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  1. Impostor 2


    I like these guys.
  2. Impostor 2

    S1 Kabanino 2019-03-24, 23:22 Invalid Kill Roleplayed

    Server and location: Server 1 Two Story Biege Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-24, 23:22 Your in game name: Mongo Okeke Names of allies involved: @dawsonpark Name of suspect/s: Logs will show. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Unfortunately no video evidence. Detailed description of the events: Dawson shows up in Kab with some guy who saved him from zombies and states that I had "riches" that I was supposed to pay the guy. I did not in fact have riches, so assumedly because he felt lied to he initiated on us. We played along even though we could've killed him multiple times, because we wanted to see where the RP was going to go, and we had nothing worth dying for anyway. He takes all of our clothes off and tells us to go outside, but then initiates on another person. After initiating on this third person he asks us to go back inside. When we're there he takes is pants off and says something like, "I declare myself mayor of this town." to which I reply, "Uhm, you might not want to do that because the mayor has a lot of friends who have a lot of guns." then without a word he shoots me with his SKS. I at first thought this was supposed to be a punishment for saying something about the mayor, so I started pain RPing, then he shot me two more times and killed me. Nothing that happened warranted an execution, as he never said anything along the lines of, "If you say i'm not mayor I'll kill you" or anything like that.
  3. Impostor 2

    S1 Stary Military, 2019-03-24, 20:59, KOS

    Like Dawson said, this guy just shows up while we're waiting for Viking to get to stary tents. He was being friendly and asked if he could roll with us. I put my megaphone away into my backpack and he said something along the lines of, "Whoah don't pull your gun out." Dawson said something like, "Why not?" and pulled out his gun. Instantly after that he shot dawson. He then told me to put my gun down repeatedly, but I knew Viking was close so I stalled and said something like, "Yeah i will, but why the hell did you shoot him." and then viking rolled up on the side and shot the guy in the head.
  4. Impostor 2

    What do you listen to ?

    I used to listen to Viper ironically because I thought it was funny. Then I realized he's actually the greatest artist alive.
  5. Impostor 2

    Amnesty Who?

    "a lot" of money means something different for everybody
  6. Impostor 2

    Amnesty Who?

    I agree! It's very important to offer equal opportunities to everyone! I personally think Abu Muhammad would be the perfect person to extend this offer to!
  7. Impostor 2

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

    Jet Set Radio Future. I played this games so much on the original x-box. One of the few games that the soundtrack really stuck with me
  8. Impostor 2

    The Green Dragons

    Might want to re-read that section of my post again, not trying to say it's going to happen. Once again, I feel like you're reading into this wrong. As you may recall, that verdict got reversed, and really, I don't see how it applies to anything I said either way. Call me old fashioned, but I think it's good to either have a decent reason to initiate, or put in extra effort to give good RP if I don't. I don't want my feedback to come off as me sitting on my high horse of perfect RP, and shit talking you guys. Everything that I'm criticizing I have been guilty of at one time or another, but I think it's important to be able to admit to that, and actively try and improve your RP. Thanks for taking the time to reply in-between your busy schedule.
  9. Impostor 2

    The Green Dragons

    I know now OOCly that the guy wasn't with GD's since GD"s executed him afterwards, and sure ICly we didn't know that, but based on the situation the unfolded the guy really didn't feel like the Green Dragon's type. Also the fact that by the time Brandon walked up we had already given up on strong arming the guy, and we explained as much to him. This is literally exactly what happened, so I think you can see why I'm confused. This is fair enough, and very true, but according to the other guy at the situation, and according to our one other friend who did comply, the RP given wasn't good at all. I wasn't there at the time since I didn't comply, so I don't know every little detail, but here's how my friend explained it, https://gyazo.com/d5c005804c7eeb474537857cb2e39966 and the random third party signed off and also stated it was very close to accurate. I'm not going to name drop the two, because I want them to have the option to be connected with the statements or not, but for now I don't want them to catch any flak for my posts. My personal experience, as well as the experience of other people who I've asked seems to all point to there being about a 50/50 chance of having a good hostile experience with GD's, or a very negative one. I understand that not everyone on a roster is going to be as good at RP as everyone else, but with a group who's as active, and well known as GD's the standards are very high. Another big problem is that a lot of the bad hostile situations tend to involve Brandon, the group leader, running the RP. I don't know Brandon, and I haven't RPed with him enough times to really know what his RP is like, but the 4-5 times that I have had an extensive RP experience with him it hasn't been very enjoyable. I know, @Wong that you know what good hostile RP is, FFL was the first group to ever hold me up back in 2016, and I still to this day look back at that fondly, because the RP was very good. I don't want to see GD's disbanded, or half the roster banned, or anything like that, which I know a lot of people would. I think that it's very important to have a bad guy on the server, but so far I just feel like there are way too many holes in the RP, and the persona of the group to hold that title. Feel free to make your arguments on any points you'd like, @Wong, I will definitely read them, and keep them in mind in the future, but I won't be replying anymore, since I feel that I've made every point that I have to be made, and I don't want to flood your guys' thread. Also, if anyone would like to continue this conversations in DM's or Discord, then feel free to message me.
  10. Impostor 2

    The Green Dragons

    How is explaining situations where baiting occurred, and saying, "Hey, don't bait, it's bad role play, and against the rules." Not feedback? It would also be a waste of everybody's time to report since, A. no video evidence, and B. I can't speak for anyone else, but I know that I personally don't really take verdicts seriously if I feel like I didn't do anything wrong, so I think it's better to bring it up here where it can be openly discussed and actually thought about.
  11. Impostor 2

    The Green Dragons

    Um, when Green Dragons first started and I was on a character that had never met Brandon's character we happened to walk by each other on the road. I wasn't really paying much attention, nor did I think it would be a big deal. I think I was looking at my phone or talking to someone in game, or something like that and out of nowhere I hear, "What the fuck are you looking at, pussy?" I assumed he wasn't talking to me since we had never met, and I wasn't looking at him or anything. I responded with something along the lines of, "Um, nothing." My friends managed to talk down the situation, but there was no reason for it to be escalated in any way in the first place. There was also a time when I was playing that same character a couple weeks later. One of the Green Dragons walked up to me and asked me for my name. I lied and said it was Tyrone or something like that, to which he responded, "How bout' I call you Ni**er instead". and then some of his friends laughed and agreed. I decided to ignore it since I knew they were looking for a reason to initiate, which didn't work out since they initiated anyway. Then as I was trying to get my hands to go up, Brandon shoots me in the legs 2-3 times, after saying in OOC that I was glitched. Then, just a day or two ago, me, Jasper, and Viking were hanging out in Kab. As far as I know at this point in time we had literally no hostilities with Brandon, or the GD's. Us three were trying to strong-arm some guy out of his M4, but he didn't want to give it up, and he turned out to be a really nice guy, so we decided to drop it and just hang out with the guy for a bit. Out of nowhere comes Brandon saying something like, "are you guys trying to get an M4?" but said with a very aggressive, inflammatory tone. We once again assumed that he was trying to bait us into saying something that could be used to initiate, so we responded with something similar to, "No, we're not trying to take anyone's m4, we're just seeing if anyone will give us one as a present, would you like to?". at this point all he did was ignore us and walk away. We then continued RPing with the other guy whilst noting that there was one or two other GD's running around the town not RPing. We assumed they were going to initiate, but they didn't for 10+ minutes. Eventually we noticed one or two more GD's in the area, and asked one of our friends to look around and clear houses to see if they were taking up positions. He only counted a total of 3, maybe four GD's so we assumed that they either weren't going to initiate, or that we would be able to win the fight. Then our friend tells us that one of them is hiding behind the piano house, moments after he says that, that same guy sprints out and initiates.Turns out there was like 5 more than we counted hiding in the trees, and the situation was over. Long story short, for what felt like no reason Brandon tried to get us to be aggressive, towards him, and when we didn't oblige he waited for 10-20 minutes for his friends to show up and initiate. Baiting is against the rules for a reason, and I would really like to see a group who roles 10+ deep on the server almost daily come up with better reasons to initiate, and hopefully avoid executing their hostages as soon as possible in the future.
  12. Impostor 2


    Is 2x stamina coming back in the near future?
  13. Impostor 2

    DayZRP mod February content update

    I agree, it's not a bit of a yikes, it's a huge yikes.
  14. Impostor 2

    DayZRP mod February content update

  15. Impostor 2

    What are your religious views DayZRP?

    Devout Jew
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