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  1. FranzStigler

    S1 : KOS, BADRP, RULEPLAY - 12/6/18, around 21:10

    @ScarRP I would like to know how I "started to drive off" without starting the engine, plus the car did not have a spark plug or a battery. Also when you all started firing I stayed in the car and my allies just stood there for 5-10 seconds taking fire believing it was just warning shots. Why didn't I drove off then as you say? Why did I exited the vehicle instead and died there?
  2. FranzStigler

    S1 : KOS, BADRP, RULEPLAY - 12/6/18, around 21:10

    My POV: So me @Cuchulainn and @OxeN where running down the road from the "HQ" that sit on the north west corner of nwaf, heading towards the tents where we see a guy driving a car towards us. He stops the car and gets out and starts textrping. I couldnt see any of what he was typing so I just stood there for a while and talked to one of our guys that showed up moments later. For whatever reason I decide to get In the car, I press tab and see that there is no spark-plug or battery so i just mess around with the gears a bit when all of a sudden we start taking fire. We thought they were warning shots at first or people that try to get our attention, but then we saw the bullets impacting the ground. I was still in the car when my friends started running and as I exited the vehicle I got killed.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): there is no link to the punishment I got kicked from discord and my guys said that i got banned, I tried to join again but i cant so here I am. Why the verdict is not fair: It all happened in the heat of the moment and its the first time that I loose it like that Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I would like to apologize for what I started in general and for the OCC hate, I didnt meant anything What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Join discord again What could you have done better?: not loose it like that obviously. I should just make a report about the whole incident. General chat is no place for that.
  4. *Vadim was driving when he started hearing the different transmissions* "Yuri had a little respect for the house, that was his biggest mistake. He was sent as a messenger. And you did what? You hanged the fucking messenger. How fucking dare you." *He clears his throat* "let me tell you a story now. Genghis Khan once came across the Khwarezmian empire territory and sent a delegation of Mongol and Muslim merchants to explore diplomatic and commercial possibilities. Muhammad, the Khwarezmian king, nervous over the real military skill of the Mongols and the exaggerated accounts of their brutality, arrested the merchants and seized their goods.Khan, who was way more diplomatic than people generally gave him credit for, sent three envoys to Muhammad to offer him an easy out: blame the arrest of the merchants on a local governor, chop off his head, and move forward to establish diplomatic and commercial relations.The paranoid Khwarezmian ruler decided, instead, to humiliate the delegation by shaving their heads and beheading their interpreter.With this decision, Muhammad earned the enmity Genghis Khan, who rarely did anything half-way. He sent 200,000 elite Mongol troops to Khwarezmia, led by Genghis’ three greatest generals, with orders to kill everything, even pets. They captured Governor Inalchuq and executed him by pouring molten silver into his eyes and mouth. Muhammad ran from hiding place to hiding place before finally dying of pleurisy on a remote island of the Caspian Sea, leaving what was once a kingdom of 4 million subjects reduced to a heap of corpses and bones. I will leave you parasites to think of that. And i look forward on meeting that milk guy, sounds like his jaw is a bit loose. Couldn't understand half of what he mumbled about. The war ain't over and it wont be any time soon. Better patch those walls. *lets go of the PTT*
  5. FranzStigler

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    my body and soul to IFF
  6. FranzStigler

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    we are now at war with The House. We have gotten intel about them turning around and attacking innocent survivors. They recently also robbed a store and killed 4 foreingers. -thats exactly why we are against the house
  7. FranzStigler

    The Hobo Caravan [66.6]

    *Vadim listens to the message and cracks a smile as he presses the PTT* "Oh shit we have a war machine here" *he pauses and looks at the pipe-bombs Fionn is preparing* "Well for starters I'm thinking of shoving a pipe-bomb up your ass, I am sure it will fit just fine. As for the gentleman offering help, well it is much appreciated but since everyone is listening I suggest finding some other means of contacting us. This will be our final transmission and that is only because this Kenneth's frequency " *releases the PTT*
  8. FranzStigler

    The Hobo Caravan [66.6]

    *Vadim grabs the radio from the hand of Yuri and presses the PTT* "The fuck is he on about? This castle is the home of the IFF and those that are in friendly terms with us so If its not too much trouble we ask you to abandon your plans and leave" *Releases the PTT*
  9. FranzStigler

    Please... help us survive. (88.7)

    * Vadim listens to the transmission, clears his throat and presses the PTT * "This is Vadim from the I.F.F. , we will meet you there with a crate of canned food and water." * Voices can be heard arguing in the background, the transmission goes silent for a couple of seconds, then resumes * "We expect nothing in return, refugees will always receive help from us." "будь мужнім" * Vadim releases the PTT*
  10. Unfortunately there are no video evidence, just the text logs
  11. Well most of the groups are looking for you, its a matter of time not luck
  12. That is true , as we posted this on group ideas the day the kamenici got archived.
  13. My POV, I was overlooking the situation with my binos from the hill, i could see 5 friendlies standing in interacting with atleast 5 hostiles in vmc. I heard through the discord of some friendlies "PUT YOUR HANDS UP" and i see the hostiles raising their weapons and executing my guys. One of my men that was wearing a cowboy hat had an AK in his hands. the moment he moved 2ft and froze there. After a couple of seconds he fell dead. Two more guys were gunned down from the hostiles and the rest were hurt as i saw one of the hostiles bandaging @Tanasof. Counting from the moment the hostiles said "Put your hands up" and the moment they opened fire it was LESS ,than two seconds, thus giving little to no time to my guys to react . After the massacre I saw 4 hostiles looting the corpses of the fallen. From my point of view the initiation was first of all Invalid as it probably happened for gear as they had no reason to initiate. Also it seems like they had no intention on taking prisoners since even those that complied got shot as it was confirmed today by @Kimon . The hostiles were saying something about the house being hostile towards the "yellow armbands" and my guys repeatedly told them that we have never encountered the House and that the I.F.F. has nothing against the house.
  14. I would like to post my POV as i was over-watching the whole incident and i was in communication through discord with my team.
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