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  1. If this isn't the right answer I guess I need to take the whitelist test again. Honestly though, I get that some people are new/new-ish to RP when they come here, but I remember when I joined I tried super hard to make sure I followed all the rules, and didn't ruin other people's experiences because I knew I wasn't going to be great. I even remember going off on my friend who I joined with for talking OOC in Voip back in 2016
  • YNW Law

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    In a stand off with opposing group for like an hour, friend of mine asks in ooc "//permissions to log?" Guy says in voip,"Fuck no you can't log out." This one guy broke character in voip like 5 or 6 times in a single hostile interaction.
  • YNW Law

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    I also have a video or two of people going ooc in voip. It's so common these days.
  • YNW Law

    Hi there!

    Welcome, Jackie Legs!
  • YNW Law

    False Report?

    Not at all what happened This group of people was at Bash telling others that they were in search of the 24th St vatos. Scar happens to roll up while this conversation is happening and Dusty tells them that's he's part of the group they're looking for. I'm not sure if you think those guys at Bash were Dusty's allies or something, and I really don't understand how Scar walking up to the conversation on his own is "Leading him to a trap" I think all around the deserved verdicts on both sides was a not guilty on Dusty for baiting and based on former hostilities, while borderline, a not guilty for ruleplay is arguably fair.
  • YNW Law

    False Report?

    I could probably link 10 + reports where this exact situation goes the other way. I have literally never seen a report where a single punch and then backing away is considered a hostile action worthy of gunning someone down. I'm genuinely baffled right now. Calling this NFVL is bad enough. There is a generally accepted standard that you can punch someone a single time, and be hostile towards them and it's not ok to just gas them, it's been verdicted so many times it's just common knowledge at this point. Then, to not only completely go against every other verdict ever done with basically this exact same scenario, but to also call it a false report is completely insane. It's like if someone reported someone for KOS, and then staff decided, "In this situation we think KOS is acceptable, and since that's how we feel, this is a false report" I get that we have a very fresh GM team right now, and people are still learning the ropes, but this is unacceptable.
  • YNW Law

    Law's Garbage Tier Videos

    Thank you, Dusty
  • YNW Law

    Law's Garbage Tier Videos

    Roleplay, PVP, Shenanigans, all the good stuff.
  • YNW Law

    Real life picture Thread

    Awesome! I love the gamer elbows!
  • YNW Law

    Tally Your Bans

    162/30= 5.4 all on the new website. 118 of those points are from being final warning'd and perma'd twice each. Former Hall of Shame leader.
  • YNW Law

    Twitch staff Q&A questions

    Question: I've seen many other servers with insanely impressive, very high effort, consistently updated mods, and I really don't see a reason not to use them. Is there any chance in the future that some of these popular high quality mods will make their way to the dayzrp mod pack?
  • YNW Law

    Failed Robberies Thread

    First time I've been initiated on by one person in months.
  • YNW Law

    Make the AK more common again.

    The AK-47 and variants are some of the easiest guns in the world to mimic and reproduce. A good majority of AK's in use by militant groups aren't produced in factories.
  • YNW Law

    Walking Dead Glitch

    Interesting glitch I got when trying to kill myself to change my character model.
  • YNW Law

    Four Corners Hustlers [Very Strict Recruitment]

    Unfortunately based on some recent revelations I'd like to request that the group page be archived, at least for the near future. Hopefully if things change we can bring this back and try again soon. Thanks to all the roster members for playing along, and trying to get the group off the ground.
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