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  1. Hello, DayzRP mod was recently updated, and a raid timer of destroying an object was increased to 3 minutes. That made me happy, but also made me wounder, should there be any limitations to what tools you can use for raiding? I'm not too familiar how advanced the modding is now, but I suppose, having just sledge hammer ( Just an option, could be anything ) to be the raiding tool for metal, and increase its rarity. And leave the good old axe for wood structures. I do understand its an RP server and the complexity for raiding shouldn't be over the top, but at the same time, we do have those individuals who decide to ruin anything that has an interaction menu while no one is watching. Personally I would enjoy making a visible base, not hidden from people, I'd like to have something going on there, but when I'm gone, I'd like to know its not being taken down by a fresh spawn. ( I think this should be in another topic, but add writable signs, thanks ? )
  2. Elvis used to be a student who enjoyed swimming in spare time. One day, he and his parents decided to take a trip in cars around Black sea. The trip started in turkey, and in six day time they managed to reach Chernarus. They managed to cross the border, but unfortunately they ran out of gas and they had to find a gas station. Elvis was left to look after car while they find the nearest gas station. Night came and they still didn't come back, so Elvis decided to sleep in car, and look for them the next day, unless they come back. Soon the sun was rising, and Elvis was on his way in parents footsteps. He found a what seemed abandoned gas station, and gave a look inside. Turned out it was the worst decision of his life, what he found was both of his parents on the floor with guts out, and a moving dead person. He tried to fight this thing, but he saw its no use. He had his last quick goodbye before he turned around and ran away with tears in his eyes. He was broken down but he knew that he wont let his parents deaths be for no reason.
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