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  1. Refacture

    Taking a short break from DayZRP cause it is getting pretty dull. That doesn't mean I've given up on making a group I just don't feel like doing it right now since I'm busy with work/life. Anyways, I'll let people know what I'm planning on doing as soon as I can, and, I'll be likely contacting a few people over PM to get a rooster setup ahead of time.


    The ball is still rolling, I promise.

  2. Refacture

    2 Spooky


  3. Weight Loss Thread!

    Sensei is proud of you lad, keep up the healthy lifestyle cause its way more rewarding.
  4. Refacture

    In the process of making a group, expect to hear more as soon as I get 5 active members.



    1. Brady


      No inv? Smh

    2. Refacture


      @Brady R u serious, if so I'll hit you up lad.

    3. Brady


      Of course bro any group u make i wanna be apart of...4 every and always. Im going to get food rn ill hit u up in ts in a bit


  5. Refacture

    It's time to play, "Wtf am I watching on Youtube at 1 A.M. in the morning"


    I need to rlly


  6. @Legna_Etum - Took me out on a hunting trip where we did some father son bonding... bond with me jimbo. @Fllschirmjager - I loved meeting your character and going on that hunting trip, you play the part as an experienced hunter very well and I really enjoyed the unique RP you provided.
  7. Refacture

    :trolle: Go to sleep you deadass nibbas :trolle:


    1. Irrelevant



  8. Lucas Karter's Media Thread

    Yo, honestly though there are so many fucking tents its kinda dumb... 12/8/17
  9. Refacture

    Merry Christmas you dirty Verizon users



  10. Jacob's News Report

    This is pretty neat, although the font size is a bit small for the newspaper article. I kinda have to squint to make out the words when reading it.
  11. Greetings from Japan!

    Lol, this game isn't optimized at all. Yeah it's better than when it came out 4 years ago but not by a whole lot. Anyways, welcome to the community my dude it's great to have you! I bet you will be a pretty damn awesome RP'r since you got so much experience. It will definitely be well appreciated having another good RP'r join the community. Anyways, if you have any questions just pester staff with them and they will get right to you ASAP with an answer. I hope you have fun, and stick around for a long while, enjoy your stay friend!
  12. @Rory - Nearly hit me with a grenade blast, that was pretty crazy! @Legna_Etum - Had some of the most amazing random RP with you. It was truly hilarious RP'ing as you being my long lost dad, and, your character was hilarious! @Eagle - Thought when I said #2 I was referring to shit.
    • Sleepyhead
    • Refacture

    I wish I had beanz to thank you!! ;w; <3 

    1. Brady


      issa ok i give him the bean for u quiet

    2. Refacture


      @Sleepyhead I don't need Beanz, just your appreciation

    3. Sleepyhead


      thanks brady <3

      And believe me, you have my utmost appreciation! <3