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  1. Powerjake

    S1 - Tisy - Invalid Kill

    POV: Initiated on a guy, he put his hands up, I turned around for 1 second and he shot and killed optic and then me cause the ak74 bullets are trash. He got me fair and square, I had nothing to do with the invalid kills.
  2. Jake Powers was born in LA, California. He happened to be born in the hood, he grew up doing dope and selling drugs. He went to high school and dropped out as soon as he could to pursue gangs. He met Daquan Hammerstrong in a dank store ally waiting to meet up with a supplier. They talked briefly and Daquan Hammerstrong liked Jake enough that he wanted to rob a bank with him and test his skills. So they did, Jake Powers was inside the bank doing negotiations, and Daquan waited for the cops to arrive and slammed a semi-truck into the cops. They shot up all of the police there and escaped with the money. Once they met back up with the cash, Jake Powers was officially a member of the Hammerstrong gang. The hit stores, robbed banks, sold drugs, and only served minimum jail time. (6 month time jump) Jake Powers-Hammerstrong is involved in the murder of a police officer and must flee to a foreign country. He receieves tickets from Daquan-Hammerstrong to Chernarus. Jake Powers-Hammerstrong goes to Chernarus, and tries to start a new life. The Apocalypse happens and Jake Powers is all alone. For a few months he survived by himself, avoided people and scavenged at night. Things changed when he meets a group of people, the man in the front wore a red beret, and his name was Dalton. Jake Powers quickly fit in with the bunch and has been with Dalton's Gang ever since.
  3. powerjake has been contacted and will be active again within the group
  4. Powerjake

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    i did but it autocorrected to nozza i guess sorry bro i even typed in the rp part
  5. Powerjake

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    to all the vc chad guys and my friends you're not just friends anymore you are family we will come and prevail brothers we are chad and we will always have eachothers backs even though some of you are real assholes @OpticVC @AidanVC @IotaSilver @SkullHead53 @NightlyVC @[email protected] @Nozza @MuffMart @RedVC @Mike Wazowski sorry if i forgot you
  6. The two brothers grew up in Pennsylvania, living an average, middle class life. Their father was an avid hunter and would go on week long hunting trip with friends, and co-workers. Once Jeremy and Ricky were old enough, he decided he would take them with him on a long hunting trip to South Zagoria, Chernarus. Lot’s of animals roamed free in the forests and plains of chernarus, so it was the perfect place to take his two kids for a nice hunting trip. He also knew a bit of Chernarussian, as he had been in the country before many times to hunt. Shortly after they arrived, the country was put on lockdown as it collapsed due to the infection that plagued it. Ricky and Jeremy Clarks father died shortly after the chaotic outbreak, and it was a terrible loss for the both of them. They have been surviving together in this foreign country ever since, with little knowledge of the language and their surroundings. Scavenging, and roaming the apocalyptic lands of South Zagoria, Chernarus.
  7. Powerjake

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    thank god for getting rid of the fortnite building bullshit thanks guys
  8. "Man, live sure ain't very good any more wit' all these dead people. Damn nabbit rabbit. Well, let me tell you a little bout me and my bruther" It's a simple little story, really. Me and my brutther spent our early years roaming with ma. Pa had passed bout when we were three and we didn't have much, 'specially without no other family members in a position to help us, though they tried their damnedest. From Virginia to Florida, From Florida to Alabama....Missouri......Mississippi....Tennessee.... Arkansas.....Louisiana... Texas..... It was constant moving. We didn't mind too much, being young and all - it was just the way of life for us. We did miss not being able to form connections with friends as long, but it just made our bond stronger. 'Bout when we were eleven or ten, our grand daddy died. Turns out, he left mama his farm. We lived there for a few years - We really took to the art of farming. While mama had given us the full country family education y'know, farming, hunting, and fishin'.... We hadn't really known how the big farms work. We kept truckin though, and by the time I was eighteen.... I was a little less into the farmin' then my bruther, so I took up a job in the county sheriffs department. It took some hard work but I finally made it as a sheriff deputy. My bnruther and me were drifting a little apart cuz' I was away a bunch so we decided to reconnect on a huntin' trip. We went on a huntin' trip to the old chernarus. Goood forests but, looks like we done messed up and gots in the zombie apocalypse... dang nabbit....
  9. looks good to me john
  10. not gonna say anything else gonna let the admins make this decision
  11. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5/25/2019 around 22 Your in game name:Jake Powers Names of allies involved: dannick opticillunitic dany1 Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: was in stary with some friends, dannick, optic, and dany, we were buying things at the shop during day, relaxing chilling all that. then it turns night time and i'm just standing there on the sidewalk, beside dannick. I suddenly hear "(inaudible) and fal hands up", the person said it twice, the only thing i could understand was fal and hands up. My back was against the wall, I walked back off the sidewalk after the initiation drops, I look behind me, and then I walk back to the sidewalk after I see no one is behind me and I walk down the road towards kab, I took about ten steps then I got lit up by an SVD and died. It would be different if someone said "everybody hands up" but the initiation was on one person and it was unclear
  12. Powerjake

    "Girls Only Thread"

    helol john
  13. Powerjake

    S1 Invalid execution -20/05/2019

    : Get asked over radio by someone from Eden to come kill all the orange armbands taking it over. We agree and head over to the camp. After initiations the firefight ensues where I’m sitting there at the back gate initiating, they don't listen so we open fire. I shot a guy twice then got 1 tapped. Had nothing to do with eexcited john. But I don't think it's dannicks fault because he had a hostage and he still was getting shot at or whatever. I was right next to silver and modi mundi when this happened. I didn't kill a single soul
  14. Powerjake

    S1 Griefing, R4.4, R2.2 Eden 01:30 2019/05/21

    POV: We Attacked the camp trying to kill the House and free the hostages as we were contracted to do and was defeated. I have no idea what happened in regards to any sort of griefing as I believe this happened inside the camp long after I was already dead. IOTA SILVER and I were the first to die, I shot a guy in a tower like twice after initiation and died, so did Iota Silver. Don't know anything about this griefing stuff
  15. Powerjake

    my first interaction

    who did this and where john
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