ran out. Within a week he found himself an old abandoned farmhouse where he settled but to his surprise many of the locals seemed to be moving out, heading west out of worries for conflict. He didn't mind, he figured they would return eventually and until then he could keep himself comfortable. He bought an old hunting rifle from one of his neighbours and started scouting the surrounding forests and meadows, reminding him much of home. Radostin wondered if he would perhaps stay, start his new life here. Little did he know what the future held in store.
  12. Madvillain

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Already wrote it over discord and PM, but I'll say it again, amazing encounter with you guys. My character totally deserved what was coming for him. Fantastic RP! We really enjoyed it!
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