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  1. looking forward to this group it will be fun
  2. POV: Initiated on a guy, he put his hands up, I turned around for 1 second and he shot and killed optic and then me cause the ak74 bullets are trash. He got me fair and square, I had nothing to do with the invalid kills.
  3. powerjake has been contacted and will be active again within the group
  4. i did but it autocorrected to nozza i guess sorry bro i even typed in the rp part
  5. to all the vc chad guys and my friends you're not just friends anymore you are family we will come and prevail brothers we are chad and we will always have eachothers backs even though some of you are real assholes @OpticVC @AidanVC @IotaSilver @SkullHead53 @NightlyVC @[email protected] @Nozza @MuffMart @RedVC @Mike Wazowski sorry if i forgot you
  6. thank god for getting rid of the fortnite building bullshit thanks guys
  7. looks good to me john
  8. not gonna say anything else gonna let the admins make this decision
  9. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5/25/2019 around 22 Your in game name:Jake Powers Names of allies involved: dannick opticillunitic dany1 Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: was in stary with some friends, dannick, optic, and dany, we were buying things at the shop during day, relaxing chilling all that. then it turns night time and i'm just standing there on the sidewalk, beside dannick. I suddenly hear "(inaudible) and fal hands up", the person said it twice, the only thing i could understand was fal and hands up. My back was against the wall, I walked back off the sidewalk after the initiation drops, I look behind me, and then I walk back to the sidewalk after I see no one is behind me and I walk down the road towards kab, I took about ten steps then I got lit up by an SVD and died. It would be different if someone said "everybody hands up" but the initiation was on one person and it was unclear
  10. : Get asked over radio by someone from Eden to come kill all the orange armbands taking it over. We agree and head over to the camp. After initiations the firefight ensues where I’m sitting there at the back gate initiating, they don't listen so we open fire. I shot a guy twice then got 1 tapped. Had nothing to do with eexcited john. But I don't think it's dannicks fault because he had a hostage and he still was getting shot at or whatever. I was right next to silver and modi mundi when this happened. I didn't kill a single soul
  11. POV: We Attacked the camp trying to kill the House and free the hostages as we were contracted to do and was defeated. I have no idea what happened in regards to any sort of griefing as I believe this happened inside the camp long after I was already dead. IOTA SILVER and I were the first to die, I shot a guy in a tower like twice after initiation and died, so did Iota Silver. Don't know anything about this griefing stuff
  12. Powerjake

    my first interaction

    who did this and where john
  13. this is powerjohn and i'm here to RP on dayzRP. a lot of you cool johns know me, but if you don't well fuck it. who gives a shit. thank you to my friends for wanting me to come on here and rp
  14. Powerjake

    I'm here!

    yeah @Red1 im trying to get whitelisted
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