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  1. Implying zombies are necessary in any way for an apocalypse???????
  2. Finally, someone who has any idea what they're talking about.
  3. In my defense it was a 1v3 with a gun I've never actually used. Also I ain't no gamers son.
  4. Thank you, Shanoby, very cool.
  5. Good thing we're lore wiping this year then, huh.
  6. just get rid of the fucking zombies, dude. They add actually nothing. Increase predatory animal spawns and remove zombies, then you might have something enjoyable.
  7. Haven't actually taken the test in a bit, but this is where I land every time I do
  8. Law

    Make Youtube audio not ear splitting

    To hopefully put a stop to this argument before it gets repeated a hundred more times, people still want to hear other people's music. Disabling auto play isn't helpful. It's not a good suggestion, and it doesn't fix the actual problem.
  9. Law

    Make Youtube audio not ear splitting

    Turn down the default volume on all profile and character music would be better tbh. It's all too loud.
  10. Jared grew up in the small town of Waterloo, Wisconsin. He was an only child, and lived with his father and mother. Jared was a very odd child, and was assumed by his parents to have some kind of disability. Unfortunately, however, they were much too poor to send him to a specialist or any kind of doctor for that matter to find out. Jared did very poorly in school, and made no friends since he was such an oddity. The one thing that could ever get him to pay attention was marine science. He loved learning about the ocean and the wildlife who lived inside of it. Eventually, at the age of 14, Jared was forced by his father to drop out from school. The family could no longer afford to take care of Jared with the money they were making, and they felt their only option was to make him get a job. Jared was made to apply at the cheese factory where his father worked. Similar to his schooling, Jared was not very productive at his new job. He was often times found playing with the food from the production line, and would have breakdowns which would leave him screaming at his coworkers for no reason. Luckily for Jared his foreman was understanding of the situation that Jared was in due to his assumed disability, and the fact that he truly needed the money. After a few years of a boring life working at the factory Jared's father and mother surprised him with something that would change his life forever. The pair had been setting aside money with every paycheck for several years to take the three on a vacation, and the vacation was a diving trip in the ocean. Jared was absolutely ecstatic, and his reaction was caught on tape by his mother. (seen below) Unfortunately the trip didn't go as well as hoped. It turned out that Jared was no good at seafaring, and was prone to constant breakdowns, and anxiety attacks whilst aboard the ship. He was almost always seen below deck, hiding in his quarters, trying his best to get over the constant feeling of panic. After multiple days his father and mother coaxed him to come out of his room, and hang out above deck. They did there very best to keep him calm, and after a few close calls were able to get him slightly more acclimated to the situation. It took a few more days, but eventually Jared was able to handle his time on the boat. After he had become used to life on the boat the next step was convincing him to actually go diving. This turned out to be easier than expected, since deep down it was the thing that Jared wanted to do most any way. Jared's only condition is that he wanted both of his parents to be with him when he went under, so the three suited up and prepared for their dive. Mere moments after the trio submerged tragedy struck. The family was attacked by a school of tiger sharks. Jared watched in pure horror as his mother and father were ripped apart in front of his eyes, and whatever bit of stability and sanity he had snapped. He swam away from the boat as fast as he could, eventually being stopped by his tether, which was being pulled on the by the boat crew. Jared somehow managed to sever the rope by lodging in-between the boats rotors. The time in the ocean is a complete blank in Jared's mind since the next thing he remembers is waking up on a beach. He was barely alive, dehydrated, and starving. He began eating sand for nutrients, and crawling along the shore looking for dead, rotted fish. He ate anything he could find, and somehow built the strength to begin a journey in-land. Jared's mind was almost completely gone to a primal state, and he had no memory save for the rare flashback of his old life. He survived alone in the woods of the new land, and allowed his instincts to keep him alive.
  11. Law

    Swapping to Namalsk

    +1 for a total map change +2 for Tanoa instead of Namalsk. Also here's some map comparisons for anyone curious
  12. Law

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    We've all said a million times that we had the most fun at the beginning of the lore. This statement is not supported by your past statements. Anti-homie
  13. disliked the winter map after the first day or two. Thank god it's gone.
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