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  1. Powerjake

    my first interaction

    who did this and where john
  2. LCPL 0-811 Field Artillery Cannoner Served 2 years in the USMC. Went through boot camp, a cannon crewman course, then finally being stationed at Camp Pendleton. Was transferred to Chernarus to help CDF gain control of cities and wipe out infected. Was eventually over run and split up from his artillery crew. Laying low just trying to survive in Chernarus, and link back up with USMC remnants. Is extensively trained in CQB, Artillery, Explosives, and Firearms.
  3. this is powerjohn and i'm here to RP on dayzRP. a lot of you cool johns know me, but if you don't well fuck it. who gives a shit. thank you to my friends for wanting me to come on here and rp
  4. Powerjake

    I'm here!

    yeah @Red1 im trying to get whitelisted
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