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  1. I would not agree, however, most of the groups on the server are made up of various friends, colleagues and people who hang out here on the DayzRP for a long time or know each other from real life. There is simply no chance that they give you the opportunity to join the group and do any roleplay since you’re not part of their OOC “clan” on some discord and you don’t exchange some dangerous memes with them. The only roleplay you can get from certain groups here is a very poor reason for initiation with even less roleplay reasons purely that they have reason to torture, rob or kill you
  2. Well, In case anybody wants to know how was the party...
  3. x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=xx=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x Early Age: Arseny Arsenyev was born in Orlovets, as his parents only child, is a good illustration of the saying "like father, like son", especially when it comes to appearance. He is in this respect almost the exact opposite of
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