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  1. Meinhof revived the RAF (Red Army Faction) in 2003 and started kidnapping some big fishes of the finance industry until he finally get caught by an elite anti terror unit in bulgaria 2011. Since that time he is someone else and nobody knows what happend to him. Because of some unproofen evidence we must assume that he's carrying out an operation for a not known organization. Meinhof was born in south Germany on 18 October 1977. He was the only child of Dr. Herbert Baader. Herbert Baader served in the German Wehrmacht, was captured on the Russian Front in 1945, and never returned. Andreas was raised by his aunt and grandmother. Meinhof was a high school dropout and a bohemian.
  2. Well, i just suggested you to put a hint into the rules "that having a recording of a rule break is a good thing". Of course its common sense but i havent considered to come into this situation so fast. Thats exactly the point. In some situations its word vs word and it would be one-sided if the staffs make a decision for a bann cause they believe one word more then the other. Finally its senseless to report someone without a video evidence where the only evidence is the own POV.
  3. Recently i was in a situation where someone did bad roleplay and shot me to death in between 2 seconds. I wanted to report him, but then i read the "Report Posting Rules". Im very new to this community and i cant find anything in the Newcomers Guide or in the Rules which describes the need of a clear evidence like a video. May you can put a hint in the rules where you advise all players to records videos in hostile situation?
  4. Server and location: S1 EU - near Pass Sosnovy Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 02:00-02:30 Your in game name: Alvar Freimann Names of allies involved: -none- Name of suspect/s: Ingame Name: Richard / Teamspeakname: KingFTW Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: We met at the field in front of a barn south of Pustoshka near the Pass Sosnovy. After we talked about the situation at the barn he wanted me to go away in the direction of Pass Sosnovy. Because i wanted to overwatch the situation in the barn i stopped moving near a Treeline about 300 meters away from the barn. I looked through my Weapons tube towards the barns doors. After a few minutes he crossed my way from right to left, i called him to stop but he didnt. He went behind a bush. I walked towards him to meet and talk with him. He standing in front of me. On the left and on the right side of him there were coming 2 others guys. I wanted to know more about the situation but he told me again to "piss of". I asked him again "Whats going on there?" Then he put up his weapon and called "put your weapon down, put your weapon down" and Shot me to death. This happend in between 2 seconds. Just in the moment i wanted to drop my weapon i got shot to death by him. No warning, no warning shot or something like that. I did not turn around or did anything visually which would have gave him a reason to shoot me. In my opinion this was very bad roleplay because he shot me without giving me a chance to put my weapon down and shot me nearly instantly. I had absolutely no chance to react on his thread. Unfortunately i have no clear evidence to give a proof. But in the future i will make recordings in situations like that.