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  1. Frozh

    What other groups have had their legacy survive past their own lifetime?

    I also remember when I was able to have "FrozenCaveMan22" show as normal in a single line and not be split off at the "n22" eh Rolle? *Raises his eyebrows as his anger intensifies*
  2. Frozh

    What other groups have had their legacy survive past their own lifetime?

    I still like to wear my Black Armband to represent his time within Convicts (V.1). Oh the good times
  3. Frozh

    What other groups have had their legacy survive past their own lifetime?

    Indeed. Especially the super lore friendly but not really one! Will never forget how the SVR, agents decided to torture a Russian Boy How about we speak of the legend of S-GRU?
  4. Frozh

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    No clue. A Boba Fett clone? 1/10
  5. Frozh

    Why we should have First Person ONLY.

    Firstly going to just state I haven't been on Standalone or even the forums for what.. a good couple of months. I think it's important to mention that you can't be making these sort of limitations on RP. Like I'm sorry but people like to RP in different ways. When people play RPG games such as Skyrim, some people rather always play in 1st Person and some rather see their character in 3rd Person as they get immersed. Personally, I am one of the people who gets's most immersed in 3rd Person when RPing with others because I can see my own character and I try to put myself in his shoes rather than only being limited to what he is seeing. If this limitation would be implemented I think you'd be discriminating against any people who enjoy RP in 3rd person. People who focus on PVP aspects rather than RP ones will abuse them but this has been done for ages ever since DayZRP was on Arma 2 so I don't see the real point here. You either limit it only to 1st person which will be discrimination against anyone who is more interested in RPing in 3rd person (Also some people have nausea when playing on 1st Person for too long. Myself being one of them) or you allow 3rd Person to remain but attempt to regulate it so when there is obvious proof of someone abusing it, report it and get the person banned or warned. We shouldn't be punishing the RPers because of what the PVP focused players in DayZRP are doing.
  6. Frozh

    The Misvan Gatu: The Bitter Carnival [wip]

    Just.. Excellent. Seriously I have nothing more to say.. Best lore story of 2k16.
  7. Frozh

    Birthday / Anniversary / Promotion / Donor / 1000th post

    Thank you all! Happy bday to @C-J
  8. Frozh

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Weird 4/10
  9. Frozh

    Website Migration

    Still getting used to the website. Frankly I'm confused but I'm liking some of the changes.. Just wish everything worked properly or more smoothly..
  10. Frozh

    The Dollars [Open Recruitment]

    Here's a little something I drew up whilst I had a break between two of my exams. Expect this to be the reality on the server when I have less exams to worry about. Don't worry. That'/ soon
  11. Frozh

    The Dollars [Open Recruitment]

    Curious to know who did this but shit happens. I can at least tell ya we'll look into it and make sure this doesn't happen again in the future. Sorry you felt this way Mr. Wumby.
  12. Frozh

    The Dollars [Open Recruitment]

    Only ERP you'll get is a boot thrown at you. Thanks for accepting me. Excited to be part of such an good group of RPers.
  13. Frozh

    Teamspeak Descriptions

    -snip- Asking a staff member for a description or an edit to their description is not embarrassing. I've talked to many people who asked staff to remove some of their description due to them not liking some part of it. Like is it embarrassing to go to Helpdesk and ask for help? No it isn't. So I don't see how this could be seen as an embarrassing action. One thing you should also remember is that you are donating to help the community first. It's not like you are buying a product and if so then it's a damn expensive bold and pulsating name along with the background color. You don't have to be friends with staff to get a description. If I have to be honest, my description was empty until the middle of this year where I think Terra was the first one to add to my description. It's not like I'm best friends with her. I just talked to her in the Helpdesk when I needed some help and ended up with a small description which grew overtime. I know this could come off as wrong but there is one main reason which makes me not want to see this happen. This has been the way the TS has been run on DayZRP since I joined in June of 2013. The custom titles and all that were already a thing back then so it's not like much has changed there except for a little change to the donator rank names along with new ranks. I'll say it again as I said in my previews post Wolfie. The TS description is just a tradition in my eyes because no one edits their own descriptions (Unless you are a potato). Like I know this might seem borderline stupid to you since you haven't been here that long and this just seems odd I guess. Though I'm just sorta a little against this sort of change especially if there is no real consequence for having or not having a description. I had an empty description for two years and I'm fine with that. Happened eventually. You got lucky enough to get a dank description which is cool! Anyways I just don't see any reason to change this. If you need proof you can use me, I had no description for two years even though I had donated 200 Euros. I didn't mind. Though I was really surprised when I saw that I finally got one. So it's not like you -need- to have the bestest friends in staff to get you a good description or anything, it'll just come with time as you get known across the community. Unless you're one of the people which barely posts, barely goes on TS and makes his presences unknown basically. Nothing that I can see that would help. I just don't see the reason in breaking traditions. ((Wolfie, I just want to state that even though I've got very strong opinions on this topic, I have -nothing- against you. I think you're a pretty cool person and I checked out your stream a few days ago and I found it to be very entertaining for the short time I watched it. Hopefully no ill feelings come out of this.))
  14. Frozh

    Teamspeak Descriptions

    It's a small feature and sure it won't hurt I suppose. Though at the end of the day, this isn't Mod where people would donate for credits to buy skins. So basically if you donate you should know you are not getting much other then some forum/TS features. Though you are helping the community which is a good gesture. Keep this project going. I've been here for three years and I would hate to see it just die. Though on a side note I'm still in opposition. Many of you could just dismiss it but as someone who's been here for 3 years I just got used to Descriptions only being edited by staff members and then we get to see funny/cool results. Sure you could edit it and put something edgy or something cool but I'd willingly accept not having that power so that the tradition lives on. That's just my opinion, I guess the people who've been here longer then a year could probably agree (Unless you never got noticed by staff and you've still got no description. I'm sorry to hear that I suppose.). I'm not trying to flame, argue or be a pain in the butt. I just think giving the ability to change your own description ruins the cool part of having a description. Not because you are a show off or anything but because a staff edited your description! Even if it's a meme I always find it cool. I basically think that's what gives the description a small magic, nothing major but it's just something that's been like this during the 3 years of me being a member. (Though not including the staff since they could edit their own descriptions. So some may have but that's their own choice I guess.. Sounding like a hypocrite now aren't I?) At the end of the day, this is somewhat a democracy (Well not really since Rolle is basically -snip to avoid making the big guy mad- an owner with all the power at his disposal if he wishes to use it). At the end of the day I just assume all the newcomers (that donated) who want to have a dank description will vote yes (Not being rude!). No real way a minority of old timers like myself are going to really stand in the way. Honestly the only benefit I see here is just giving another reason for people to donate money to DayZRP to get this. Which isn't all bad since it would help the server stay alive. Though is it worth destroying a small Teamspeak tradition for it? If this goes through I just think descriptions will loose that small amount of magic.
  15. Frozh

    Required IC Group Names

    No thanks. I'm sorry but in an apocalypse you don't prioritize to have a name unless you are trying to control some land or something.. Just saying.