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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-Whole-Western-side-of-the-map-Avoiding-RP-15-05-2016-2100-2200?pid=1431269#pid1431269 Why the verdict is not fair: The post above mine directly addressed the video I just posted and I merely answered that I do not have a video of the whole encounter. Jetwell then proceeded to insinuate that I was being inappropriate at the South Barracks at the end of his post. His POV is NOT relevant to the report, yet he has posted numerous times when not even asked for by the staff team. I believe that my response was justified in answering his questions, which were directed at me. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Too many irrelevant people posted in the report when not asked for by the staff members, even after a warning was given out by a GM (Astrial).They continue to dogpile into the report, while offering no additional information. EDIT: For some reason, Astrial removed his warning on page two about unnecessary posts. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of warning points. What could you have done better?: Not answer questions directed at me
  2. Do you have the entire scenario like you previously stated? If so please provide us with it. That video basically sums up the majority of the RP I got from these people, and it is definitely indicative of what I saw after I chased them [video=youtube] After th3inory had been following us for 10 minutes from Myshkino, we finally got tired of being tailed for no reason and decided to confront him in a suitable location. When asked as to why he kept following, th3inory gave no reasoning other than we are "sketchy" for running away from people. Kala then proceeded to try and explain how the armed man on the hill in Myshkino spooked us, but this obviously didn't satisfy OP. Apparently people who run away from an impending robbery are labelled as "sketchy". Regardless, as can be seen from th3inory's quotes so far in this thread, everything that he stated has been refuted by our video footage. He and his friends make outlandish accusations with no proof in an attempt to slander us in this report. The only video footage that has been provided thus far was of me seemingly ignoring Speedstar at the airfield. What Speedstar failed to explain was that I've met him on the airfield on multiple occasions already and each time he asked me the same question, "Hi, are you looking for something? Perhaps I can offer it to you." Each time, I've said no and something in a similar context, yet he kept hassling me at every occasion. By the end of it, I just assumed he is just another white knight in the lonely lands of Chernarus.
  3. [video=youtube] Apologies in advance for the shitty audio. From this video excerpt, you can immediately tell that I tried to make friendly talk with OP in the beginning. However, after his rather rude comment about being too close to him, I decided to leave him alone. He no doubt thought I was PULSE CHECKING him, which I clearly wasn't. From OP's description of the events, he made it seem as if we didn't even bother talking to him at all. He even goes as far as to say we "ran around the town erratically", when that can not be further from the truth. I certainly hope you're not trying to lie in a report, th3inory. Edit: To put this into perspective, this was some time after we departed from NW Airfield and is the scenario mentioned in the report. I'm not sure why posting footage from NW Airfield is even relevant when this report is about the event in Myshkino.
  4. We have never encountered your group so how would we know whether you are hostile or friendly? When a large amount of people with similar clothing gather, it's always a good idea to run. Do you expect people to just stand there as an armed group arrives? Last time I checked, this is an apocalyptic world, where its each man for himself. Or are we all here to hold hands and sing Kumbaya in the middle of an airfield, while toasting marshmallows over a campfire? Perhaps we should also go into long detail about our personal backstories with complete strangers because that's exactly what survivors would do, right? Let's be honest, no sane survivor would stay around to see what a group of heavily armed men are up to. Several of you claimed to hear this "Lalala" thing, yet your story doesn't even coincide with the OP's statement, as Mex had stated in the above post. Please provide a video of this trollish RP you witnessed. From what I've read in your statement, the whole chase started because we were classed as "LOOT ROLE PLAYERS". Excuse me if I'm not aware of this, but is looting in-game frowned upon in DayZ standalone? Is it mandatory that we stop and talk to everyone we meet without fail? There seems to be some sort of expectation that everyone you come across in Chernarus will suddenly stop what they're doing and lay out their entire life history for you. And as a community helper, did you seriously use that OOC "potential loot role player" reason as justification for this in-game hostility, going as far as to call back up? Moreover, I'm not even sure why you even needed "reinforcements". We did not pose a threat to you at all. In fact we were just minding our own business until everyone showed up. From your words in the second paragraph, it seems as though you were plotting all along without any provocation from us. Lastly, when you "come out of hiding to show FORCE", I'm not sure what you intended to happen. Did you expect us to stop and stare at the both of you like deers caught in the headlight? "Oh no! How did you guys find us? Whatever should we do?!" No, I don't think so. Overall, please don't think others will act as you would in any given situation. Not all of us are willing and ignorant enough to just roll over and get robbed. Edit: Also, how are any of your POVs relevant to the current report? It's actually about the incident in Myshkino and not at NW Airfield.
  5. Names of Allies: Kala Hovman and Mex Hovman We were wandering around North West Airfield when we came about a lone man in the South barracks. Not giving it much thought, we just had a brief conversation with him. However, during the course of this, we spotted other people, one with a gasmask and another with a green beret, running around the periphery of the barracks, hiding behind the walls and being generally sketchy. Mex chased after the green beret man and we questioned him as to why he was sneaking about. He gave some vague answers and disappeared, only to come back later with his beret off. His friends and him then proceeded to make fun of Mex's hat, calling it a vagina and what not. If you look in the chat-logs, I'm sure you'll find something of the sort. More and more people started to show up, some of which had red armbands on. Some banter was thrown about, but after realizing that this was getting a bit hairy, we decided to leave. We looped about the airfield, looting the other barracks and hangars when another man came up to us out of nowhere. We exchanged some hellos and what not, though it wasn't long before we spotted his friends hiding underneath a tree right next to us. It was obvious that they were trying to rob us and failing miserably at that, especially when we found the rest of his friends sitting in other trees. When surrounded by a group of armed men, I'm sure anyone would feel as if their lives are in danger. So we did what any sane person would do and ran. The red armband boys gave some flailing excuse about why they were trying to ambush us but by that time, we were already running away. Call it what you like, but we were trying to value our lives instead of lingering about. They tried to chase after us but after realizing that they can't catch up, they stopped. By their pesky behavior, we knew that they would undoubtedly try to come after us, after a few of them got quite triggered when we flipped them off. We ran towards Vybor and grabbed a drink at the well when we noticed two red armband boys trying to hide behind a building near us. Not wanting to risk getting jumped, we ran away again, this time towards Stary Sobor. We met a few people there and had a good chat. From our interactions, we found out that the red armband boys were actually Zbor. The information didn't necessarily help us, since we had no clue who was actually in this group. We just went with the fact that anyone who was wearing a red armband and green hat/beret were most likely associated with them. We were running towards the military tents when Kala was thirsty after all the intense exercise. Having no choice, we went to Myshkino so that he can quench his thirst. While we were there, a random person with an armband (I could not identify the color since it was dark) and a boonie hat came up to us. He asked us what we were doing in this town, especially out in the middle of nowhere at night. Kala promptly educated the man that the military tents were nearby and that Myshkino was hardly in the middle of nowhere. We exchanged some more conversation until Kala spotted an armed man in the forest line, scoping us out with his drawn gun. Knowing that the red armband boys were after us, we told the boonie hat man that we were going to leave. Perhaps it was our lavish good looks that made boonie hat want to chase us, but he did so for the next 15 minutes. There was no reason given as to why he followed us and we did not know him well enough to just sit down a have a chat, especially when there are people after us. After a good 15 minutes, we stopped on the top of a hill and confronted him. We told him to back off and to stop following us. When I questioned him as to why he was following, he simply told me to shut the fuck up. It was quite obvious at this point that this man was with the Zbor because honestly, no sane person would chase someone across the map just to say hello. Despite all this, even after we told him to mind his own business, he continued chasing us until he finally gave up somewhere in the forest. We ran on for quite some time and eventually headed back towards Stary Sobor. Not spotting anyone, we ran further down towards Novy and logged out.
  6. ktbur


    What have we here?
  7. I don't think we've constantly said "Listen to my mixtape" in-game or IC at all. If you have evidence of otherwise please feel free to PM it to WarMachine. I'm sure he'll deal with it accordingly. Other than that, thanks for the feedback.
  8. A lot of the mix-tape talk on this thread are purely OOC, but at the same time, I don't see a reason why this would even be an issue IC. Having been brought up in poverty, there are a lot of things that my character, as well as other characters in the gang, can relate to in rap music. Chernarus was most likely fraught with oppression when under the rule of the Soviet state and even after the 2009 coup d'état, the country was still in civil unrest. Growing up in such a place makes you think differently and you had to do whatever was necessary to survive. So it wouldn't surprise me that a lot of these poor gang members would identify themselves with the rap that African Americans produced. Talks of drugs, violence and oppression in the lyrics were a reflection of their struggles and of the experiences that they've had. All in all, should talks of rap and hip hop culture be considered trollish behavior or just another means for character development?
  9. ktbur

    Zelenaya Bay Fishermen

    Best of luck, son. I'll be ordering plenty of sushi soon.
  10. Loved the RP today guys. Thanks for those that made the wedding possible.
  11. I have a feeling you were lagging everywhere because none of us could even see a person sneaking up behind us. Yet, the shots sounded like they were right next to our position. Video evidence will be provided once it is done being uploaded. Here is the video: [video=youtube] As can be seen from the video, I tried my best to keep in contact with the hostages during the entire time while trying to hunt for the hostile who was inside the compound. The hostages constantly went OOC during the situation and also after, going as far as to insult me by saying things such as: "Fuck you" and calling me a "bitch". I feel that the OOC insults were entirely unnecessary and disrespectful.
  12. ktbur

    KoS / RDM

    I hope you are not attempting to lie in a report because from the video evidence, your weapon was clearly on your back when I initiated. It was only after I initiated that you pulled your weapon out and then proceeded to point it at me. It was then that I shot. If what you saw was different than the evidence I presented, please upload a video of your own.
  13. ktbur

    KoS / RDM

    [video=youtube] All hostiles who did not comply were killed. Due to some misunderstanding, we got a team kill too hahaha!
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