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  1. Memory loss / Virtual Memory Questions

    Bro your PC is beast, but game is just full of bugs and glitches, memory leak and stuff, so please just be patient for new patch to get out and you will see that patch will fix that problem! Enjoy the game! (If u can)
  2. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    I like your signature Spartan!
  3. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    By the number of "BeanZ" and posts I think he is very important to this community!
  4. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Kylie Jenner lips? 8/10
  5. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Amen to that!
  6. Go to "Devils Castle" I always found sword and helm there!
  7. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Very polite robber
  8. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Rain, sad guy, nice graphic, nice rain, yellow post bag? 8/10
  9. Rex Wheeler

    Rex was a lowly farmer back in Orlovets. He lived his life in relative peace. Growing up he pushed the plow, and carried equipment, so he was a strong man. He also went hunting on his day off, and during the winters, so he's very good at sneaking, and with a rifle. One unfortunate day, however, Rex was out hunting, teaching his cousin Hector to track and use a rifle. They had some luck and had snagged a few small animals. When they returned to their family farm, it was in ruin, torched to the ground. They found only one survivor, an old man, who had been mortally wounded, but was still clinging to life. He explained with his last breaths that rest of people who lived in village went crazy and started to attack and bite everyone. The old man passed, and Rex noticed the man was holding the gun, it was an Colt 1911 with white handles and skull engraved in. Rex took the gun and put it in his backpack. Rex salvaged what he could from the wreckage of his home, unfortunately, it wasn't much. With only a rucksack, a knife, Rex wanted to escorted his little cousin to safety, but there was chaos on the streets, roads, so they forgot about safety and focused only on survival. They headed north, they got horribly lost, and not having the foresight to bring a map, he stumbled aimlessly for days. Eventually though, they into a battle. There was an group of soldiers, they were shoting at group of people that rushed towards them. For Rex soldiers were always a welcome sight, they meant safety. But this time he realised something is not right so him and Hector tried to sneak past soldiers but they broke formation and began to chase them By some stroke of misfortune, Rex was caught up in all the excitement. Men ran by him swinging knifes, and weapons, someone ran into him, and Rex was knocked over. He stumbled, and tried to get back up, but just then something hard hit his head. And he crumpled to the ground. When Rex came to, his hands were bound and he was slumped over in the back of a car, rolling down a steep mountain road. In the car, bound like him, was a simple old man, one of the local farmers. Somehow Rex managed to open door and jumped out from a car down the road to the woods, he hit his head and darkness was only thing he saw.. After he got awake, he did not knew where he is, what time it is, he only knew he needs to cut loose and try to get him self together and try to find Hector...
  10. Chewy's DayZ fan art :3

    Should I sent her some examples? huh Jimmy?
  11. "Vernost" Media Thread

    Looking sharp brothers!
  12. "Vernost" Media Thread

    That is not nice thing to say Walt Jr!
  13. Staff Feedback

    BigRig- I would like to thank him for helping me out. I had few problems when I tried to apply for membership here, I got into your TS3 and room "Waiting for Staff Help" as soon I got inside, BigRig joined and ask how he can help, so I asked him to explain some stuff for me, because my english is not that great, so he took atleast 30 or more of his minutes to help me out, he was patient and very helpful, he tried his best to break it down for me and make it simple, after I solved problems, I asked him about community, RP, admins, groups so he was kind enough to explain all that + he shared some rp moments with me.. Durring all this time he was polite, fun, helpful and he knew alot about game, lore, rules and roleplay!