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  1. Having born in a post-Soviet Czechoslovakia he knew his way around a dystopian world. His father had joined the new Russian Army since he served with the Soviet's, leaving his sick mom and him alone in Prague. Wally worked job to job, migrating from town to town finding work to keep his mother alive and well. Then in 2007, his mother passed. He moved to a small town in his home country, and sold his mother's things. He lived in a one room apartment below a factory. He started to migrate to Russia. After seeing the conditions in Russia, he continued west, and heard of a country in distress named Chernarus, he wanted to make a name for himself so he went there and bought a bar and restaurant. In the basement he would store guns and other goods and sell them to anyone who want's to buy. When the infecteds became prominent in Chernarus, the bar became a blackmarket haven for survivors. Now he survives by trading and scavenging stores and old homes.
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