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  1. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Had my pants glitched inside a tent and Eddie helped me get it back for like 5-10 minutes. You can tell he really wants to help out cause he was really determined to get me my pants back so I wouldn’t walk in the nude. Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  2. No from me. Unless we're ready to change the rules for tasers. They are weapons but non lethal and clearly non lethal unlike the shotgun that can use rubber slugs. So if a Cop Character tazes someone. Does the person get kill rights? or does he need to initiate? Anyways, cool but no unless admins write rules for them first.
  3. Hope to meet you all in game! Let us rebuild the Motherland
  4. Well.. @nrmoser1992 you beat me to it but the RP you, @Sammiii and @Blackfyre was great! Really enjoyed your guys' medical RP.
  5. @FinnNah leave them as full sets. Cause than for those few who want a ghillie will never wear them.
  6. I found one of your notes in Stary Sobor. I actually quite like the idea of you leaving small notes.
  7. Man I agree on most.. but! 1. Watchers 2. SVR 3. SDS 4. Imperial Dragons 5. B-17 or Convicts (Both criminal Clans and both were great)
  8. Dobryy den, here is my PoV Citizens: After restart we entered Berezino and did our usual buisiness with the citizens there. Whilst looking around I spotted @Phoenyxx's character leaving town so I chased after to ask her about if she knew the laws put in place and so on. She showed me that she owned a Deagle and after a few moments of talking I let her go without searching her. Some time later we were walking away from Berezino after finishing our business. We headed towards Gorka but before reaching that location some of our forward scouts stumbled upon @Phoenyxx. This time around though she did in fact get searched and we found she possessed an illegal firearm. We had some of our men in the surrounding areas and they spotted a bus and some men heading towards us from various direction. One of the @UniiLR initiated on the house. I was inside with @Paddy and @Phoenyxxand @neom was outside. Tragically @neom died and after exchanging some fire I eliminated @UniiLR. We sent her on her way, regrouped with our men in the Gas Station. This is when the main firefight broke out.
  9. Do want to give some praise to @AyCheck for the RP interaction last night. Whilst my mic was not functioning we still managed to have a decent experience I believe!
  10. I have to agree that OOC chatter happens mostly so it’s hard to Double Mic that. It is weird when you stand in front of someone and are communicating with people on the radio.. like preparing an initiation or if you’re a victim hostage and your silently feeding info to your group/friends whilst your hostage takers hear nothing of what you said. It’s a bit of an odd ball. Like @Squillium said it’s hard or almost impossible to impose unless the person shows video footage of them doing it (I doubt many would self incriminate) but it’s something I wish people would do if in a possibly hostile situation. If you are just with buddies and relaying a question from someone your are RPing or such there’s no real need to Double Mic it. Anyways a bit of a useless post since I made no clear point so gonna apologize for that @Squillium.
  11. (I posted the Video. It has about 15-20 minutes of processing left but I need to head out. I think link will work within that time. If not I can try fix it on Mobile)
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