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  1. I thought your group's roleplay the last couple days was great, it was thoughtfully creative, and rather hilarious, I enjoyed it... 9_9 

    It's a damn shame you guys were banned . :( I hope Staff will accept your appeal to come back at some point... 

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    Just enjoy the summer time Law... I'll find you!

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    you'll be back boi...dont worry

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      yup you right ..never mind.i saw it

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  2. Mongo POV: Myself and the rest of the Akachi pirates were running through the streets of severograd when we saw a bus driving through town. We ran up to the bus and hopped in asking where they were going. They asked where we wanted to go but had no real destination so I jokingly said "This is a party bus lets go to bus town." or something along those lines. Anyways our ultimate goal in this situation was to steal the bus seeing as we are actual pirates and thats what we do. We were able to pull off a scheme where one of our members stole the glow plug then when the driver got out they put it back in and I got into the drivers seat. Apparently the female driver lost connection, but I didn't know that. I simply began driving away to the coast. Everyone in the bus seemed completely on board with what was going on and many were laughing and having friendly casual conversation. Had the two who were apparently with AIko said something they would've had the ability to completely change the tone of RP. Instead they sat in silence and accepted what had happened. The reason I was heading to the coast was originally to pick up our friend Larry who was the one who got desynced out of the bus, however when we got to Svet people began coaxing me to drive the bus into the water. I always choose to do things based on what I think my character would do and seeing as my character is drug-addled, attention desiring pirate I thought it made sense to listen to all the poeple telling me to do so. I failed several times which gave everyone the chance to get out and we continued on our attempt to get the bus in the water. Unfortunately since the game is stupid and 10+ people can't physically move a bus with their hands people resorted to the methods which are known in game to move vehicles. We finally after about 30 minutes of trying (Or at least what felt like 30 minutes) were able to get the bus in and people were very happy since it'd taken so long and so much effort. We joked around on the shore once I got to it about that being the maiden voyage and such and we celebrated by shooting our guns in the sky. If you think it's so weird to shoot guns out of celebration then this video will be a real shocker. After all this I logged off to go play some Siege since I had been in game all day. I really don't think this is an issue in any way considering there was never any form of initiation and there were no real hostilities of any kind so the idea of combat logging wasn't anywhere in anyones mind. I want to call for an investigation for false report during the course of this due to these accusations. We have played coastal African pirates of several varieties many times and we take a ton of caution purposely to not say any of this stuff. On the topic of me saying I'm the captain I am literally the captain of the crew, and have been for a long while, you can read my characters background here if you want to see that he has always been the captain and this wasn't just some weak attempt at a meme, and even if it was there is no reason to assume that a rich pirate captain who had been retired for quite a while wouldn't know something that well known in pop culture based around his own lifestyle. Also the fact that we're repeatedly being referred to as "Ugandan" despite never saying anything that would link us to Uganda, and that Uganda is a landlocked country while we are pirates even further shows that these accusations are just based on salt and make no sense. None of us even find the meme funny which is one of many reasons it has become the bane of our existence as people who choose to play African characters.
  3. Teamspeak and Discord

  4. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    That's the whole point of the report. This isn't an rdm or kos report it's a mis-ID report because you mis-ID'd someone.
  5. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    There are no dynamics anymore which means we had no kill rights on you and you had no kill rights on us. And we werent allies we just simply weren't the people they wanted dead.
  6. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    Mongo Okeke POV: As Mr.Clean said we met at the police station and heard a bunch of shots go off. We weren't sure what had happened but the shooting got a ton of zombies on us and neither of us had guns out so we ran towards where we thought we heard shooting and knew anarchy had gone to get some help. They killed the zombies for us and then said they thought their might be a guy in the bar. Clean decided to check it out and as soon as he went up the stairs all I heard was a bunch of shots and saw his body on the ground. Anarchy then killed him since he was part of their firefight and I left the area.
  7. Events "Protection"

    No there's not hostility on public servers you just get killed. Hostile RP is what makes DayzRP fun. If you don't want hostile RP that's good because that's the point. to create a dynamic of fear. There's a lot of other fun parts like making friends ooc and ic and internal RP and such, but it's the hostilities that really make the super crazy and memorable situations. I once again want to point out that I am not someone who consistently holds people up or even does it slightly often, but I recognize that good hostile RP is what really makes the RP super fun.
  8. Events "Protection"

    This is a non-argument.
  9. Events "Protection"

    This game is made for hostile actions. If people don't want hostilities go roleplay in a different community. If you're going to RP like a big bad ass when people are clearly being hostile to you then not comply you have no right to complain. People shouldn't need a good reason to initiate in the first place. We're getting further and further from RP and closer to just a no hostilities server. This is coming from somebody who rarely does actual hostile RP. The only reason you get so many complaints, Rolle, is because people are idiots and don't comply so they die, or they carry an ungodly and unrealistic amount of shit on them which makes them obvious targets to rob. GearRP shouldn't be considered a bad thing, either. If this situation were real and a large, well armed group of people decided they wanted you dead or wanted your stuff then that's just too bad you either die or give them your stuff. To reiterate my point, this isn't even DayZ roleplaying anymore it's just playing house. Edit: on the other hand if you're gonna bitch about people doing campfire RP and internal RP then how bout you just get over it. While it makes sense for people to do hostilities it also makes sense for people to be afraid of getting robbed or killed and for them to hide and run and protect themselves. Let people RP how they want and deal with it. You don't need to get along with each other since inherently the two groups shouldn't, but that doesn't make either style of RP illegitimate or wrong.
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