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  1. I would hope not. A good perspective to have is one who's been on the outside for a while. Knowing why they left could help prevent others from leaving as well.
  2. We out here havin' opinions n' shit.


    Good to see some amicable community discourse going on, it's healthy to get all these thoughts off our chest and into the air. 

    1. NillerSB


      Novi you're too wholesome for this shit

  3. This is a good point, I think I understand what @Mikemeans now about people who can't find the line between it being just a game and people who take everything ingame as if it affected them in real life. This is a good mentality to have fellow community member JRP and I wish more people had it. For the longest time I thought a minority few in the community were toxic instigators who stirred up shit but the reality is that everyone is guilty of getting heated out of character and taking it to the forums in some capacity or another. I feel like if people would cross the parallel and try the play
  4. Now this is epic. Merlin is awesome, I always love to see vehicle variety especially with helis. My only thing is that they shouldn't be as common as the other helis, there should be one maybe two at most in the server. If we can't have the bus, the merlin is the next best option. Sky bus.
  5. I'm not trying to take sides in this particular discussion because personally I don't believe that having a member of staff on your roster protects your group in any way from punishment, but what I will comment on is the snitch/snake mentality of DayzRP. One of my favorite groups this lorewipe was SGRU and they archived right after setting up the best quarantine zone/hub we've had all lore because of, in the group leaders own words, too many snakes. I was not part of SGRU nor do I know the exact details that led to archival, nor do I intend to spread rumors, but I heard the reason for this was
  6. This argument always confuses me, are you referring to people who take their characters too seriously? If that is the case I don't know what to tell you, maybe try a PVE server? The point of this server is to roleplay. Not FiveM "roleplay" either, I and many others enjoy DayzRP for it's promoted high quality roleplay so to see members of the community complaining about people who take RP too seriously feels confusing to me. Now if you're talking about people who use the DayzRP server as a social space and get upset when people try and roleplay in a different way with them (hostile or otherwise
  7. All I know is all my friends are leaving so I'm probably gonna be leaving too. I have plenty of opinions about this place and the staff team that many people before have said and instantly been banned for so I'll just keep it to myself, but it was a blast while it lasted. Thank you to @K2Uand @YAKMOUTHfor giving me an amazing roleplay experience for the past year. It's a shame I never got to see the stories with Thomas fleshed out, but it is what it is. I feel like this communities biggest issue is that people can't leave shit in character or out of character. Every time any confl
  8. Novi

    Add Dogs

    I've been trying to tame wolves for years by locking them in sheds and throwing beef and mutton steaks through the window but they still just run out and bite me, so this is a +1 for me.
  9. Novi

    Recovered Adventures #3

    Finally, a religion I can get behind
  10. Psh, developer. When you gonna develop yourself some bitches. Distress makes it go down smoother.
  11. I'm feelin' pretty stinky today
  12. The Chedaki soldier that's just eating chips as they're slow walking you up the mountain is my spirit animal. "I would like to toss him down hill him down hill" "Alright, well fuck you."
  13. Server offline got me actin' strangely 

    1. tz


      Got me hot and bothered 😕 

  14. Zanana is a great example of how someone's clothes can act as an signature for that character. Everyone knows when Daniil is around because of it.
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