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  1. Put Report Posting Rules into the Rules or Newcomers Guide

    Well, i just suggested you to put a hint into the rules "that having a recording of a rule break is a good thing". Of course its common sense but i havent considered to come into this situation so fast. Thats exactly the point. In some situations its word vs word and it would be one-sided if the staffs make a decision for a bann cause they believe one word more then the other. Finally its senseless to report someone without a video evidence where the only evidence is the own POV.
  2. Recently i was in a situation where someone did bad roleplay and shot me to death in between 2 seconds. I wanted to report him, but then i read the "Report Posting Rules". Im very new to this community and i cant find anything in the Newcomers Guide or in the Rules which describes the need of a clear evidence like a video. May you can put a hint in the rules where you advise all players to records videos in hostile situation?