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  1. I came back just to +1 this. I'll tase you bro
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      oh hello

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    Zen AF mah dude
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    is this it boys and girls?

    Slugs... finally
  5. Balance

    Item Shop Discussion

    This is essentially just like 'skins' and so far purely cosmetic, so I can get behind the Idea because it's more of a time saver.. esp for those of you like me that love the striped shirts or other MUST HAVE character specific gear. It's a great addition just as long as there doesn't seem to be any real advantage with them and become a 'ptw' scenario lol.. I almost feel like certain clothing and backpacks could be pushing it but trial and error will show lol. I also think the prices should be cut down a bit
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    wash yo hands dirty bois
  7. Balance

    Starting Items

    Im with this, I think it'd be nice to start perhaps as a 'hiker' in the woods and have snacks in my pockets or maybe even a small pack with relative items... There have been some servers I've found that have been spawning people with fruits and even small starting kits/loadouts.. like that of a fireman outfit/policeman/paramedic with each having something unique (axe/pistol n cuffs/med supplies etc) though its always been randomly chosen. Further down the road perhaps with some scripting maybe you could spawn with something that correlates to your character's story.. and have something like 'classes' implemented? lol, maybe not but just an idea
  8. Scum is very interesting so far, buggy yes. But playable and enjoyable I think... It's also nice to see an rp server full again lol. Good luck out there convicts!


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    dont spy on my profile or im contacting the admins, stinky

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    Soon TM

  11.  that heat.. xDxD

  12. Say goodbye to internet neutrality for the US...

  13. I've initiated on people with bananas back in the past with good and bad results... im always debating on whether to do it again at risk of NVFL lol. But in all seriousness. I agree completely with @Carter The Cryptic and his points. The one thing I've learned about this game and Rust alike is that 'Deception' is key... being the guy to have the upper hand or even just being the first to getting the 'drop' on somewhat is vital to survival. It will especially be so once the new combat system is implemented. I've been suddenly held up plenty of times from a random voice that happened to be someone in a shed, some ghillie guy that was actually right fkn next to me the whole time, or in a building window looking down lol. I did feel slightly miffed and as if I was taken advantage of but it was at least done with voice so I could use my ears to try and locate rather than bs text.. I'd probably say its invalid if the person is hidden and uses text but thats just me. It takes good effort and the time to track someone and plan a good ambush and remain hidden like that unless you just happen to be crossing their path and get lucky with the timing. To alter it would be more in the victims favor so I'd say no to each, and agree that the current rules are fine at being fair and unbiased.
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