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  1. Kos'd because you stole my teddy bear... I think
  2. Good Kitty
  3. Be ready for the purge (kos) hour
  4. Purge night, sweet....

    "We know it is hard to destroy vehicles and this preventing others cars from spawning, so we have a hotfix for despawn - matchbox can be used to destroy a vehicle via an action (it sounds like fun, hm?). "

    1. SirGunman


      How in the world does that work?

  6. good, hope they fix tanning soon lol. Thx for the update!
  7. untitled.png.e6f512b55e07871b5d8f6b734e221be6.pngBreak the cycle...

  8. Current work tunes...

    The Avalanches

  9. Awesome short film named Rakka with Sigourney Weaver just released on youtube. check it when you have time.


  10. Well, looks like GTA Gun-Running update is out today so I'ma be playin that for a lil bit, might help refresh things with DayZ for me lol.  Send a msg or add on steam if anyone wants to team up.

    1. Watchman

      Be wary everyone is killing everything.

  11. If there's a milkshake in one yard and a cold one in another, which will the boys go to first?

    1. Nihoolious


      Whoever picks something other than a cold one shouldn't be considered one of the boys

    2. Shane


      Is that even a question?

    3. Chewy
  12. worrrrd, welcome back!
  13. Welcome back!! Whatever your goals or interests may be, I'm sure there will be some likeminded people. Browse through the groups section whenever ya have time and see who's out and what they're about. Good luck out there!
  14. RIP  Adam West, Mayor west... Adam We.... Batman :/:(