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  1. Scum is very interesting so far, buggy yes. But playable and enjoyable I think... It's also nice to see an rp server full again lol. Good luck out there convicts!


  2.  that heat.. xDxD

  3. Say goodbye to internet neutrality for the US...

  4. I've initiated on people with bananas back in the past with good and bad results... im always debating on whether to do it again at risk of NVFL lol. But in all seriousness. I agree completely with @Carter The Cryptic and his points. The one thing I've learned about this game and Rust alike is that 'Deception' is key... being the guy to have the upper hand or even just being the first to getting the 'drop' on somewhat is vital to survival. It will especially be so once the new combat system is implemented. I've been suddenly held up plenty of times from a random voice that happened to be someone in a shed, some ghillie guy that was actually right fkn next to me the whole time, or in a building window looking down lol. I did feel slightly miffed and as if I was taken advantage of but it was at least done with voice so I could use my ears to try and locate rather than bs text.. I'd probably say its invalid if the person is hidden and uses text but thats just me. It takes good effort and the time to track someone and plan a good ambush and remain hidden like that unless you just happen to be crossing their path and get lucky with the timing. To alter it would be more in the victims favor so I'd say no to each, and agree that the current rules are fine at being fair and unbiased.
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  6. Ted Cruz forgot that other people can see his likes on twitter... oh boy

  7. Will you do the fandango?20170910205014_1.thumb.jpg.e4c4801bae27da7468259bce0400b1a2.jpg

  8. My neighborhood has been issued a mandatory evacuation, the majority have left but my roommates and I have decided to stay with the fact that we are on a hill 32ft above sea level.. The city has turned off our zone's water and now we wait. Irma is heading west and missing my location on the east coast thankfully, hopes and prayers going out to all those on the west end.

  9. 28dl has been a favorite site of mine for a long time now.. glad to see other people on it lol. I myself have been an urban explorer for over a decade throughout the US and been in a few old hotels, factories, theme parks, hospitals, subways and homes... although nothing as intense as Chernobyl or any government facility due to the fear of being shot or black-bagged lol. I am always interested in hearing about other people's discoveries and stories. thanks a lot for the share
  10. Im hoping to spend the free time these next few days putting in some good hrs into DayZ. It seems hurricane Irma may have other plans for me. Here's to hoping for the best...

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      Hope ya alright mate 

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      we'll see in a few days. With me being on the east coast i'm preppin for the worst. Matthew wrecked my town last year so everyone's still storm ptsd from that.

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      tie everything done mate xD , hope your alright mate

  11. Prologue Born into a troubled life with a single mother and Vietnam Veteran father who was imprisoned for armed robbery, he grew up raising himself with the other hoodlums in the ghettos of Westside Jacksonville. Being quick was a necessity as well as mobility. He would venture into restricted urban areas with others when he was young and make graffiti murals on the walls of abandoned buildings/train yards/ anything. While developing a passion for street art and exploration throughout his teen years, he became more talented and expanded his artistic mediums eventually branching out into photography. Upon finishing high school he knew the only way to any proper career was to pay for it himself, so he began doing everything he could with his friends in order to save and pay the way. With proper planning and discipline he would be able to form a small crew of street hustlers with various skills, all of which were involved in ultimately acquiring more funds. From back alley robberies to knocking over local convenient stores, no one was safe. It wasn't until a few stores later that he would get tired of the small time and discover he had a natural skill developed for sneaking and burglary. Over time he would develop decent skills with a lock pick and for a few years he would work his way into private homes of the wealthy and steal specific items for buyers accordingly as well as whatever would add to his finances. With a strange gift of life's luck, he was able to stay out of trouble for the most part of his life and remain uncaught.. although many of his friends weren't so lucky. One day while trekking through the streets of downtown, he is crossing an intersection and while looking down at a Juxtapoz magazine when he gets struck by a car and injured severely. After being in a coma for seven months he awakens in a hospital to find he had to get reconstructive shoulder surgery due to a post labrum tear and rotator disc/cuff displacement on his left shoulder. While spending his time in the hospital, lawyers worked accordingly and after about a year of physical therapy and recovery training, he was able to move around and be somewhat mobile again. Due to it being the drivers fault crossing when he infact had the right of way, a cash settlement was offered amounting to a quarter of a million USD and even with 1/3 in lawyer fees taken out he would have more than enough to stop what he was doing and start a new life. Maybe even start that career. After several weeks of intense thought he decided to travel with his camera throughout Europe to enjoy life and reflect on the fact that he was still alive. Landing in Ceska Lipa was to mark the official start of his journey. He had an Uncle that lived in the rural area just west of there where he could stay. When he was younger this was the man responsible for showing him how to handle hunting rifles and pistols sufficiently at a young age. The place was striking similar to his Uncle's previous old home in Gainesville, Florida. It seemed as if he had picked everything up and just placed it into another country. What was at first supposed to be a few days turned into a couple months at the estate. While there, he was relearning the basics of hunting and foraging as well as the grittier part of skinning and butchering. It was different from his city surroundings and interesting to photograph the local wildlife when he wasnt out hunting it. Knowing of his love for abandoned places and photos, his uncles suggests they take a train to an area even more west of them called Chenarus, he stated that they could touch down in a city called Chernogorsk and check out some local pub nightlife as well as see the remains of some old medieval castles in the area... apparently there were a lot of them. They reserve a spot at a hostel and proceed on the train westward. The city itself almost reminded him of Jacksonville in a way with it's railway system going all throughout, much like the monorail he was used to frequenting back at home. It basically meant the tracks would be the epicenter of where everything was happening, he would take note of this and keep it in mind. While checking into the hostel they begin organizing their things and his camera gear. He gets into a heated conversation that escalates rather quickly with his uncle about past business and ends up storming out and walking alone on the street. With his camera, enough funds and a few snacks he would be good for the day to do his own thing and let his uncle cool down at a local bar. His family had a history of having big mouths and attitude problems so distance was the best thing for both of them. He hops on the first bus north to a spot known as the 'Tooth Castle'. On the ride out he notices a lot of medical vehicle traffic going in and out of the city. Every other car was either an emergency vehicle or something of the sort. The people on board are speaking mostly in languages he cant understand. Trying his luck with english on the driver he asks to know what is happening and the driver tells him in a half broken English dialect that "there have been a lot of assault cases as well as missing persons. Its not really safe to be out after dark for the time being." Now he was used to a rough crowd and the shady streets but apparently this was something different... "People are starting to get sick for some reason. Some even violent and have ended in shootings" the driver added. They continue further north up the road, more and more emergency first response vehicles passing with a few military looking vehicles. What was happening? Hopefully it was nothing. Upon arriving to Tooth Castle, dusk was starting to set in. It was nearly empty aside from the fact that there were more emergency vehicles at the visitors center. It appeared someone was being taken out on a stretcher with a busted bloody leg, hopefully it was just a wreck less mistake. He grabs a map of the local trails and as well as a full map of chenarus that was readily available for free at the desk. Proceeding up to the castle trail, a feeling of comfort and relaxation take over with being in the woods again. Getting a feel for the area before beginnning to take more photos, he ventures around to the outer defensive wall of the castle and overhears a few people talking. It appears they are making fun of a drunken homeless man who seemed to have wandered into the area and was begging for food. He had dealt with many of these folk in Jacksonville and had usually just ignored them. Noticing that the man is beyond belligerently wasted, he decides to mind his own business and start touring through the ruins. Walking away and up stairs into the interior of one of the castle tower, he overhears them say of how the bum bit some guy trying to ask him a question, he connects it with the man on the stretcher. As he reaches the top of the tower, suddenly a scream ensues and he races to the edge and looks down to see the homeless man attacking the same group of people that were making fun of him. Figuring they just took it too far with a drunk and offended him, he disregards it as anything serious and begins to turn way until there's blood drawn during the fight. The bums face messy, it was hard to tell from his distance but it had seemed like the man was biting people and scratching at everyone. Multiple gunshots are then heard from the south of his location as well as one below him at the small group he was just witnessing. The security guard stationed at the castle had come and they had shot the homeless man, what were the other gunshots? He watches in awe as the man continues to attack after the first shot is fired, struggling to grab his camera in time to document the incident, he notices its on low battery and lets out a small sigh. From out of the woods more homeless, disheveled looking folk were appearing and attacking the security officer. It looked like there were only a few of them but only one armed security guard. It seemed as if they were almost attracted to sound of his gunshot due to him being the center of attention. More chaos ensued as the attack continued. He knew that leaving would just be the best option and that security officer needed help. What was happening in this country.. had the people gone mad? A strange gurgling sound was then heard from outside of the passageway leading to his area in the castle. Without even a warning, a person rushes into the room and he's face to face with someone that just looks like bad news. Torn clothing, bruised skin and a bloody face forces itself on top of him and knocks him over.. camera falling out of his hands and onto the ground. The smell of the man's breath is putrid and he's getting more than enough of it in his face as he's holding on the mans neck attempting to prevent from being bitten. While holding the old man back and trying to reason with him he notices the man has severe cataracts in his eyes, beyond that of normal elderly people. With only a few seconds passing and his mind racing a mile a minute, he decides that it was either him or the old man at this point, unfortunately someone was going to die. He grabs his DSLR camera and begins pummeling it into the side of the old mans head to the point of inducing weakness in order to overpower him. He flips over and begins slamming the camera into the mans head until no more movement is happening. So much for a low profile and a relaxing vacation. He proceeds to stand and leave the small castle room he's in when in a freak accident he slips on some of the blood around him and hits the back of his head on the steps leading to a small concussion. He is out cold for what seemed like days, but it could have just been hours. Birds are the first thing heard as he awakens. It was day now, no one was at the castle, not even employee personnel, medical staff or even any of the tourist or homeless he had seen before. Only the one that lay before him now. Seeing his camera had luckily only ruinined the lense and not the body. He grabs the remains and moves on. There was no signal, the lines at the office were dead. There seemed to be no vehicles but he knew the hostel was just south of there and decided to just hike it until he could hitch a ride. He had to find his Uncle and tell him what happened, they had to leave this place. He looks back at the castle one more time as he walks down the road, still shaken and uncertain about what was going on. But all he knew was that he killed a man.. and he was ok with that... This Journey is already starting to be crazier than expected... To Be Continued... -always WIP-
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  13. Cool Futurama thing I saw today on reddit, writer Ken Keeler with a PhD in applied math created a mathematical theorem just for the purpose of using it in a Futurama episode to expose young people to higher level math.


  14. Texas is really getting the beatdown from this hurricane, hoping the best for everyone...

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      Yea i saw some photos thats some crazy shit, hopes and prayers for everyone my god

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    Any Civilian Roleplayers? O.o

    Most if not all of my characters have been civilian. Military life usually gets too cookie cutter and boring for me. Plus I do ALOT of Milsim on arma 3 servers so I get enough real military RP as it is. I've gone other routes like medvac pilot, police officer, security guard and enjoyed those but I'll usually stick to a civilian that has hunting skills or something of the sort.
  16. I've really gotta say these are very nicely done photos, nothing seems too overly saturated/edited and it's all really good quality content. The angles, lighting, actual use of the 'rule of thirds'... It's all beautiful. You should look into side jobs with photo manipulation/editing if you aren't already lol.. it can be good money. A lot of times photo studios and busy photographers will hire people specifically for editing. JS. It's always nice to get paid doing what you love. Keep it coming, amazing pics like these are great inspiration for other artists to step up and make a media thread (or it least it has for me ) while also providing motivation to play this beautiful yet broken game lol
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    Got some friends that aren't too happy with me but hey, i'm $250 richer lol. Chea boi!
  18. Brace yourselves, the character creation vids are coming

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    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    VERY interesting and nicely worded, I can tell it was well thought out. 'Clean the Slate' had me sold. I remember reading of how South American solders and tribesmen were once doing yopo rituals to expand the mind and become 'stronger'. Even started forming a character idea with that being the premise of how his psyche was formed. Good read, for sure 10/10. I cant wait to meet the guy
  20. RP's been great but I've been having weird timing recently finding some afk people in trees/buildings around cherno lol
  21. On todays episode of "how did that get there?"
     we see a barrel floating above cherno city call..

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      EY that's my barrel!

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      Shit, that's been there for a while now ..

      Barrel-praising cult group soontm?

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