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  1. aaron657

    S1: Combat Logging/Bad RP 04-11-2016

    thankyou for taking in what we said and being so kind to lift ban we will make sure we always return to the situation if the server goes again.
  2. aaron657

    S1: Combat Logging/Bad RP 04-11-2016

    we were told to leave the airfield by a big group, we were leaving we thought we saw someone we went over to him and went to take him hostage and he said something along the lines of my gang is on their way this was before we smashed the radio so that's fine I was just scared so I looted and tried to setup to protect Nathan on the hill with the mans sniper/marksman rifle. then we saw loads of guys coming in Nathan tried to rp his way out or take hostage not sure i tried to backoff then the server restarted and we said as we got left by our group we would call it a night as i had work and he had college. we did not know off the rule about coming back on after restart if the was a sit. I am sorry for mine and nathans action I would not mind coming on TeamSpeak and apologizing to the horsemen guys and the staff who have dealt with this for wasting there times. Also like i said beofore if possble it would be nice to try get back in a rp situation with you guys and i can give the gear back through rp.
  3. aaron657

    S1: Combat Logging/Bad RP 04-11-2016

    hello i am very new to this server same as nathan and we are very sorry for our actions we did not see the rule which regared coming back on the server after the restart to carry on with the roleplay situation and we would like to apolgies for our actions again. we dont have any povs but i don't mind handing back the weapon and the backpack which i took if we go back into that situation or start a new one and work a way of giving the items back through roleplay that would be great.
  4. aaron657

    S1: Combat Logging/Bad RP 04-11-2016

    hello i am aaron?