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  1. Rex Wheeler

    Battlefield V

    Oh! If only! ?
  2. "White Arm"? Bila Ruka...
  3. See you when 0.63 hits! :) o7 to all my frends and foes!

    1. Fiizio


      Yes, my friend :) 

      Hoping to have lots of good memories with you then man!

    2. Rex Wheeler

      Rex Wheeler

      We will! For sure! Join discord sometimes! :)

  4. Arseny was a lowly farmer back in Orlovets who lived with his parents. Growing up he pushed the plow, and carried equipment, so he was a strong man. He also went hunting on his day off, and during the winters, so he's very good at sneaking, and with a rifle. He lived his life in relative peace and only violent things were old war tales of his father, by listening to that, Arseny slowly became more and more Nationalism oriented and he was very proud of his father. When civil war happened Arseny was not member of any political party or anything just a man that is scared for faith of his homeland so he took arms against "The Chedaki". He joined Chernarussian Defence Forces to defend his homeland from communism. Because he was strong he was carrying a PKM LMG named "Natasha" after girl Arseny fell in love with when he was younger. As a soldier he was very brave, decisive, and professional, he was able to carry out any given command without much problem and he did not ask many questions. Because of all that he was spotted by right sector Chernarussian extremists who saw a good opportunity in Arseny. Soon he became brutal, violent machine. He was so blinded by Nationalism and love towards his homeland that he did not feel any remorse, guilt, or showed any kind mercy to his foes. That is when he got nickname "Vuk" (Wolf). Durring years of war, Arseny did lot of bad things he is not proud off neither he talks about. Arseny got some free time to return home and take rest from everything. After few days sleeping he went out hunting. When he returned to his family farm, it was in ruin, torched to the ground. He found only one survivor, an old man who lived across the street, who had been mortally wounded, but was still clinging to life. He explained with his last breaths that rest of people who lived in village went crazy and started to attack and bite everyone. The old man passed, and Arseny noticed the man was holding the gun, it was an Colt 1911 with white handles and skull engraved in. He took the gun and put it in his backpack. Arseny salvaged what he could from the wreckage of his home, unfortunately, it wasn't much. With only a rucksack, a knife, he wanted find out what happened to his family and rest of the villagers, there was chaos on the streets, roads, so he took path throughout forest he knew so well since his was a little child. =x=x=x==x=x=x= Personality: Reserved Only speaks when he needs to Tries to hide away his violence Suffers from PTSD. =x=x=x==x=x=x= =x=x=x==x=x=x= Likes: Nationalism Homeland Shooting Order and discipline Weapons =x=x=x==x=x=x= =x=x=x==x=x=x= Dislikes: Communism Arrogant people Irresponsible people Liars Alcohol Drugs =x=x=x==x=x=x=x=
  5. Rex Wheeler

    The Pedlars - OPEN RECRUITMENT

    Well, good luck with this!
  6. Rex Wheeler

    Snow Pictures in your area :D?

    One from work today..
  7. Rex Wheeler

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    10/10! Awesome!
  8. Rex Wheeler

    • Rex Wheeler
    • BostonRP

    <3 miss u! :/

  9. @Niccokick it sure was, I had other things to do, but I got back to Sev.. we continue today..
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