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  1. Ted Cruz forgot that other people can see his likes on twitter... oh boy

  2. 76f975c757.jpg

    You are one dedicated RolePlayer dude, jeez :o 

  3. Will you do the fandango?20170910205014_1.thumb.jpg.e4c4801bae27da7468259bce0400b1a2.jpg

  4. My neighborhood has been issued a mandatory evacuation, the majority have left but my roommates and I have decided to stay with the fact that we are on a hill 32ft above sea level.. The city has turned off our zone's water and now we wait. Irma is heading west and missing my location on the east coast thankfully, hopes and prayers going out to all those on the west end.

  5. [Game] GIF Response

  6. Urban Exploration - Chernobyl - Some Dayz inspiration?

    28dl has been a favorite site of mine for a long time now.. glad to see other people on it lol. I myself have been an urban explorer for over a decade throughout the US and been in a few old hotels, factories, theme parks, hospitals, subways and homes... although nothing as intense as Chernobyl or any government facility due to the fear of being shot or black-bagged lol. I am always interested in hearing about other people's discoveries and stories. thanks a lot for the share
  7. Im hoping to spend the free time these next few days putting in some good hrs into DayZ. It seems hurricane Irma may have other plans for me. Here's to hoping for the best...

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      Hope ya alright mate 

    2. Gattaca

      we'll see in a few days. With me being on the east coast i'm preppin for the worst. Matthew wrecked my town last year so everyone's still storm ptsd from that.

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      tie everything done mate xD , hope your alright mate

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    Happy B-day!

  8. Cool Futurama thing I saw today on reddit, writer Ken Keeler with a PhD in applied math created a mathematical theorem just for the purpose of using it in a Futurama episode to expose young people to higher level math.


  9. Texas is really getting the beatdown from this hurricane, hoping the best for everyone...

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      Yea i saw some photos thats some crazy shit, hopes and prayers for everyone my god

  10. Any Civilian Roleplayers? O.o

    Most if not all of my characters have been civilian. Military life usually gets too cookie cutter and boring for me. Plus I do ALOT of Milsim on arma 3 servers so I get enough real military RP as it is. I've gone other routes like medvac pilot, police officer, security guard and enjoyed those but I'll usually stick to a civilian that has hunting skills or something of the sort.