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  1. Server and location: S1-Nizhnoye Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-09-17 20:18 Your in game name: Novovcka Svetla Names of allies involved: @Fidelis Name of suspect/s: Unkown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I had been in Berezino hanging out with people in the bar when my Fiancée asked me to run up the coast and check on her house. I did so, and as I was walking up to the house she looked over my shoulder and pointed out that her car tent was missing, before realizing that it had been packed up and left on the ground. The multiple things inside of it were gone too, unknown if those had already despawned or were actually stolen. I went to help desk to ask what I should do and talked to @Duke who told me to make a report. I would like to close the close this report
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  6. Childhood Novovcka Svetla was born alongside his twin sister Adina on June 3rd, 1992 to an ethnic Russian father and a Chernarussian immigrant mother in the city of Mariupol, Eastern Ukraine. Dima, the twins' father, was a retired official in the Ukrainian Internal Affairs Ministry who'd met their mother Marina at a bar in Belozersk, Chernarus. The boy's early life consisted of school and roaming the streets with his friends and sibling, often trying to find various flavors of harmless trouble to get into. Be it staying out late, shoplifting from local shops, or fighting their peers on the streets of their home city. By the time the two were 13 they had been brought home by the police more times than their father could count, and the traditional punishments had ceased working on the two. Growing up the two were not as tied down as they likely should've been. Their father at first lived off of the belief that the trouble they would inevitably get into and the punishments they received would build character. Their childhood years were spent among the poorer class areas of the city. While the twins themselves came from a frugal upbringing, the company they kept were often in the same class as them, trouble making punks that probably needed to be straightened out. As they grew closer to teenagers the severity of their crimes got worse and worse until one day Dima was awoken in the early hours of the morning by the police at the door with his son who had been caught burglarizing an establishment. The boy was let off easy, as the officer that had arrested him knew and respected his father. Their father spent a few weeks pondering on what to do about his children who were, in his eyes, going down a bad path. Despite being disruptive troublemakers, the two were amazing students. Both of them excelled in their studies and even picked up extracurricular activities on the side in attempts to pass themselves off as good kids, which yielded little results in their favor. Dima had half made up his mind on sending the pair to a boarding school when a coworker whom he'd discussed the topic with in the past brought something to his attention. The government had been hosting an youth exchange program that would send a specific amount of students to study for four terms of secondary school in the United States in exchange for four years of service in any Ukrainian industry. Knowing from experience what its like studying in a national boarding school, Dima opted for the latter and before they knew it the two siblings were on an airplane across the Ocean. Besides spending summers in their mother's home country of Chernarus, Novovcka and Adina had never left Ukraine. The two had to learn English in preparation to their exchange, something Novovcka struggled with for a long time. He had a hard enough time learning Ukrainian, let alone a language totally different than his native Russian tongue. Other than the language barrier, Novovcka was nervous about how they'd fit in where they were going seeing as their father had signed them up for four consecutive years of it. Life in the States Going to school in America was an odd situation to be in for Novovcka. There he was, a foreigner who barely spoke and read English just slapped down in the open, blisteringly hot state of Nevada. The culture shock was very visible on him by everyone he'd met in at minimum the first 8 months. His English wasn't good, his attitude was bad, and the urge to go home was even worse. It felt like the only person he had to call his friend was his sister, as everyone he'd gone to school with during those months had only been able to piss him off and get him into the same kind of trouble he had gone there to get away from. Something that became very triggering to Novovcka during his first year of secondary school was how common it was for his American peers to mispronounce his name. Throughout his teenage years the boy had a light speech impediment that sometimes made him hard to understand, especially when speaking in his second and newly acquired third language. Due to this, his fellow students would often mistake his saying of "Novovcka" as "Novavcka". At first, this was something that he would try to correct, often trying to specify the proper pronunciation to the ignorant people around him, but after a while it got to the point where he would get very visibly angry when people would make the mistake, even if it was their first time doing so. Those around him, including his own sister, took notice to this, and a cycle began where people would go out of their way to pronounce his name as incorrectly as possible just to annoy him. The trend caught on to the point where Novovcka gave up entirely, allowing people to call him the incorrect name. While it was something that upset him, all of the pestering and bullying that he faced had given him the opportunity to meet a few people he'd eventually end up calling friends. This mixed with the healthy serving of humble pie that Novovcka desperately needed oddly enough ended up keeping him out of trouble. While hearing his name slightly butchered was frustrating since it was such an easy one to pronounce, the boy eventually grew to get over it, especially since the more shortened "Nova" became more common place around his small group of friends. While he still thought it was stupid, Nova was a decent nickname that he found himself fond of. As he mellowed out, Nova found himself performing better at his new school in America. Over the next three years he would effortlessly soar through schooling until the day he finally graduated and received his diploma. As the original plan went, the two finished secondary school and within the month were back on a plane on their way home. While they had been able to go back over their summer breaks, the two were especially excited to go back home for good. While the two grew fonder of the United States during their time there, their hearts cried out for Ukraine. For home! Military Service As promised, the summer of 2010 when Nova and Adina returned to Ukraine was to be their first in the Ukrainian National Guard. The boy was trained in a compound outside of the country's capital of Kiev and spent the majority of his time enlisted standing around doing nothing. It was a simpler time where the country's largest problem was the backwards ass government that had come into power since Nova had been away studying in America. Prior to going to America, he'd never been interested in politics, but seeing the heated climate and all the problems that country had allowed him to open his eyes to what was going on right in his own home. While he was serving, Nova found himself angry at his government over the state the country was in after he'd returned. While it was never perfect with events such as the Orange Revolution occurring the year prior to them leaving, the situation had seemed to only get worse in the region of Ukraine he'd returned to. It felt as if, even at the time, the country was under the thumb of the Russian federation. Even their own prime minister who the country fought to get in his rightful place was resting on the country's ticket into the EU in efforts to not upset Russia. As his years in the military went by, Nova, despite being an ethnic-russian, found his anti-russo sentiments growing as he began expressing support for political organizations taking part in Euromaidan. Though as he'd learn at the end of his time in the National Guard, politics mean very little when bullets start flying. During his last few months enlisted in the National Guard Nova watched from Mariupol as Russia walked in and took Crimea with next to no resistance from Ukraine other than words. In the coming months the situation only seemed to grow worse as the fighting pushed west onto Mariupol's doorstep before kicking the whole thing down entirely when pro-Russian forces attacked a police station that left multiple law enforcement personnel, including his father, killed. Volunteer Service After the Battle of Mariupol had ended, the Svetla family was in shock. They no longer felt safe in Ukraine and their mother figured the best course of action would be to return to her home in Chernarus. Though this did not sit well with either of the siblings. Despite how much their mother begged and pleaded with them, the twins insisted on staying behind in Donetsk. The two ended up in Right Sector as members of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps. The two served as Volunteers until September of 2014 when their battalion moved into the city of Ilovaisk before being abandoned and surrounded by pro-Russian forces. Most of the unit they had been apart of had perished in the fighting which meant they had been left as part of a scrap that had to connect with another, much larger battalion that had been left behind also. Over the course of a few days an agreement was made to allow the enclosed Ukrainian soldiers and Volunteers out of the city peacefully. During the convoy out of enemy lines someone must have changed their minds because rounds and bombs started flying. As they were attempting to flee pro-russian forces opened fire on their vehicle , supposedly killing Adina instantly and severely wounding Nova, leaving him out of action for a number of months. After Nova's recovery, his faith in Ukraine was all but gone. The incompetence of the Government and Military leaders had resulted in him losing his family, his home, and his sanity. The man had only been fighting in this war for a few months but still somehow managed to have almost everything taken away from him. It felt like their leaders were just constantly sending them into the Russian meat grinders without any forethought or plan. Though there was nothing else Nova could do. All he thought about was everything that had been taken from him. His sister, his father, and his home were all gone because of not only the Russians, but the failures of their own Government. Nova remained a volunteer after he was cleared of his injuries. He maintained his role, jumping from multiple battalions all around the Oblast, mostly sticking with Azov battalion. A notorious group with flawed ideology and bad history. Nova didn't care. He wasn't fighting for Ukraine anymore, he was fighting for his family. Svetla became apathetic to the cause, only remaining on the frontlines of Donetsk for some kind of romantic notion of revenge. In his mind the people he was fighting were no longer people. They were just Russians. Moving On This was Nova's life for the next four years. Sitting in fox holes, shooting over fields, trying to sleep under constant bombardment. Sometimes stretches of peace happen, but they never lasted. It was hell, and there was no escape. Nova often thought about how things were before Crimea, before Donetsk. He remembered how easy everything was when he was just getting in trouble for stupid things back in the good old days. He never wanted to be a soldier. It was his father's idea to sign him up for the exchange program in the first place, he just wanted to go visit America for a few years. He didn't expect any of this to come from it. He missed his friends, he missed his family. After all the years of fighting, Nova had figured he'd had enough. There wasn't any number of Russians he could kill that would bring back his father, his sister, or the life they all lost. He wasn't going to be the one to save Ukraine. One day in the middle of winter, 2018 he stood up, placed his Kalashnikov against the wall, and left the checkpoint he had been stationed at. All the next person on guard duty found when coming to relieve him was a note that read: "I have done my duty to our country, they put the fire to the straw but I have burnt out, Slava Ukraine. -Novovcka Svetla" Having made it out of Donetsk alive, Nova's first and only order of business was to buy a plane ticket to Belozersk, Chernarus and try to find the only person left from the life he'd lived before.



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