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  1. who cares? this is super rare and i think its unhealthy to care this much about getting people perma banned.
  2. me when i log in to dayzrp
  3. Thank you for finally implementing my suggestion, this thread can now be closed. //close
  4. so are you having fun with dayz on console? I've heard it doesn't run too well, I'm curious about your opinions.
  5. Don't carry good stuff you won't get robbed as much
  6. If you don't want to get robbed don't walk around in gear that's worth robbing. It's been the same way on this server forever, if you don't have something worth robbing then you won't get robbed, sometimes people will initiate on you anyway because hostile RP is fun, if their roleplay is as bad as you're claiming you can report them for badrp. As someone who roles with a lot of people who play primarily for hostile RP I don't really see this very often anymore. Even some of my friends who used to do the things you complained about are starting to be more roleplay-centric in their initiations. The server has been basically the same forever. The only thing that really changes is the people getting robbed. Their's a million ways in rp to try and avoid getting robbed, complaining on the forums won't change anything. Honestly I just kill people whenever they say shit like this now, tired of hard asses thinking they can get away with talking shit when they're hostage. I think the bigger problem on the server is trash hostage RP. I used to put a lot of effort into interrogation and torture RP when I took people hostage but the reciprocatory RP I get is so fucking bad now It's not even worth it. You can hold someone up, but in a ton of effort to give them good roleplay, leave them with most of their stuff and they'll still bitch about it afterwords.
  7. I have an idea for a better zombie update, remove them, zombies hate the cold, don't you remember .58?
  8. The fact that this game is a running simulator is half the reason why I can't make myself play, I see no real negatives from this, please implement this somehow. like 10% of the people who play this game play for the survival elements, they are the most boring part of this game, who cares
  9. Cannibal U.N Cannibal U.N put me on the roster @JewRP
  10. If I can direct you to my previous reply
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